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48.3k · Mar 2016
Pixievic Mar 2016
Honestly it's ******* killing me
Oh God! I want you to take me
Right here -  right
Now!  - every time I think of
Fantasy becomes my
Reality dissolves - lost in the
Yearning for just
One ......... Kiss ......... I'm simply ......

***** For You!!*

(C) Pixievic
Just some pixie nonsense!! Fairly self explanatory really ;))
12.5k · Feb 2016
Pixievic Feb 2016
Back & forth the waves roll in
Challenging the beach
The foaming surf offers up a dream
That so far is out of reach

I wish I could live among the waves
Like the seal that I've just seen
Without a care for what comes next
Or for what has ever been

To swim among gigantic whales
Majestic in their song
Content with life - to carry on
Knowing they belong

To fly up high above the swell
Like the seagulls do
Playing in the clouds of spray
They all know the truth

Happiness is a gift

That we can not take for granted
In the profoundness of the ocean
Seeds of hope will now be planted

Back & forth the waves roll in
Their cycle never ends
My life continues to evolve
The sea will help me mend

(C) Pixievic 2016
The sea is my sanctuary
7.0k · Aug 2016
Ynys Môn
Pixievic Aug 2016
I gaze upon your beauty
Breathtaking in its wonder
I lie nestled in exquisite solitude
Beholding your majesty
King to my Queen
In hushed reverence
Dominating my vision
Noble in simplicity
I surrender myself to your moment
Giving up my heart
Abandoning all sensibility
Knowing you will never forsake me
Lulled by the gentle flooding
Of desire to never leave this place
Or your fascination

(C) Pixievic
In holiday in one of my favourite places ..... The title is the Welsh name for where I am Anglesey - North Wales
6.3k · Feb 2016
Happy Being Single Day
Pixievic Feb 2016
No card for me
Lies on the mat
No roses or chocolate heart
But I'm ok
And that's a fact
I truly couldn't give a ****!

(C) Pixievic 2016
If you're loved up have an excellent day - if you're not....... then know that I love you all ❤️
3.5k · Feb 2016
Pixievic Feb 2016
Deeds not words!
They cried in their protest
Marching on Parliament
Intent on their quest
To the corrupt politicians
Who recorded their struggle
But denied them the vote
And left them to juggle
Their lives that equaled
Less than their brothers
Where they had no rights
Not even as mothers
As wives they were thwarted
Their wages their spouses
They worked long hard hours
And still kept their houses
Tea on the table
Washing hung out
The children looked after
To their husbands - devout
They stood up for their choices
The injustice they faced
Were imprisoned & tortured
And fired in disgrace
Children were taken
Away from their mothers
Who were labelled as mad
Their opinions were smothered
Yet still they continued
To rally & fight
Secure in the knowledge
That they deserved rights
That equaled the men
That ruled their world
So they took up arms
And fists were curled
When one was killed
That brave young girl
Who in front of a horse
Her body she hurled
Votes for Women
Her banner announced
So simple & honest
The message pronounced
To hundreds of people
Who just stood & stared
As her breath left her body
The women prepared
To fight their fight
Be true to their cause
Take down the men
And change the laws
So thank you to those
Brave women of old
Who did what they did
Without being told
We now have the right
As women, to fight
Without risk to our freedom
And stand up for our rights!!

(C) Pixievic 2016
My Great Grandmother was a Suffragette - they were an amazing group of women in Britain  who campaigned for women's rights.  Deeds not Words was their battle cry! The movement started properly in 1901 but it wasn't until 1928 until women were given the vote properly (1918 saw a law that meant women could vote if they were over 30 & married) in 1925 the law was changed so that women had rights to their own children. In 1914 Emily Davison threw herself under the Kings horse in protest & was killed - this marked a change from peaceful protest to a more militant action. Women were imprisoned & tortured for their beliefs regularly force fed when peacefully protesting through hunger strikes. My GGM was part of this movement - it's her birthday today so I wanted to acknowledge what she & her fellow campaigners did -   Here ends my brief history lesson!!
3.4k · Mar 2016
Pixievic Mar 2016
Happiness is in the smile
That lights up your face
Happiness is watching you play
Happiness is your whispered
I love you mum
Happiness is lazy Sunday's
Happiness is you
Happiness is us
Happiness is a red double decker bus
Happiness is hugs
Happiness is free
But mostly
Is bacon sandwiches
(cut into triangles!)
Today is International Day of Happiness! I asked my son what made him happy - & then did what makes me happy & wrote this based on his answers ........!!
3.3k · Aug 2016
Fear of the Unknown
Pixievic Aug 2016
The witching hour
Dripping like silken velvet through
Hushed silence
Broken only by summer winds ......
Inside the recess of my restless mind
Thoughts bubble
Churning gentle ideas
Into frenzied cognition
My demons rising
Feasting on anxiety ......
Behind the lidded curtains of my eyes
I see your face
Soothing the fear
I can feel your hands upon me
Untangling the tension
In your eyes
I see
The blower of dreams
Leaping into the unknown
Been having some issues ..... But now I'm back!
2.9k · Mar 2016
Trumpets, Burglars & Puddles
Pixievic Mar 2016
Sometimes I wish I didn't feel
I wish my heart was made of stone
That I was immune to all this ****
Of being on my own
My world is full of cockwombles
Fuckwits & ***** trumpets
**** burglars & **** puddles
**** stains & **** nuggets!
And those are just the few
That I've had the joy of meeting
I'd like to dare the rest to meet
Somewhere - however fleeting
Stand up and be counted
You liars, cheats and cads
You wazzocks & jebends
I'll grab you by the ******
Because I've simply had enough
Of being treated like a tool
Of believing all the **** you spout
Like some poor pathetic fool
I cannot shake the feeling
That the stupidity I feel
Is down to the betrayal
Of all the lies that you conceal
So I'm giving up compassion
To empathy goodbye
And to trusting blindly what I'm told
Farewell & fuckety bye!

(C) Pixievic 2016
I may have been a little ******* when I wrote this .......!!
2.8k · Apr 2016
Pixievic Apr 2016
You ran & jumped & then slipped
Over Williams leg you tripped
Your ankle you broke
It is no joke
In blue plaster it is now zipped

But it's not all bad I say
You can still smile - don't dismay
I'll get rid of your shrugs
With plenty of hugs
And you can play Minecraft ALL day!!

(C) Pixievic
My son broke his ankle yesterday at school!! I wrote this to write on his cast :))
2.5k · Jun 2016
Boom Chica Wow Wow
Pixievic Jun 2016
I lie here lost
in the
memory of you .....

Mind racing
Body bracing
Blood pumping
Heart thumping
******* throbbing
Fingers probing
Legs shaking
Arms aching
to hold you
I ..........
ahhh h h h h h

And the                                  
Boom Chica Wow Wow
Plays on .....

(C) Pixievic
A bit of silliness .......
2.5k · Mar 2016
Poem by Portia Nelson
Pixievic Mar 2016
I walk down the street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I fall in.
I am lost... I am helpless.
It isn't my fault.
It takes forever to find a way out.

I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I pretend I don't see it.
I fall in again.
I can't believe I am in the same place.
But, it isn't my fault.
It still takes me a long time to get out.

I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I see it is there.
I still fall in. It's a habit.
My eyes are open.
I know where I am.
It is my fault. I get out immediately.

I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I walk around it.

I walk down another street
This is a poem I keep with me (on a tattered bit of paper in my wallet!) I look at it to remind myself I don't have to fall into the same hole when things go bad - thought I'd share it (mostly as my own words aren't coming at the moment!!) - Walk down a different street!!
2.2k · Apr 2016
In Harmony
Pixievic Apr 2016
I can still feel your touch
Your kisses

You play my body to
A perfect consonance
Harmoniously plucking chord sequences out along my shape
Sweet music singing through my conscious as you take me on this mystical journey
Exploring my form with practiced artistry
Softly strumming my senses into an allegro of exaltation
A hedonistic fusion of bass notes felt deep inside, pulsing, stroking, pushing me towards a sublime cadence
Quietly holding me in adagio while
A delicate symphony plays within my skin

(C) Pixievic
Slightly different this time ..... Fantasy & music....!! Enjoy!
2.1k · Feb 2016
Guilty Pleasure
Pixievic Feb 2016
I pull you out
Smoothing your creases
Lying you flat so I can
Fill you with
A sweet mixture of guilt
And poison
There's artistry in my fingers
As I roll you expertly
From years of practice
Along your length
Into the shape I desire
I lick your edges
Firmly sealing you with a feather like touch
I place you lovingly between
My lips
Flicking the flame
That will bring you to life
I draw you deep into my mouth
Relishing the burn as you travel down
My throat
Into my lungs
Where with each puff




(C) Pixievic 2016
I 'roll my own' - cigarettes! I know it's bad for me, like so many other pleasures in life
2.1k · Feb 2016
Ode to Head Lice
Pixievic Feb 2016
Oh you nits, you lice, you bugs
You crawl around his head so smug
On the 1st day back at school
It really isn't very cool
Out comes the comb & the mousse
And through the tears I will unloose
Your vicious hold upon his hair
It's 8am - it isn't fair!
It's a war zone in our bathroom
As I eradicate the bugs of doom
As if we didn't have enough
Of things to do & other stuff
To get ourselves to the gates
Of the school & now we're late
Oh critters of the head & hair
Expunged you'll be from your lair

I'm going to flush you down the bath
Oh motherhood - you've gotta laugh!*

(C) Pixievic 2016
Oh the little joys of parenting!!
2.1k · Mar 2016
A Womans Voice
Pixievic Mar 2016
A Mothers Voice
The first that you hear kisses your tears and soothes your fears
A Lovers Voice
Who's whispers of *** entice and perplex your body's reflex
An Awesome Voice
That shouts out loud stands up and is proud not lost in the crowd
A Powerful Voice
One that rallies and fights without losing sight asserting its rights
A Survivors Voice**
Riddled with pain no longer in chains her monsters slain
A Warriors Voice
Strong and controlled without being told breaks free of the mold

This is My Voice

All the above
Warm like a glove
And full of love

(C) Pixievic
Happy International Women's Day!!
2.1k · Mar 2016
Happy Ending
Pixievic Mar 2016
Following breadcrumbs of hope down a zig zag path
Through the Forest of Destiny
Glimmers of wishful sunlight
Transform the ominous foliage
Painting castles in the sky
My fairytale writing its own chapters                                        
With every twist and turn
Watchful for Wolves
Who threaten to devour my optimism and **** my passion
Evil Queens who show me ripples of ugliness in a mirror
Held too close my face
Searching for the Prince who's kiss will
Awaken me from the nightmare and
Hold my hand as we walk forward
Towards Utopia
Everlasting in this fiction
I'm clinging onto aspirations of a better life
Dreaming in technicolor of
Another new beginning
Sailing in a pea - green boat through the perfect storm of these emotions
With a one way ticket through this looking glass

It's time to write

A Happy Ending!

(C) Pixievic
Positive thinking for my future!!
1.8k · Mar 2016
Pixievic Mar 2016
On a throne of pillows
I languish
Eyes closed
Mind composed
Lost in a memory
Body aching
Pulse racing
As my hands .......
My hands
Travel slowly
Down my body
Seeking pleasure
Finding my centre
Releasing the agony
Of my ecstasy
Spilling through my fingers
As I spiral
Towards a supernova

(C) Pixievic
Working from home sometimes has its advantages!! ;))
1.8k · Feb 2016
Pixievic Feb 2016
I sit on a bench
On a hill
In the rain
Hiding my tears
My heart
Full of pain
I watch
I listen
I wait in vain
For the answer
To a question
I can't explain

I sit on a bench
In a park
Full of history
Surrounded by people
Who pass by
But can't see me
I am hurt
I am broken
And they let me be
A girl
On a bench
Across from the abbey

I sit on my bench
In quiet
A man walks by
On his face
He smiles
He sees
The hurt and frustration
Of the girl
On the bench
Who has no conviction

He sits on my bench
On the hill
In the rain
He asks me
To share my fear
And my pain
I speak
He listens
And I smile again
On a bench
With a friend
On a hill in the rain

(C) Pixievic 2016
Wrote this awhile ago - but it popped  into my head today ....!
1.7k · Apr 2016
Just a .....
Pixievic Apr 2016
In quiet moments such as these
You creep back into my mind
Like a ninja
Scaling my wall with death defying skill
I invite you in
To take this quiet and make it thunderous
Just for a moment
Then I take my sword and cut you down
You will not beat me
I will not give in
I have already survived
And you .......

Are just a lump!!

(C) Pixievic
I won't be beaten ....! Positive thinking ....!!
1.7k · Mar 2016
One True Love
Pixievic Mar 2016
Like the sun that brightens the day
You light up my life in every way
Like the moon that glows in the sky
You give me your heart without asking why
Like the stars suspended above
Your precious eyes shine with love
You are my world
My day
My night
You'll always be
My source of light
I pledge myself
To you hereof
My boy
My son
My one
It's Mothers Day in the UK today - so this is for all you beautiful mammas & wonderful sons (&daughters;!) GO HUG YOUR MUM!!
1.7k · Feb 2016
Sherbet Lemons
Pixievic Feb 2016
Sweetness fills my senses
As my tongue rolls around you
Savouring your taste
As my mouth gently engulfs your contours
Relishing every second until
Finally reaching your zesty finish

(C) Pixievic 2016
Sherbet lemons are a hard candy with a sherbet middle & they were my favourite as a child!!
1.7k · Oct 2016
When You Need to Fall
Pixievic Oct 2016
Sometimes you are cold
But deep inside you're warm
You are strong
But I see your vulnerability
You're an oak between the pine trees
Yet like the willow in a rainstorm
You don't care what others think
But there's a glint of insecurity
You're clinging to a history
That will only bring you down
Your smile it is a beauty
But I only see you frown
You're flying with the eagles
Amongst the giants you stand tall
But know this in your heart my love
I've got you ....
When you need to fall .....

(C) Pixievic
Life throws up some **** sometimes ..... this is for anyone who needs it
1.6k · Mar 2016
En Pointe
Pixievic Mar 2016
A bittersweet mixture of agony and ecstasy
Found in the lone voice of a piano
Painting colours in harmony
That leave my senses reeling
Flying through the air like an arrow
Shot from cupids bow
An electric arc in the atmosphere
Piercing my soul with forgotten longing
Balancing in timeless beauty
Pirouetting chiffon billows elegantly through the notes
Defying gravity
Suspended in animation
Music that compels my body into
Configurations that delight and thrill my perceptions
An exquisite pain of my own making
I lose myself in abstractions
Octaves fluidly creating shapes
Resembling cursive script
The author of symmetry
I hover on the edge of a lost dream .....

I once stood on my toes

Until the day  
Fate took it from me*

(C) Pixievic 2016
I trained & danced as a professional ballerina until I broke my kneecap. My friend recently wrote a piece of music (which can be found here that inspired me to write this piece.
1.5k · Feb 2016
Pixievic Feb 2016
The ocean
In it
And die
And swirl
In a whirl
And black
An end
The ocean
Its secrets
Deep inside

(C) Pixievic 2016
My escape is the sea!!
1.5k · Feb 2016
Pixievic Feb 2016
A butterfly trapped in the wheel of your deception
Forever turning
Spinning delusion
I listen with padlocked ears
Frantically beating exhausted wings
Against the torrent of your *******

(C) Pixievic 2016
Written for my ex - who's still trying to ******* his way out of every situation!!
1.5k · May 2016
Pixievic May 2016
You're my contradiction
Inconsistency ablaze in every thought
Fighting for control against my need for  your touch
My desire for your body
Whilst inside my head
The truth creeps like a soft footed Panther
Around the jungle of my mind
           l  l

I don't know where I will land

I know what this is
You said you loved me .....

But I don't believe you

(C) Pixievic
A battle I'm fighting inside the deep recess of my mind!!
1.5k · Mar 2016
Pixievic Mar 2016
I'm a master of disguises
Skilful at charades
So many different characters
Through my life I've had to play
But my true self is amazing
Though concealed in vulnerability  
So please go deeper than the mask
To unveil authentic beauty

(C) Pixievic
We all wear masks ..... sometimes we just need people to see through them
1.4k · Mar 2016
Pixievic Mar 2016
I can taste the colours of your kiss
Fiery crimsons bursting through
Mellow yellows
Exploding into sweet tangelo
Cool blues
Turning violet
As my senses play this quiet duet

I hear music when you touch me
Bass lines throbbing alongside
Exotic rhythms
Tumbling into trembling strings
Soaring voices
Dulcet tones
Within your music my body groans

I can smell flowers in your words
Tender Honeysuckle pervades
Alluring Rose
Sweet Alyssum quickly follows
Heady Jasmine
Lascivious Lilies
Impressions that set my spirit free

You muddle my mind with euphoria
Sensibility rearranged
In anticipation
Of this intoxication
I live
In Synaesthesia
Whenever you are near

(C) Pixievic
A friend issued me a challenge to write a poem about Synaesthesia (the ability to taste colours or see smells etc) this is what I came up with .....
1.4k · Aug 2016
Definition of a Lover .....
Pixievic Aug 2016
A Lover Should ......
Your soul
Your mind
While bewitching
Your body
Fitting together
Like the proverbial glove
Your dreams
Your sorrows
See eternity
Hidden in your eyes
Into the unknown
Be brave
And true
Their own heart
Themselves too
Take your breath away
Lie spellbound in your arms
Cherish your value
A Lover Should
Only ....
You .....

(C) Pixievic
I wrote this a couple of days ago after reading an article about what being a 'Lover' means .... not just physically but overall - so this is what being a Lover means to me ....
1.4k · Jun 2016
Your Eyes ....
Pixievic Jun 2016
In your eyes
I see the reflection of love
With all its beauty
Mixed with the burning pain of
One who can't be mine

In your eyes
I see a galaxy of possibilities
Bridging the gap  
Of a history yet to be written
And a bittersweet memory

In your eyes
I see the light and heat
Of compassion
As you behold my torment
To abate my breaking heart

In your eyes
I see myself in a different life
And I wish
I could stay locked in your gaze
Forever ......

(C) Pixievic
Eyes are the most beautiful part of someone I believe
1.4k · Mar 2016
Pixievic Mar 2016
a trickle
from mountain rain
it starts ......


a quiver of droplets
converging together
coursing through my body
consuming my thoughts
babbling down my contours
into my valleys
soaking my senses
with lust
growing in need
shuddering across rocks
rapidly gaining in momentum
in a frenzy of whitewater
reaching the drop
at the very brink
with waves of pleasure
before plunging
headlong over the edge
in a waterfall of longing
falling into the abyss
of fantasy

              the river
                            my song

(C) Pixievic
Got lost in a little fantasy this afternoon!!
1.4k · Mar 2016
Spring Awakening
Pixievic Mar 2016
Arouse me from this winter slumber
For I've been too long in this wasteland

I yearn to frolic in feathered meadows
with childish glee
Eden calling me to her garden
Intertwine your roots with mine
Bury seeds deep in my flowerbed
**** the nectar from my petals
Your rising sap mixing with the
Quiet lapping of my Spring flood
Chain your daisy to my buttercup
Sit quietly by my babbling brook
Swimming in the sunshine of my gaze
Accompanied by nothing
But a gentle fluttering of butterfly wings
And the sound of a serene awakening

In an afternoon of
Spring delight

(C) Pixievic
Still getting lost in fantasy!!
Listen on Soundcloud
1.3k · Feb 2016
The Collector
Pixievic Feb 2016
Chasing shadows in the dark
Blinded by your words
Believing we had found a friend
Not trusting what we'd heard
Feelings plucked from deep inside
You use them for your game
A collection of the broken
Attracted to your flame
You can spot us at a distance
Our vulnerability your need
You draw us in with loving words
Begin to sow your seed
Ultimately in control
Is where you like to be
But some of us are wise to you
And will let the others see
That you're actually no friend of ours
You've a demon deep inside
And together we will crush you
There is no place left to hide

(C) Pixievic 2016
With the NSPCC I give w/shops in schools about ****** abuse - Online Grooming is a big issue - as a member of NAPAC I work with adult survivors & I'm shocked to find that Online Grooming of adult survivors also happens.
Being me I wrote this .....
Be vigilant
1.3k · Feb 2016
Cheerleader (10w)
Pixievic Feb 2016
An encouragement from across the sea
Inspires my mind creatively

(C) Pixievic 2016
For my Candian cheerleader!! My J girl!! And all others who help to inspire my mind **
1.3k · Feb 2016
A Whisper from the Moon
Pixievic Feb 2016
Resounding across oceans
Hovering amongst clouds
Like a whisper from the moon
I heard your words
And I thank you
From the
Deepness of

(C) Pixievic 2016
A heartfelt thank you to those who I know love me for being me ❤️
1.3k · Feb 2016
Lost Souls
Pixievic Feb 2016
You find me
Lost souls drifting
I recognise your pain

I do not ask for you

You just come

I can not fix you
But I will listen

I will set you free
When you are healed

To carry on

Without me*

(C) Pixievic 2016
I am a magnet for lost souls - probably because I am one myself
1.3k · May 2016
Divine Negativity!
Pixievic May 2016
There are some very well meaning ladies
Who hang out by my local shops
Their aim in life is to rescue
They chatter away nonstop
Clutching their Bibles tightly
Their gaze is quite unnerving
They stop me fairly regularly
I clearly look like I need saving
For religion I have no objection
But choose myself not to live
My life caught up in this practice
So I approach feeling pensive
Eyes cast down as so to avoid
These women in twin sets and pearls
I skirt round the edge of their circle
My body beginning to curl
But alas I was too slow
And squarely in my path
Stood a force to be reckoned with
I thought her brave to risk my wrath
She said ..."Take God into your heart
he'll keep you out of strife
I know that he can help you
find what you want from life?!"
"Well Thank you very much "
I said with a smile not unkind
"But I already know
I just need to unwind
From life I want a bass line
Throbbing in its sound
And a **** load of tequila
To get my evening off the ground
And perhaps a line or two
Of something to uplift
My mood and my spirit
(I think you get my drift!)
But mostly what I'm after is
A bit of bump & grind
And now I'm going shopping
I hope that you don't mind"
And so I stepped around her
Continued calmly on my way
I left her to explain
Exactly what it was I'd had to say
A few days later I returned
They were there again
I was not alone this time
With me, my son Ben
I held my head up high
Walked swiftly to the door
Surely they'd not stop me
After what I'd said before
I was wrong - but it wasn't me
That they had in their sights
With such an dreadful mother  
They thought they'd show my boy the light
The same one as before
Got down upon her knees
Put her face in his face
And as I began to seethe
She took his hand in her hand
So I could not run
"Do you believe in Jesus?
Do you love him son?"
He looked at her then looked at me
Then proved that he was mine
"I love Minecraft" he said sweetly
"But mummy just loves wine!"
If you choose to live your life
With God as your Saviour
I think that's great - but
Please do me a favour
Don't force feed your opinion
While I go about my day
Or I'll feel compelled to give you mine
And you might not like what I've got to say!!

(C) Pixievic
I wrote this awhile ago but it's part of my set tonight so I thought I'd share it - I have nothing against people who are religious but I do object to having their opinions forced upon me ....!!
1.3k · Apr 2016
Ghost Dancer
Pixievic Apr 2016
We danced to Cuban rhythms
Late into the night
I twirled my skirts in girlish glee
Giggling in delight
My heart it started pounding
As you held me tight
I waited for the kiss
That would bring me back to life
Brutally it struck me
At the stroke of midnight
You were just an apparition
Your kiss turned into frostbite
A phantom on the dance floor
A cruel trick of the light
You melted into nothing
Just a shadow in the moonlight

(C) Pixievic
I was invited to be  a guest writer on a blog about Ghost Stories - this is what I came up with! You can find the rest here .....
1.3k · Nov 2016
I am Me ....
Pixievic Nov 2016
I am
A fighter
A believer
A dreamer ...
I harbour no grudges
I don't do revenge
I forgive so that I can move forward
This has not been an easy path ...
The road of my life has been full
Of chasms that swallowed me
Mountains that defeated me
Oceans which drowned me
I am a survivor
I am me ....
I am grateful for the hardships
Embrace the changes
They colour my life
Painting it in shadows
Brushing sunsets across
Each new horizon
Make me who I am
But sometimes
I just need a cuddle .....

(C) Pixievic
I am just me ....!
1.3k · Apr 2016
Pixievic Apr 2016
I don't know what to say other than ......

I wish
I could hold you tight
And that you'd hold me
In a cocoon of togetherness, spun of the strongest thread
Only to break as beauty forces itself out into the world
It's metamorphosis delicate, fragile
Exquisite in its simplicity

I wish
I could kiss you .......

(C) Pixievic
Nuff said!!
1.3k · Apr 2016
Pixievic Apr 2016
My gravity
My light
Infinitely shining  
Saturating your being
With sensuality
A comet shooting through
Your body with insistent need
Filling you up with
Bottomless provocation
Ripening in spring nights
With the promise of diversion
The romance of moonlight
Eclipsed by arousal
Caught in my orbit
Your shooting star
Blazes through my constellation

I hunger for your sea
Flooding my mind
With a surge of longing
Rippling through my body
In spasms of desire
Churning my craving
Into waves of passion
White tipped rollers
Tantalisingly out of reach
I surf through your touch
Swelling, twisting - finally
Breaking in a crest of elation
Before ebbing slowly
Back into the calm expanse
Of salacious bliss

(C) Pixievic
Another one of my fantasies involving nature.....
1.3k · Jun 2016
Silently Breaking .....
Pixievic Jun 2016
The torment in my mind
is eclipsed by the urges
between my thighs .......
My resolve crumbled by
tender kisses in a hushed garden
Eyelids closing as your lips
quietly brush them
gently covering my face
Cupping my chin in your palm
you pull me to you
mouth hot against mine
Hands roaming freely over my skin
seeking points of no return
pleasure growing with every caress
Losing myself in your moment
body aching with weakness
Arching towards completion
as you drink the rainbow
exuding from my deepest point
Floating in felicity
your eyes hold mine in
matchless beauty
bringing me a perfect closing
Locked together
drifting in paradise
I sleep
nestled in the arms of your love
my heart silently breaking ......

(C) Pixievic
Not really anything to add to this .....!!
1.3k · Aug 2016
Pixievic Aug 2016
Summer rain falls
Cascading droplets of emotion
Onto parched earth
Muggy dampness
Heady with promise
Of kisses
Mingled with tears
Heavy in my heart
Sudden awareness
I cannot make you love me
So I can only say
Goodbye ......

(C) Pixievic
And just like that - I'm single again :((
1.3k · Jan 2016
A Wish
Pixievic Jan 2016
A wish to get me through the night
Twin flames forever burning bright
Lost souls who've found each other now
Complete in knowledge that somehow
We'll make it through
However hard
We'll grow together
Love unbarred*

(C) Pixievic 2016
A wish to the Universe
1.2k · Jul 2016
Losing Battle
Pixievic Jul 2016
I'm fighting every fibre in my being
every synapse in my body
that pulls me to you....
I hunger for your touch
I'm captive in your aura
I am completely under your spell
I      love       you
If you can't see that
I can't help you

(C) Pixievic
Fairly self explanatory .....!!
1.2k · May 2016
Hot Jazz
Pixievic May 2016
I'm delectably drowning in
Fingers skimming in elegant beauty over ivory keys
Perfection hovering in discord as
Horns reverberate in
An avalanche of sound rumbling through the valley of my soul
Delicate guitars swinging to a beat
Each note a sensation as it sings with delicious vibrato
Drums dancing though time and space
Titillating trails of rhythm evaporating as brush kisses skin
And there
Finally .....
The master of my pleasure
An upright bass .......
Bringing it home in a
Sumptuous aural ******......

(C) Pixievic
Been losing myself in Oscar Peterson, Miles Davis & Mingus this afternoon .....
1.2k · Feb 2016
Pixievic Feb 2016
Cling to me like ivy
Entrap me with your vines
Wrap tendrils around me
Weave your words with mine

Cling to me like ivy
Linger in my boughs
My branches will embrace you
My senses to arouse

Cling to me like ivy
Meander through my mind
Fascination everlasting
Forever souls entwined

Cling to me like ivy
Together we can grow
Sublime in our purpose
Majestic in the hedgerow

(C) Pixievic 2016
Some late night musings...!!
1.2k · Feb 2016
Pixievic Feb 2016
I wear pants under my trousers
A vest under my shirt
Put on trainers to go running
Use a plaster when it hurts

I walk along the pavement
Put my ******* out in bins
Dunk a biscuit in my coffee
Pick up my mobile when it rings

I wash myself with flannels
Go out for a bit of nosh
And if you're spouting nonsense
I'll say you're talking loads of tosh

When I'm knackered I need sleep
I pay the bill after a meal
And if someone's in recovery
It just means they need to heal

I use a rubber for corrections
And when life becomes a drag
I pour a glass of vino
And roll myself a ***

Is weird this common language
I'm still learning the translation
And I thank you for your patience
While I change the situation

To learn the proper lingo
Is now my only quest
So bare with the girl from Blighty
As she tries to do her best!

(C) Pixievic 2016
So the English language differs in such a way it appears I have confused people!! My apologies  my Colonial friends!! And for those of you who don't know a *** is a cigarette!!!
1.2k · Jul 2016
Rainy Days
Pixievic Jul 2016
There really is no better way
To spend a rainy summer's day ......

over mine
like a dragonfly
beating it's wings
my desire
Spreading like  
through my veins
Neurons alive
with ambition
I tremble
in anticipation
of your caress
for you to
take me
owning my eyes
my body
my soul
as you hold me
on the brink
over and over
until my passion
bursts .......
Like the rain clouds
that orchestrated
this encounter
another little fantasy ....!!
1.2k · May 2016
Pixievic May 2016
Your hands stole the starlight
To paint my body  
In vivid hues of heaven
Unrestrained rapture
Soars like a firework
Exploding out into darkness
Bombarding colours
Fragmenting sensation
Cool night air  
Delicately wanders
Fanning my flaming skin
Stroking my fascination
The heady scent of desire
Infusing earthly compulsion
Thrusting towards celestial pleasures
In an effort to enter nirvana
Soft folds seek firm flesh
Ripening under your touch
Ready to burst with sweet ambrosia
Flowing through your fingers
Demanding in quest
Your skyrocket
Burns through my atmosphere
Leaving trails of stardust that
Quiver along my body
As you cradle me in hushed epilogue
And I descend .....
Back to a garden
Bathed in moonlight

(C) Pixievic
Amazing what an evening in the garden can do ....!!
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