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 Nov 2016 Pixievic
 Nov 2016 Pixievic
November days sees me pummelled,
bashed and clubbed to a pulp.
Buried then exhumed...
Skin and bones,
hair and scalp.

Dusks watch me stretch,
warp and break.
Bitten, chewed and spat out.
So that I could come together...
So I could nurse
the same old doubt.

Nights abrade,
as they span for hours.
They sap, they wear.
They mock and they jeer.
There is bittersweetness in the solitude
where coherence of mind
is scarce and rare.

Dawns greet with tiptoeing feet.
Cradle my body where it had lain.
They resuscitate me. Fill me up.
They ward off nightly deaths
so I am reborn,
again and again...

I loathe November.
 Oct 2016 Pixievic
Denel Kessler
you will go your way
despite my protests
no use lamenting
what was never promised
the sun rides low the horizon
soon it will not clear the treetops
storms gather in the northern sea
needled wind to scattered seed
hoary frost on yellowed grass
dark leaves in mirrored puddles
a suspended death
crystalline and indeterminate
there is no fire hot enough
to stave off the first chill
of a careless winter
the numb hibernating sleep
soft gray melting days
the desperate wish
to regain summer
Hello my poet friends!  What a lovely surprise to wake up to this blustery morning.  Thank you for sticking with me through a crazy summer of sporadic posts - you are all wonderful.  Much love!
: )
 Aug 2016 Pixievic
Autumn Rose
We slowly danced
by the rhythm of the
classical music as
the enormous crystal
chandelier was
shining above us.
My dress was shinier.
Since when do you
start listening to
Beethoven like the
national anthem?
The slender skillful fingers
would only wish to
leave marks on the
white keys of the piano.
Instead, it left an invisible
satisfaction in my ears.
Red roses freshly planted,
they acted as an
intoxicating perfume.
The cold snake of
white tears froze my heart.
Flowers in my hair
suited me more than
pearls on my neck.
But i lost my balance and
the entire night sky
spilled upon me.
Along with the stars...
 Aug 2016 Pixievic
 Aug 2016 Pixievic
The night
enter a fresh new realm.
The same day is cast in different hue...
Vibrance in colours dissipate...
consumed by the dark.

And feeling my presence
blend into nothingness.
This night reeks of
blatant nonchalance.
Careless shadows stretch and dance
as I wrestle with my vision
to determine mindless silhouettes.

The trailing taillights
of nocturnal traffic.
In my city that never sleeps.
They simply disappear into the dark
with each tick of the hand.

The half moon,
eaten away by the void.
Minutes elapse into eternity.
And seconds beat hard
upon my bastion of hope.

The ground
that lay quiet before me.
This earth that bears my weight...
This earth that has my shadow
shackled to my feet...
Offers nothing but quiet solace...
Fighting to calm the storm
in my head.
 Aug 2016 Pixievic
 Aug 2016 Pixievic
Once,I knew a girl so well
her eyes were bright and bold
her tongue had ,oh, so much to tell
and all of it was told

She skipped with childish joy and glee
Always squealing in delight
Arms swinging wild and free
Smiling big and bright

In life, the farthest she had gone,
was up and down her street.
A scooter and a backpack on
the pavement slapped her feet.

"Don't go beyond where I can spot.",
her mother often said.
"I know, I know, I will not."
The girl answered,and nodded with her head.

As it always seems to do,
unknown lurked in her mind,
but mother said no to you
she often did remind

But that smirk and joy did return
and ,Oh, how could it not?
She was ten and she would learn,
of all that she had sought.

Puffed her chest and started off,
she couldn't be scared now.
Without a tremble or a cough,
she made herself a vow.

Turn the corner, yes I will!
No waver in her mind.
My mamma said to be still,
but I am not that kind.

But before the corner could she had,
Streetlights began to shine.
She turned back and sighed a tad,
"Tomorrow its surely mine"

For as I said, she was but ten,
and only 4 feet high.
Her bedtime came time and again,
but still she'd always try.

But time when on and on my friend
and sometime far away
when time at home came to an end,
*she wished that she could stay
Please tell me what you think!!
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