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There is a fire inside you
Like that of a rising sun.
You’re the promise of a new dawn
Like the purple and the orange of the setting sun.

You’re the sound of the Ocean
That can still be heard inside a shell
after a million days.
You’re the poem and the rhythm in it
And finer when they words don’t rhyme.

You are stronger than your past,
Stronger than your doubts
And even stronger than your fears.

You are more than what they tell you
And much more than you thought you could ever be.
You my dear, are beautiful and complete
Because the fire inside you is, YOU.
 Sep 2020 Misty Meadows
images of somewhere else
from a clearer mind
relay to me
higher mind above my mind
remember i am here
here is every-what-is-here...
i am here: here is where i am, here is what i am —
i know these things and i remember? i am here but i am also here?
one thing in life
that i have found
it's easier to live
when you breathe in and out

it's easier to see
when you open your eyes
and to believe
the truth over lies

it's easier to take
adding a smidgen of faith
and a touch of love
to help keep hate at bay

just a few things
i often find
that make it much easier
to make it through life
 Jun 2020 Misty Meadows
Emilia B
Mouth so wide
The corners of my mouth
Begin to tear
Fingers tangled in my hair
pulling, no care
Hitting my head
off my tears it fed
i wish I was asleep instead.
Let Your name be safe
in my heart always
Let my eyes run down
with tears for You my God!

I'll always remember you
in my youth
I'll always bow down
to you on earth
Lord, let me hold the truth.

My sins will make an ocean
if I get them together,
Please be kind oh Creator
and forgive me forever!
Let me read Your Book
every morning, my Lord!

I want to be a good person
with full faith in You,
Let me stay on the right path
with peace and love, O My God!
This may not sound quite right
But I find I've made up my mind
After all of this time
To say goodbye to goodbye

Goodbye only makes me sad
When losing the friends that I have
When it's their turn to come up to bat
When they have no time left

Goodbye is too cruel a word
Goodbye is best if it's left unheard
Being that there is no cure
When goodbye occurs

And that is exactly why
After all of this time I find
I've made up my mind
To say goodbye to goodbye
 Oct 2018 Misty Meadows
comes crashing like the tides
all at once
pulling me under.
i gasp for air but there is only saltwater and tears.

i have a morbid fear of open ocean
maybe because it would mean
being alone
with my thoughts
that circle like sharks
and showers that
sting like jellyfish.

kayaks of self- preservation
shatter against the rocks.
there is no saving me.
let me sink
or i will drag you down with me.
leave me to drown.
 Oct 2018 Misty Meadows
To all the churches
To all the picketers
To all the bureaucrats
To all the
Don’t you know?

God is kindness.
That’s all.
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