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Nov 2020 · 75
Please come back
Wary Nov 2020
One day I suddenly opened my personal dairy and a letter dropped from it...
I took it from the floor and opened it...
The statement written on it made me burst out with tears....
And the statement was....
     (And I scream out please come back)!!
Nov 2020 · 162
Loving you more
Wary Nov 2020
They asked so how are you living without him..?
And I replied:
with those lovable texts, those unforgettable memories, and remembering those insane feeling of touch.
I am loving you more day by day
Nov 2020 · 119
Aquarius and Sagittarius
Wary Nov 2020
He the Aquarius (air) and I the Sagittarius (fire)  meant to be the true soulmates in our astrology,
He was the air to my fire as fire can't spread without air;
But, everything is so changed now that nothing matters at all now.
No more with each other
Nov 2020 · 162
Use to meet
Wary Nov 2020
I am those shed flowers of that tree under which we were use to meet ...
Oct 2020 · 141
You left me
Wary Oct 2020
Drowning in your memories,
After getting abandoned.
Unstable by my mind,
As you remain persistent in my thoughts.
Dreaming about you,
As waiting for your retort.
Started believing in unimaginable things,
Just to make you forever mine.
Loosing my smile my goals,
Since you shattered me the most.
Started hating from bottom of my heart,
Thus, can't be loving you anymore.
Though I won't be able to;
As I become stable and happy with what you have left for me.
Happy with our memories
Oct 2020 · 378
Wary Oct 2020
Stopped drowning in your memories
Started living happily in my own dreams
Because being stable and self loving
That's the spirit of a happy human being
Happy life
Oct 2020 · 317
Wary Oct 2020
Your love is all what I need
Your heart is all what I crave
Your eyes are in which I want to get lost
Your smile is all I want to see
Loved you
Oct 2020 · 242
Wary Oct 2020
They said; nothing last more than three days..

And i happily replied;
"Some names and some beautiful memories are unforgettable"
Unforgettable memories
Oct 2020 · 186
Wary Oct 2020
When they point out you being a female;
Reply them that they can't bleed monthly.
When they comment on your outfit;
Then you revert back to them that there are exceptions and uniques all around.
When they put you under their shoes;
Reply them that they can't bear labour pain.
When they left and abandoned you;
Reply them that you are very happy and moved on from them.
And when they come back again to put you more down;
Show them that you no longer cares of them so they don't need to retort.
Cuz you never give up at all,..
You never give up that all.
Never give up at all
Oct 2020 · 179
Miss you so much
Wary Oct 2020
I miss that day when we got locked into each other's eyes
The feeling of love, true love at first sight
We had no idea to what extent we would love each other
That our first step of love will be a pure and deep hug
You were a dream come true to me
Like a beautiful twinkling star in the sky to me
Day by day our love goes on stronger
By passing months and years we were coming closer
I dreamt for you and luckily I met you
You were my true love and will always be only you
Miss you so much
Oct 2020 · 97
With somebody else
Wary Oct 2020
I plucked flowers for him from someone's garden and text him how much he loved them..?
he merrily replied...
I'm no longer owner of these flowers...
He left her and moved on
Wary Oct 2020
So many talks, so much to share
All she can do is to ****** her gear
That was not ensuring her to leave
& also not giving her a single relief
Sometimes she use to completely give up
And on the next use to boldly stand up
It was all deep within broking her down
Like a termite damaging the wood all round
Things weren't changing even after struggle
On the way she was having a lot of trouble
She was giving her best to cope up with her pain
As the situation had become more and more insane
Neglecting from her life all the false blame
She never gave up and didn't quit the game
Never give up cuz u r strongest gender
Oct 2020 · 140
Self love
Wary Oct 2020
When you be depressed and feel alone
Just be with yourself give time to your own company and.... when u start enjoying yourself  that you will be the strongest among all the rest.
Self love is the necessity
Oct 2020 · 343
True love
Wary Oct 2020
"After so long "
They asked what's true love for you..?
and I leisurely replied ;
I'm still waiting for his come back...
True love never dies
Oct 2020 · 579
His fragrance in me
Wary Oct 2020
After his exit from my heart and my life
No contact no text nothing from his side
Suddenly met him after so long
My heart skipped a beat when I hugged him a long
My hands trembled when I held his hand and looked into his eyes
I got frozen when I looked him just tears rolled down from my moist eyes
Heart asked; so what did you come back with
I replied; his fragrance in me
#his fragrance in me always remember me of him

— The End —