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It’s snowing
In May.
The snowflakes are
The shreds of paper
That was once
her marriage license.
The snow is
All of her pain.
The snow is
All of her tears.
The snow is
All of her scars
The snow is
Every little thing
That she regrets.

It’s snowing tonight,
And she’s smiling
For the first time in years.
It’s easy
To smile
When the people around you don’t see what's underneath.

It’s easy
To force a laugh
When the people around you don’t understand.

It’s easy
To flip the “I’m Okay” switch
When the people around you don’t know.

It’s easy
To act fine
When inside
You aren’t.
He felt a pain in his chest
as if he was stabbed
and stolen from
but it was only
the smile of a girl
who had stolen his heart
and broken it to a million pieces
This was written in my poetry journal about a year ago. i decided after a year i finally feel comfortable with posting some of my poems from my journal.
Accept the pain.
Don’t hide from it.
Don’t run from it.
Accept it.
Because when it matters most,
Use that pain
To stay strong.
To stay mighty.
To stay alive.
And to crush those
Who thought the pain would break you.
He isn’t worth it.
I tell myself that every day.
And yet
I find myself drifting back to him.
Smiling at him.
Wanting to touch him.
He isn’t worth it.
So why am I doing this?
We’re all human.
Don’t hold your tears back--you’re human.
Don’t hide your scars--you’re human.
Don’t be ashamed of your pain--you’re human.
We wish we weren’t human.
But we are.
And that makes all the difference.
There once was a young girl
Who loved to bake.
She was a dreamer
And a believer.
But she was the daughter of a noble
And became engaged to a foolish king.
And then, she met him.
The joker from lands far off.
With a knack for magic
And baker girls.
They fell into a forbidden love.
Just as they were to run away together
He was killed.
It was quick
And right in front of her.
She fell into a state of rage and unfeeling.
Her first order upon becoming queen
Was to execute the killer.
“Off with his head.”
And she became
A monster.
A destroyer.
A villian.

Not all fairy tales
Have happy endings.
Based off the book "Heartless" by Marissa Meyer. I just finished it, and I was not happy with that ending.
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