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Olivia Christine Dec 2018
Lighting lanterns in memoriam of dear memere,
People crying and reminiscing.

Opening gifts from one another,
Being grateful for everything.

Opening your gift was the most exciting,
A little gold heart on a little gold chain.
Perfect. Like you.

My last gift from my grandmother,
A singular $20 bill.
I will hold onto that for as long as I can.
I miss you memere. More and more every day. Thank you for the $20. Thank you SG for my lovely gold necklace. I love you so much.
Olivia Christine Dec 2018
The Silent Killer
Eating away at your mind like a lion on the carcass of a stag

The Violent Killer
Making you think that your family are your enemies
Throwing knives and hot water at the ones you love
Because you know no better

The Depressing Killer
Making you regret waking up in the morning because ******* all you want is to be with your husband and your parents
Making you angry that you’re alive

Dwindling your memory down to nearly nothing until you’re just a body
The silence that kills
Olivia Christine Sep 2018
I want that football player and cheerleader love
I want something with you nobody else could dream of

I love you
Olivia Christine Aug 2018
It still hasn’t completely set in yet
It still doesn’t feel real
You’re gone and won’t come back

I know that you won’t be over
But I keep holding on
Hoping for you to come back

I know that I ****** it up
I know that it’s my fault
But I would do anything
For you to come back

We had a life planned
We had it all set out
We were going to be the couple that everyone talked about

Now I lay awake
Tears running down my face
Having to take it in, and trying to face my fate

I will love you forever
I know that you don’t believe it
But you made me feel special
Now it’s all turned to ****

I’m sorry about all of this
I’m sorry that I hurt you
I hope you find someone
And build something brand new

Maybe we will cross paths again
Or maybe we will not
But I love you forever
I’ve given it all I’ve got
Break ups are the ******* worst. Especially when it’s all your fault that you broke up.
Olivia Christine Aug 2018
As you sit across from me, curled up in a ball
I wonder what my worth is, if there is any at all

I know that I'm not perfect, this I'll never be
But I always try my hardest, this I hope you see

I hope one day I figure out what's wrong inside my mind
But until then I sit here, watching, but feeling oh so blind
Worthless?  or  Full of worth?
Olivia Christine Apr 2018
Say that you love me
And that you’re happy you’re mine
Tell me that you love me forever
And that we’ll always be together
Take my hand and walk with me along the beach of memories
It’s us against the world
SMG- I love you more than anything. I hope you realize how strong and true my feelings for you are. I will never ever leave you. I am here for as long as you are willing to keep me. You make me happier than anything in the world and I couldn’t ever want anyone else as my boyfriend. You are truly the embodiment of a perfect boyfriend. You are silly and funny and I’m forever thankful for you.
Olivia Christine Apr 2018
Please don’t go.
You’re all I’ve ever wanted
You’re all I’ve ever needed

Please don’t go.
You’re what keeps me happy
You’re what keeps me sane

Please don’t go.
You’re what completes me
I’m no good without you

Please don’t go.
I love you
I need you
Anxiety overwhelms me as I think and think and think. Please don’t leave me. I need you in my life
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