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Misty Meadows Sep 2018
I be fired up with the anger of a
Thousand slaves.

I have many vessels, so that
Blood can spill a thousand ways.

I'm not frightened by the reaper.
He has my address.

You wanna **** me? Here's my life,
You can have the rest.

I know the hate they got for me
Ain't a real concern.

But that won't stop me from giving
Them what they deserve.

You wanna fight, you wanna shoot,
You wanna pull knives out?

Don't be surprised, I done told you
Like a thousand times now.

I could really **** you now, but I rather
See you suffer.

**** a thousand of your relatives
And that includes your mother.

I got a thousand different ways
To make the pain go even.

A thousand causes for my anger.
Don't be another reason.

They underestimate my threats
With a scoff and a grin.

When I have a thousand different
Reasons to commit these awful sins.
Misty Meadows Oct 2015
When your heart thumps so
Loud, you
    Become a walking song,

And the lyrics are what you

Leave behind for other people's
Misty Meadows Jun 2020
I'm sweating, don't you sweat me.
With this steel beneath my belly.
Cross me once, I'll let you test me.
Test me twice, you won't forget me.

You'll regret the way you played foul.
Ain't it hard for you to stay proud?
When I see you, play your cards well.
I poker face and lay them face down.
Misty Meadows Dec 2015
Young and oh-so vibrant
Love, I call to you when
In my rest.
The song in which I
Hum along,
Is the pulse
Beneath thy chest.

Winds are sharp and
Hit you brisk, I vow to
Cloak you with my care.
See, I'm blessed to
Know your name, I cherish
All that walks so rare.
Misty Meadows Jul 2020
Call me distant, but I'd swim miles just to get
To you. And to tell the truth, my passion is
What sets the mood. But I guess the
Movements of my flame can't spark a single
Fuse. And to tell the truth, my
Pain looks like your rendezvous. I cut my
Heart up into pieces, leave the rest for you.
I cross that heart and hope to die to save the
Mess of you.
Misty Meadows Dec 2018
They gonna put blame on me
Like they always do,
But I'm holding all of y'all
For the results of your
I said it, I meant it.
Don't you ever forget it.
Laugh now, cry later.
I'll never regret this.
Misty Meadows Jul 2018
With smoke against the night sky,
Somehow I am the bad guy.
I walk around so uptight,
But still, I have these "laugh lines,"
On my face.
I don't know a place
Where I don't have to tip toe like
There's land mines.
I remember playing Minesweeper
And sneezing all the **** time.
  All on my computer screen.
Allergic to the rules of things.
Allergic to reality.
I feel my family doubting me.
If sanguis est crassius quam aqua,
Then why do strangers lounge
With me,
And seem like they're so proud of me?
Well, actually in actuality,
That's just as false.
Guess I'm bound to see
The truth that's been
Surrounding me.
Misty Meadows Nov 2019
Chip bags and toe tags,
Oh, what you know of that?

And I've got a hundred thoughts,
I'm thinking 'bout a hundred stacks.

I gotta entertain vengeance
For a hundred stabs,
That I done got to the back.
Now, what you know of that?

They tryna hold me back.
I'm cold and lonely,
Bold and sad.

They gave a hundred stabs,
I'm coming with a loaded mac.
They gave a hundred stares,
I'm running, never looking back.
Misty Meadows Jun 2016
Sharp, yet
Movements of
Death or even
Life... I call it
Quits when It
Hurts too good
I call it quits
When it burns
Well. But if it's
Too **** cold
There is really no point and will
Absolutely never be a true point
In feeling the point of
This inconspicuous
Death. Blades of
Regret and that
Remorse and the
Lethal nostalgia.
When you feel it,
When you feel
This you'll know
There's no place
Like home.
Misty Meadows Aug 2016
Focus on something
Bigger than "life,"
All your negativity just
Triggers your strife.
The smallest of pain calls for the
Biggest of knives.
Ungrateful and creating these
Figment of lies.

You point all these fingers
They're pointing right back.
Reflections show truth,
There's things that you lack.

Always complain like they're
Hating on you.
Been there and done that, see
The blame is on you.
Lol ****** always complaining but ain't looking for a solution
Misty Meadows Sep 2018
That girl don't love me like she
Say she do.
If she did, she'd make herself
More available.
But she don't, she leaves me in
The cold air.
She leaves me broken, with no
I often find myself excusing this.
I blame it on my uselessness.
That girl don't need me like she
Say she does.
I'm just a swift enjoyment.
An energy rush.
And now she's burnt out, with no need
To give
And now I'm burnt out with no reason
To live.
I'm not love sick nor love ridden.
She must've forgotten she's forgiven.
Forgetful and smitten.
My heart can't take the
That girl don't love me like she
Say she do and I
Cannot force her.
Misty Meadows Oct 2018
When it's dark, oh it's dark,
We'll never see the light of day.
When it hurts, oh it hurts.
They'll never see the time I pay.
I pay in blood.
Where's your heart?
Does it fade like sacred moons?
I'm the angel of your burden.
I'm your favorite thing to lose.
Misty Meadows Oct 2017
Yeah, I dabble in them
Makeshift dreams,
I pull at seams
Like every other
Tameless fiend,
Who hopped through leaves
And maybe even scratched at fleas.
But the way things been,
I gotta feel that shameless breeze.

That vacant wind.
I battled with that
Stainless steel.
"Is she for real?"
You know I gotta take these pills.
**** tasteless meals.
I only ever crave that feel.
So no, it's not negotiable if
We make these deals.

Unless the price is
But if I'm not,
Then you decide.

We can be friends if you provide
That holy light,
I seek at night.
I twitch and fight
Them demons...
But you know you'll never meet them,

They're my friends,
I hide in sheds or
Hide in dens.
And if I'm lonely, then they hide in

They take my sheets,
They hover me,
They cover me
From other things
That you can't see,
But I can see.

They follow me,
They hollow me.
They swallow me
Like them pills that I bottled up.

They've had enough,
Of me and my shenanigans.
I handle them, but then they
Start to handle me.
And then, I realize that I can
Barely breathe.

And who's to blame,
Other than the I and me?
The eyes I see
In reflections don't
Mention this.
So don't mention it
When I meet my death
It's only a matter of time,
And I ain't tryna lessen it.
Misty Meadows Aug 2015
Can you teach me how to smoke,
At the indoor pool?
Cannabis and chlorine
On a night so cool.
I can ditch the white pills
Without crushing the moon,
If you can roll something up
Without killing the mood.
         What's left to prove
If it's just me and you?
I mean, you and I
If we have any rules.
We can feel, we can chill.
We can deal with the truth.
                   Cannabis and chlorine.
Fuse green with the blue.
Cannabis and chlorine.
A mixture of hues.
All you gotta do
Is make my lungs so confused.
Cannabis and chlorine,
When it's just me and you.
Can you teach me how to smoke
At the indoor pool?
From a dream I had.
Misty Meadows Jul 2017
Your tongue reminds me of the

Shores that I've never seen,

Pushing against mine like the tide

Up on the beach.

The wonders of your body, so vast

Like the seven seas.

Take my breath away and give it back.

You're an ocean breeze.
Misty Meadows Jul 2016
Drowsy despair,
Not a care in my heart.

Affairs with my rest till my
Death does us part.

And that's the best part,
That I swear I can snooze

Anything away that I
Care not to lose.

I'm an opportunist,
So if I ever lose it,
I'll just grin in my sleep
And play it so elusive.
Ever count sheep?
They seem so abusive.
You never really rest, man.
Sleep's inconclusive.

Nine, one, one or--
One, one, nine.
I can never stay awake.
Don't you ask me the time.

Don't you ask me a thing.
I was never good with questions.
I'll repeat what you say, then
Dot--dot--dot the sentence...

I can't...

Form a sentence or,

Fathom lessons, I'm

Too **** tired to

Pay attention.

I would pay attention, but it
Interferes with sleep.

Codeine got me in my sheets
Buried so deep.
Blah blah blah
Misty Meadows Oct 2015
Morning faucet be
Drippin' like it's ice rain.
I'm just so glad that you're not a part
Of my pain,
But I miss you.
Never gonna lie about it.
We ain't never helped each other.
Never gonna cry about it.

You lose some, but you
Win some too.
If I ever get rich,
You gonna get some too.
I can look out for those who can
Give me truth.
And from start till the end,
You ain't break no rules.

I'm just a little
Disappointed in myself.
Can't nobody tell me
What's important to my health.
I only try to thrive for my mind
And my wealth.
Forgetting 'bout people like
Dust on a shelf.

Love you to death, and I
Put it on my life.
Forgettin 'bout me,
Have I caused you strife?
If I did, only hope that
I can make it right.
And if not, only hope that
You fade into night.

Like completely off my mind.
Misty Meadows Aug 2018
This plan right here is foolproof.
Ima kick back under a cool roof,
With my eyes closed and my
Blunt packed.
So there's no room
For my family to talk smack.
And I'm a real friend,
But I'm lonely.
I gotta let this warm food
Hold me.

Because who else will?
That's a good question.
All my trauma has taught me
And the best one
That I've learned yet,
Is there's no freedom
If you ain't hurt yet.

And maybe I'm a little
But you'd be too,
If right behind your eyelids,
Were eyes that
Seen such violence--
That you begged to become quite

Because this ****'s real,
But your dreams ain't.
Eat your meals three times
On a green plate.
It reminds you
To be a cheapskate.
You need full pockets
To dine on lean steak.

I done told them,
And I done warned you,
That all of America is scorned too.
The politicians and the
Your family tree looks more
Like a cobweb.

Your addiction is the way
You numb pain.
Your ***, your drugs, your
Slot games.
You hate it, but you hate this
Life more.
You pray? Do you pray to the
Right Lord?

Do you force yourself,
Just like me?
Don't feel bad. Inside we're
All just dying.
If you know, you know
Misty Meadows Aug 2015
Forevermore, never more
Can I do this.
You dwell upon the negative,
Whilst I'm an opportunist.
The truth is...

My ego higher than
The mufuckin roof is.
Compliments ain't **** if you just
Think yourself as useless.

Frankly, I ain't angry.
I'm just foolish.
A fool for you, I'll do for you
Anything to prove it.
But more or less, the **** you say
Just tires me to ruthless.
I'm tiring, so tired from
Always being clueless.
Your doubt gon' make me
Lose it.
Take the plug and
Pull it.
I don't care, don't you dare
Deny the **** is stupid.
Stupidly I'm used to all this

You're the best kind of nuisance.
Misty Meadows Nov 2015
Dreary fever that runs
Deep in soul,
Is just as clean as murky ponds.

Within myself, I search for light--
Which is dim and demons fond.

Perhaps, the light of night and stars,
Or placid shine of aching moons.

I yearn for light, yet dread what’s bright.
Fearful tunes or lovely gloom?

The heart that thumps beneath the flesh
Is only grand as rotting log.

And light within this soul of mine
Is clear as blood,
And dense as fog.
Misty Meadows Oct 2018
Hold me to my promises
I like to break them when you
Tripping out.
I been depending on that plant
Since lean ain't what I'm
Sipping now.

You're different? How?

You treat me just like them old
Broads used to.

Maybe this ain't what I've waited on
For so long.

Who's gonna save you?
Me, myself and I.
Who's gonna save me
When I say I wanna die?

I hear crickets to that question
Because you ignore my every sigh.
You gon be the first one to weep
When I tell y'all not to cry.

It's ridiculous how this goes.
There's certain things you shouldn't
You gonna regret it all when I'm not
Here some day.
Misty Meadows Feb 2018
Hell has no mercy on my soul.
They bless this angel with flames.

I guess I'm only holy by the gift of my

Not a single love song can save me.
Borderline genius and borderline
Crazy, maybe?

I hope to God, He don't hear me when
I'm struggling.
He always likes to add more **** to
What I'm already juggling.

I get to cussing and fussing over

It seems.

Abusing that syrup has got me
At the seams.

And I don't follow no meter.

My writing is a reflection of me.
My mirror's been shattered by grief.
And splattered with ink.
I dabble in things that only
Shake and rattle my peace.

It's a never-ending battle with me.

Traffic in my head.
Blade to my wrist.

I kinda hate when I start thinking
Like this.
Misty Meadows Dec 2015
***** in my veins
Replace the blood
In my neck.
I bet,
You'll forget
Everything that I
To you.

And I feel that it's true.
As if sections of the
Can't remember the moon.

Everything that I do
Is embedded in cement.
Forget me, cause in death,
I'll forget what I left.
Misty Meadows Jul 2016
Grip revolvers with your
Own hands, clicking
Triggers with your own fingers.

Putting blame up on the
Whole world. You should know
That you're
Your own sinner.

Your actions get reactions,
All your thoughts are up
To you.

Don't ever blame another
For the **** that
You pursue.

Don't ever speak the
Syllables of my name
With acid tongues.

Don't think that I
Remember anything from
Useless months.

Don't believe the world
Is ugly when you've blinded
Your own eyes.

Don't say you love the
Pain, when all it does is
Make you cry.
For several people lol
Misty Meadows Jun 2020
Got me screaming do or die,

Got me yelling do or die...

Something about you and I--

Contemplating suicide!

Don't know what to do and I'm

Thinking about losing my

Faith and all the hope inside.

I'm all alone and cold tonight.

Hold me if you know what's right.

Scold me if you wanna fight.

Breathing pretty slow tonight.

Know I'm going home tonight.

Got me screaming do or die,

Got me yelling do or die...

Something about you and I--

Contemplating suicide!
Misty Meadows Sep 2020
I **** spiders in the basement,
Think my palette's going tasteless.
Wine gets finer by its aging,
Everything between is wasting.
Call it bodies in the cellar.
Does the smell get any better?
Swallow opioids together
Just to fight through stormy weather.
Walk through Hell and make it drizzle.
Spread the pain and let it trickle.
****** a soul out by the nickel.
Nothing's done coincidental
Bible stories not my answer.
Has it ever cured the cancer?
Wars and ****** still the manner.
Call it blasphemy or slander.
Misty Meadows Sep 2016
Dust of the past,
I ain't thinking nothing of you.
We love, you hurt, I laugh.
Always sad, what this comes to
Misty Meadows Jan 2017
Hopelessly, I hope
The rivers flow in your
Then maybe, one day the
Thought of me won't latch
To your attention.

It's funny, quite amusing how
These people claim to
Hate me,
When I still seem to linger
In their minds, never so faintly.
Misty Meadows Sep 2018
Since you're testing me, there's a
Game to be played.
First, I grab a lighter and I gotta
Have my blade.
I put the knife to your stomach
With this slight pressure made.
The blade has a shadow. Hide
Your fear within the shade.

Hide your fear away from me
Because I see it as a feast.

You were a monster to my heart,
So I'm at the belly of the beast.

With a knife and a lighter.
I could slice you with the fire.
I could split your flesh open
And strip you of desires...

All the desires of a lifetime.
You're playing with your lifeline.
You expect me to sympathize,
But *****, you on my time.

And the clock ticks slow when
There's a lot you've been through.
So use this time to pray for them
Regrets and sins too.

And don't beg or plead because
I won't give a ****.
I'm not God. When I look at you,
I just see another man.

That means we have the same
Status and get the same respect.
And after I **** you,
Tne same afterdeath.

I'm willing to meet you in
Hell for the pain you caused my

So I say a little prayer, then
Glide across you with the
Misty Meadows Sep 2015
Maybe it was me, not you...
**** it.
I ain't one to
Sugar-coat the truth.
Or sacrifice my youth.

You were fun while it
Dabbled in my
Little thing of passion.
Became my main source of the

What the ******* expect from me?
Better than them hoes
That just want a check from me.
But still, wasn't much that
You could get from me.
And **** it, if there was,
Still wouldn't get from me.

I'm deliberately harsh.
Say things from the heart.
Make you swear I've no
But you was tearin us apart.

I would never feel remorse,
I could never shed a tear for you.
If you was dying from a fright,
I wouldn't **** a fear for you.
Dying here tonight?
Yeah, I'd like to hear from you...
If you wanna tonight,
I'll rush the new year for you.

Ungrateful little *****...
Happy I don't have to deal with you

Could never feel for you.
Misty Meadows Jul 2017
Highs never take me
Gradually down.

I drastically drown.

Falling to
The pit of the ground.

Falling upside

So this smile's a

And vice versa.

Can't compete with
But somehow, getting high just
Throws me into a

The cycle never ends,
It's never-ending.

I keep forgetting,
That this **** is
A curse and
Misty Meadows Oct 2018
I need some help out here,
Something better than this.
I ain't no sensitive kid
Unless they speak on my pancreas,
Then it is what it is.
I blow a malevolent kiss
Because the love I receive
Comes from a satanic abyss,
Full of the souls I've betrayed
In my past lively days.
I didn't pay much attention,
Now karma is who I must pay.
And to the higher above,
I must always go pray.
We have prayers for pain
And prayers for laughter.
Heavely Father, I'm a disaster.
After this wound,
There can be no more after.
Afterlife is unknown,
But I believe in the best.
But for people like me,
Only looking forward to death
Due to the instances pushed on
The mere flesh,
We will have no chance,
It's a one way ticket to flames.
But for this pain, I have great disdain.
Whisper my name when you visit
My tomb.
Understand you can
Never be gone too soon
When dirt and death and
All things below that bury your
Are meant for you.
Misty Meadows Oct 2015
At all angles,
I disappear. Never
Fearing what I hear.
Always hearing what I
What is fear,
If it's lodged in the
Canal of your
Is it stuck to the point
That only screams, can I
Misty Meadows May 2016
Who knows what this will do
To us.
Constructing walls of destructive
Glass may break but can never
Even the sun wants the lust of

Who knows what this will do
To you.
If grass is green and skies are
Roses red and blood is too.
Love is blind, obscure my view.

Who knows what this will do
To me.
Mistakes so sweet be bruising me.
I fell so hard I'm losing sleep.
Can't dream, I count elusive sheep.

Who knows what this will do
To us.
Wiping tears with ruthless
Tending wounds with useless
Impatiently waiting, but never
Misty Meadows Nov 2015
Slice me...
I don't bleed nothin'
Less than real.

Gasoline in my
Veins, and a throat full of

Come to terms with my life,
Giving death a great deal.

Feeling nothing but pain,
Or pain is nothing I
Misty Meadows Feb 2016
If I don't know love
Today, I shan't know it

With liquid bliss and
Nervous lips, my heart
Is not to borrow.

My heart, it sits engraved
In pain, but nonetheless
It's yours.

You have the power,
In a sense, to love me to
The core.

By that, I mean, I
Give you me, and in return
I want

A love that floats or
Simply flows like smoke
Before a blunt.

I want your gaze, the
Lovely haze, that
Sees right thru my sin.

I crave the warmth of
Your embrace that thaws the
Chill of skin.

I'll hold your heart with
Fervid care and brag of
How it's mine.

Won't let you go, I
Love you so, my
Pretty Valentine.
Misty Meadows Mar 2016
Mind deprived of

Its fine design.

Blood that spills like
The reddest wine

Has no time
To be refined.
I love, I live,

I simply dine on
Misty Meadows Nov 2018
Better get your girl because
If I find her,
Ima touch her.
Ima touch her...
But not the way
That you think I
Ima hunt her.
Ima hunt her...
Down and ima have to
Bring her torture.
Bring it to her.
Hurt her, force her-
And coerce her
To tell the truth.
If she lie on me, ima have to
Scorch her.
And since she did,
Know I got it for her.
Out to get you.
Call a lawyer.
Misty Meadows Jan 2021
Veins bulging, I been absolutely nauseous.
Ingesting all the bullsh!t of my monetary
Approach me with a caution, for your being.
I ain't perfect..
I done blacked out on my morals,
See the dullness on the surface.
My blood it roams within the cracks
I've felt the time around me lapse.
Malnourishment to be exact.
The brittle bones protrude attached.
The gut it growls and eats me slow.
I pray my heart don't rot the most.
My soul, it bleeds. Intentions soaked
With great remorse. My severed hope.
Misty Meadows Mar 2016
If you are aiming for my
Attention, then your
Attempts are inconspicuous.
I mean like, nonetheless
So frivolous.
Can't function without a

A bitterness towards me.
Something I have nothing to
Do with.
So very blunt and so
Rude, coming off as just ruthless.
When the truth is,
You are irrelevant and so foolish.

But it's just fine with me.
Females hold this hurt for
Can never fathom
The new notes for new songs

That aren't about them, or her,
Or her either.
One to fiddle with love--
Break strings of desire.
All smoke and no

It is very okay to cry.
Can't look in my eyes.
Am I that bad, despite
The times you loved my
Offered love. Could willingly
Spread your thighs.
But with no surprise,

I disappear, but it's never so
You push my luck, and suddenly,
I give up, but in no

So blunt with no shame.
I honestly must say,

Females swear they hate
But be begging to get
Misty Meadows Dec 2016
What treasure lies beneath the sea
For me,
When I can't even swim.
I wander 'round this town
So secretly,
Like an indecent sin.
Sins only accumulate
The nights that you forget to pray.
I swear that my forgetfulness
Is gonna have me rue the day.
Misty Meadows Dec 2018
Stay awake through evenings
And try to fight your demons.
Even if you're bleeding,
On the concrete, freezing.
       I keep contemplating
How much pain to take,
When really, there's not much
Left to break.
My heart gets skewered
By your selfish stake.
My trust is broken by you
      Sinful snakes.
Cut the grass or should I
Cut myself.
Sleep in silence
Or I could scream for help.
My soul is covered by a
Thousand welts.
Stay awake through evenings,
To get prepared for Hell.
Misty Meadows Aug 2018
My aggression is small like an
Empty balloon,
But with too much tension,
It could fill this **** room.

I can cause you discomfort
If I choose to.

I'll ruin your life
If I pursue you.

There's no boundaries for me
Once I seek what I seek.

No surroundings of peace
Once you come challenge me.

I'll be an amazing friend,
If you let me.
But an even better enemy
Once you offend me.

Please don't test me or play,
'Cause I'm the best at games.
Bring a friend to the Heavens,
But a foe to the flames.
Misty Meadows Apr 2018
I'm sick of indulging in
You ain't God, but there tryna
Examine me.
You can play the role like you
Care for me.
But you don't.
You front for all the
So, ****** is me
If I let it be.
If I let you do it, but
I ain't dumb, you see.
I ain't gon pay a fee
For the things you do,
Or your sins pursued.
That's insanity.
Misty Meadows May 2017
My rhythm like the little drummer boy.
I got a beat when I'm running from the cops.
Catch me rushing from fence to
I only halt for the pink flowers in the ***.

The summer lady went and cursed my name,
'Cause my presence was offensive.
I felt rejected by her
Glasses and the lenses.

The sound of the sirens always sort of
Felt hurtful.
They speed so fast, they blind my eyes with their purple.

Blue and red flashes.

You know, I give a show for the masses.

The sun always sets slower than molasses.

I found a rose in her garden.
The same color that the bullet's gonna give me.
And for an addict, you know they have no pity.

I just pray I trail blood through the city.
Misty Meadows Jul 2017
Please reason with me,
Don't bruise me with anger.
Those same loving arms can
Push me towards danger.

Your words are a flame that
Leaves me engulfed.
The passion, the love,
The fervid insults.

Disregard my intentions.
Why treat me like that?
Don't matter-- you call me,
I'm coming right back.

I'm running right back,
Pushing tears to the side.
I told you it's fine,
But baby, I lied.

Paint little white lies
So you picture I'm strong.
Left my pride to do right,
But you still say I'm wrong.

How am I wrong?
All my efforts are true.
Please give the credit and
Props where it's due.

I accept all your flaws, I
Excuse your mistakes.
Can I get the same back?
What the hell does it take
Misty Meadows Jul 2016
Soothe the wounds of
Endless miles

With warming sights of
Fearless smiles.

I think then drink from
The cups of time

And only savor these
Thoughts of mine.

And those thoughts of yours
That I wish to hear.

Your smallest dreams and
Greatest fears.

I listen and drift in the
Lakes of distance.

They say a goddess won't
Love a misfit.

Yet, we sing and swim
In sheets of dreams.

Kiss and fight in
Smoke and steam.

Flames of zeal and
Oceans exquisite.

We walk and fly to
Go the distance.
Misty Meadows Aug 2015
My lips, pink and petite,
Always falling short of love.

Most usually, burning against a
Holding more toxins than my
Lungs find throughout the night.

And this tongue,
Trails deep within forbidden
Seeping moisture to the greatest
Of mistakes.

My pulse finds a way to give my
Hips a rhythm
To the symphonies of seduction.

Ballads of bed sheets.

I try to breeze through temptation,
Even in the cities of lust.

My mind lacks discretion
As I grip this desire...
Misty Meadows Jan 2016
Terrible, treacherous
Odor of past,
Clings to my shadow
And follows me fast.

Follows me fast so
Swift I must run.
But running, I slip
On a puddle of ***.

Puddles of ***?
It should've been whiskey.
The flavor of risk
Does more than just fit me.

I slip and I slide
And glide with a pain,
A pain now acquainted
With alcohol stains.

Alcohol stains don't
Pester me much.
The color of bleach
Delivers a rush.

So faint and so white.
And coating my throat.
Not reaching my blood
Since I always choke.

Wrists are abused with
Tools in the shed.
Nothing to lose,
I be playing with death.
Misty Meadows Jul 2018
Slits on your wrists
From a life that don't exist..
That's the perception that these
Relatives have.
Depression and pain, things that
Make you insane, ain't exactly
Something that most black people

They so used to the struggle that
We're given at birth. When you
Venting to them, they'll say we cursed
From the womb.
So ain't no venting to them because
They'll deem you ungrateful.
The **** ain't that serious until they're
Facing your tomb.
This is an actual problem in the community
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