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Nov 2013
I have never felt
more confused
than I do now.

being prejudged,
pressure from teachers,
expectations from parents,
insecurities from media influence
or by comparing ourselves to others.
stumbling through
day by day,
low self-esteem,
peer pressure,
mood swings,
not feeling good enough,
constant tiredness
and emotions that
we don't even understand
are things that we,
as teenagers,
have to face every day.

Fighting to hold it together
whilst still trying to figure out
who we are.

Self-harm? "attention seeker"
Mental illness? "get a grip"
Suicidal? "cheer up"

They can be so ignorant.

I don't think
that some people realise
how difficult it is
to grow up
in a society
like this.
Written by
Holly  England
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