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 Aug 2016 Pixievic
a slow grey
 Aug 2016 Pixievic
from sun bleached strawberry blond
to a slow grey
changes in skin tone to match the years
and the not so taking everything SO serious
the heart that shines with life
- a freedom to die for (slowly)
 Aug 2016 Pixievic
Ma Cherie
I'm not the one
not the one you were waiting for
not the one of your dreams
as real as those  might seem
Not the one of your fantasies
this is more....
your reality

I am not the one that got away
or her, you know the one  you saw just the other day
I am not an amalgam of the worst or the best
of the ladies and ******
you put through your tests
I have confessed
my sin is wanting...

you can trust
I am much more than mere lust
I am more than this flesh
way more than skin deep
Not something you can keep
I will seep your veins
invade your brain
In your mind
I am not the one
not yet...anyway

and hey I gotta say
I'm not your Mother
not the one your Mother
warned you about either
not the girl next door
I am exactly what you've been waiting for

Open your mind
instead you seem to find
my age isn't right
I'm not the ideal height
or your ideal anything
although you still like these curves
when they move and swerve
you said you like my mouth
after only just a nice slow wet kiss
Imagine even more
all you have to do is wish
I am here nice full lips
and curvy hips and massaging oiled fingertips

I am a perfect ghost
haunting, wanting you as my host
your heart
to explore you
is my goal
eat you up and swallow you whole
to keep you as if your mine
nights when we are intertwined
if only for a little while
I love your quirky quiet little smile
we can do it hippie-redneck style
I'll take what I can get of this beautiful memory
that releases me to ecstasy
in whatever form it is

are you afraid to touch me again
that I'll show up at your door
That maybe I'm much more
than just your good ol' friend?
except you already know
I am everything
I am the craving
The ache
your mistake
the best one yet
the desire
we are on fire
emmmm....a ****** attraction
creating a chemical reaction
hunger...a yearning
alone I'm turning
my bed it is burning
thanks to you know
it's true...
I am not worried
I am sure you'll be calling on me again....
real soon
my lover and my very, very.... special bright eyed friend.

Cherie Nolan© 2016
This is an amalgam of many things going on in my mind at the moment so read into it whatever you might!!! Was kind of fun and cathartic too do, I am still struggling to get to everyone's poetry....true! Hope you are all well & happy :)
 Aug 2016 Pixievic
Little Bear
 Aug 2016 Pixievic
Little Bear
i'd write you a thousand words
a hundred times a day
but i don't know how
i don't know what to say
 Aug 2016 Pixievic
Lora Lee
of what I never had
lurk in the back rooms
of my mind
with coolness,
their icy edges
     melting into tiny
colored fires
intensity of emotion
that becomes an endless,
                 lurching ocean  
                        with the ache
                       for the close,
                     rolling folds
of deep saline whispers
a merging of souls
without drowning
            a submerging
without getting
carried out
to raging sea
identity rescued
from certain
little death
          maintaining clarity
allowing for
the lasting wonder
of seeing through
each other's
eyes, hearts in
tune beating
always keeping me
on the edge of
the most sumptuous,
delicious repast
that even in
the most heated
will not burn us
to a mere crisp,
not destroy
yet also will not just fill
in limited surfaces
a cup half full,
a mind, half alive
Instead of shallow,
quickened afterglow
     I simply know
    what I  must have:
that deep, s lo w  d i v e
to the depths
of that aquatic
rhythmic wonder
the soft, liquid crystal
                       of reflection
that is in my core
and now,
as I send
        prayers to
           the winds
        of hope,
  yes, how
I bleed,
               this heart
           so much
It must be added to the title: "...but of what will one day be" because I believe it will come into being. No ifs, ands or buts. Period.
Not only that: It is clear that we need different things at different stages. It is not that "love" is never found in some form. But: Sometimes, as we get wiser, we know,crystal clear, exactly what it is that we need. :)

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