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Pixievic Jul 2016
There really is no better way
To spend a rainy summer's day ......

over mine
like a dragonfly
beating it's wings
my desire
Spreading like  
through my veins
Neurons alive
with ambition
I tremble
in anticipation
of your caress
for you to
take me
owning my eyes
my body
my soul
as you hold me
on the brink
over and over
until my passion
bursts .......
Like the rain clouds
that orchestrated
this encounter
another little fantasy ....!!
Pixievic Jul 2016
I'm fighting every fibre in my being
every synapse in my body
that pulls me to you....
I hunger for your touch
I'm captive in your aura
I am completely under your spell
I      love       you
If you can't see that
I can't help you

(C) Pixievic
Fairly self explanatory .....!!
Pixievic Jun 2016
Tears drip
Like lead
from the stained glass
behind my eyes
Pooling in hollowed cheeks
Streaking colours
of memories
lost in sepia
Gathering in momentum
Cascading towards
a bittersweet freedom
I have been blind
Clinging to a
Instead of life in
reality ......
Be that as it may
My eyes are
Now open
Released from
their shackles
Feasting on a beauty
otherwise unknown
A better me

(C) Pixievic
I was once blind but now I see ...... bla bla bla!!
Pixievic Jun 2016
Now I don't look exactly normal
In fact I often look bizarre
I'm used to second glances
Being stared at from afar
And when I go out shopping
It is often quite the case
That store detectives & the like
Think I'm going to rob the place
So ......
While on a birthday shopping trip
In a rather fancy store
I am not surprised by the looks I get
As I walk in through the door
I can feel the condescension
From the girls behind the counter
But I'm not phased, not put out
It won't make me flounder!
I smile politely and carry on
Chatting on my phone
Browsing overpriced attire
Happy on my own
I flick through the rails
Of designers I don't know
When an overly made up young girl
Appears at my elbow .....
'Excuse me ....' she whispered
My heart begins to sink
I have a preconceived idea
Of what it is that she might think .....
'There are two ladies over there
Standing at the desk
They believe they know you
Could it be that you're an actress?!'
I start to laugh .... 'Well no'
I reply 'but I do play in a band
Perhaps that's where they've seen me
We're quite often in demand!'
She scuttled off on sky high heels
To tell them I play bongos
She shakes her head as she returns
'It's your voice they think they know.....'
'Oh....' I say 'well I have been known
To spout some spoken word
In pubs and cafes locally
Could that be what they've heard?'
So then to gather their attention
She gestures kinda wildly
They all come trotting over
I was amused (to put it mildly!)
'Yes, yes that's it' one lady said
'I've seen you at the 'Hatstand'
Can we get your autograph?'
She ****** a pen into my hand
And just like that I'm famous
And the girls who until that point
Had thought I was not worthy
To frequent their little joint
Fell over themselves backwards
To offer me the world
Complimentary coffee and
Champagne was soon unfurled
They flitted all around me
Caught up in what they thought
Was a star in their presence
My respect they now sought ......
It was my 'Pretty Woman' moment
When their bias was exposed
If I were a different person
I could have stayed there til they closed
But although to have been recognised
Had made me feel delighted
Their attitude beforehand
Had left me feeling slighted
So I left - with words of thanks
For their false display
Of kindness towards me
And went on about my day .....
Now I know we all make judgments
Upon people that we meet
But it really isn't fair, as we don't know
What lies beneath
That strange looking person
In a torn and muddy dress
In reality you could be looking at
An almost famous poetess!!

(C) Pixievic
Observations from my life .....!
Pixievic Jun 2016
Hand in hand
Soul with soul
We stand together
To behold
The magic hour
The Lady of Light
The longest day
And shortest night
We'll sing a song
That heals the earth
While the Lord of Fire
Begins his rebirth
As they settle
Upon their thrones
In circles
We'll dance around the stones
In ancient ritual
Druids chant
Maidens kiss
Faeries dance
This Summer Solstice
Has begun....
Love each other
Be as one
Bring peace & hope
Back to this land
Stand together
Hand in hand

(C) Pixievic
Solstice - it's a big thing for us pixies .....!!
Pixievic Jun 2016
I lie here lost
in the
memory of you .....

Mind racing
Body bracing
Blood pumping
Heart thumping
******* throbbing
Fingers probing
Legs shaking
Arms aching
to hold you
I ..........
ahhh h h h h h

And the                                  
Boom Chica Wow Wow
Plays on .....

(C) Pixievic
A bit of silliness .......
  Jun 2016 Pixievic
I am not your friend
I am the enemy
Of the end
That you embrace
With open arms
And open palms
With a name drawn
Onto clouds
And carved
Into skin

Its should be as natural as breathing
But, its as painful as bleeding
No suture for these open wounds
No future
To fate we're bound

I am all you have
I am the answer
To the riddles past
Raven and writing desk
Oedipus answered man
Its all I am
With a name and a face
And eyes that can see
Eyes that blink
And a hungry sphinx

It should be as open as the sky
But, its a dark and dysmal cave
Our hearts become arrows
In truth of the scarab
We shoot wide and narrow

The end of which we seek
Will not be peace
Fall on me now
Or follow me not
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