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 Nov 2020 Wary
he asked her what her wish is
he'll fulfill it
she said just once
once in my life I want to walk out and not be laughed at
live and not wanna die
so, please
make me the way they  want me to be

he said
she wants you to be skinny
he wants you to be fat
so what do you want to be
 Nov 2020 Wary
 Nov 2020 Wary
If there was a distance to cross
I wouldn't take the step
I wouldn't start the journey
I couldn't even take a breathe
Couldn't say the words
and now you're gone.
 Nov 2020 Wary
Erik Luo
 Nov 2020 Wary
Erik Luo
I talked
to the moonlight
And asked it
to send you
my love
When it reaches
your sky
 Nov 2020 Wary
Nadine Peñaverde
the pain from punching the wall
i can't feel them
what i feel is more than than
knuckles are bleeding
heart is shattering
head is breaking
thoughts are overflowing
soul is ripping
im bruised.
 Nov 2020 Wary
Sk Abdul Aziz
Don't stress over what you can't're only wasting time and energy. I know it's easier said than done but the more you keep thinking about the uncontrollable elements of your life...the more you will hamper the controllable parts of your life.
 Nov 2020 Wary
Sk Abdul Aziz
Every challenge you face in life is also an opportunity.
 Nov 2020 Wary
Sk Abdul Aziz
Be it a relationship or health or work or have to keep working at it can never be complacent.
 Nov 2020 Wary
Sk Abdul Aziz
In order to gain knowledge you must want it first...when you want knowledge like you want air under water then you will get it.
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