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  Feb 2017 Mikayla Eve Kinzer
I do not smoke because I am addicted, as the smoke begins to make me choke
I began smoking because the smoke fills my lungs, allowing me to feel like I'm breathing something besides this sadness, it fills all the empty holes in my soul that you put there.
  Feb 2017 Mikayla Eve Kinzer
She has stairways in her eyes
You're still climbing them
But will never reach the top
That's why you won't stop
I think about it
I think about it
I think about it
Sitting here with you
I think about it
I feel shame
I think about it
I feel hate
I think about it
*** has changed
I think about it
Sitting here
With a smoke in my hand
A coffee on my lips
And I think about it
I think about it
Red light
Worst night
Too drunk
and I think about it
Not my house
Not my friends
Making out
God I think about it
I think about it
Red light
Worst night
I think about it
Some things don't leave you...
I can't forget
All the sacrifices
And I can't lose
All the alternate vices
And I'm drunk
But I taste
Your hate
And I'm stupid
But I know the weight
Of the things you
Are giving away
For a hope
That maybe one day
We will walk down an aisle
And say I Do
Even if
You give up
What you don't want to
Am I worthe loving
Am I worth that much
Or are you just hoping
I'm more than enough
Because I don't know
What I can give
If I can't even give you
A Sam or a Kid
You say it's ok
That I'm all you want
But I know better
And I'm not a lot
Please don't leave.
I aim to please.
I'm so sorry
I'm trying

I am actually drunk and I'm sad and he's asleep and I tried REALLY hard to avoid typos. Please.
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