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Mar 2014
Why do some of us possess the habit
Of dwelling on negativity?

The sun still rises,
The birds are singing,
There are opportunities galore,
Perhaps a new beginning?
There are languages to learn,
More friends to make,
New people to date
And chances to take.
The change of the seasons,
Stories to write,
Oceans and cities
And warm summer nights.
There are places to visit,
Plenty of time to travel,
Ideas to develop
And secrets to unravel.

The Earth is still in orbit
And the stars still have their twinkle,
It's not worth getting hung up
Over finding a wrinkle.

Are the little things really that important?
losing your keys,
a few extra calories,
a bad hair day,
missing the bus.
Are they worth focusing on?
Look clearly
And ask yourself:
Do those things really matter
At all?
Written by
Holly  England
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