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4.8k · Sep 2015
Exes And Hoes
Misty Meadows Sep 2015
Maybe it was me, not you...
**** it.
I ain't one to
Sugar-coat the truth.
Or sacrifice my youth.

You were fun while it
Dabbled in my
Little thing of passion.
Became my main source of the

What the ******* expect from me?
Better than them hoes
That just want a check from me.
But still, wasn't much that
You could get from me.
And **** it, if there was,
Still wouldn't get from me.

I'm deliberately harsh.
Say things from the heart.
Make you swear I've no
But you was tearin us apart.

I would never feel remorse,
I could never shed a tear for you.
If you was dying from a fright,
I wouldn't **** a fear for you.
Dying here tonight?
Yeah, I'd like to hear from you...
If you wanna tonight,
I'll rush the new year for you.

Ungrateful little *****...
Happy I don't have to deal with you

Could never feel for you.
3.1k · Aug 2015
Cannabis & Chlorine
Misty Meadows Aug 2015
Can you teach me how to smoke,
At the indoor pool?
Cannabis and chlorine
On a night so cool.
I can ditch the white pills
Without crushing the moon,
If you can roll something up
Without killing the mood.
         What's left to prove
If it's just me and you?
I mean, you and I
If we have any rules.
We can feel, we can chill.
We can deal with the truth.
                   Cannabis and chlorine.
Fuse green with the blue.
Cannabis and chlorine.
A mixture of hues.
All you gotta do
Is make my lungs so confused.
Cannabis and chlorine,
When it's just me and you.
Can you teach me how to smoke
At the indoor pool?
From a dream I had.
1.5k · Oct 2018
Misty Meadows Oct 2018
Keeping my composure with a
Composition pad.
I'm committed to compassion
And I'm passionately sad.
I'm competing with competitors
That show no competition.
My work ethic is persistent,
All my wisdom blocks the ignorance.
But I can't stay that optimistic and
Surrounded by indifference.
The injustice is indignant.
See, my mind can tell the difference.
With all the hate I be deflecting,
And my love they stay rejecting,
I'm simply drifting in the mist of
The mystery of wishfulness;
It glistens and it whistles so blissfully,
But licorice
Is sweeter than the outcome of
Me laughing while I slit my wrists.
But not as bitter as a Hell on earth. I
Step on dirt and cigarettes--
Disgust me much, but marijuana
Seems to bring deliverance.
See, Mary wanna be a ******.
Joseph is so sick of this.
I'm praying to my God regardless,
Let Him add his finishes.
Can't stay here long, I got to go,
I swear, I'm getting rid of this.
These ain't tears that's on my cheeks
Love, see, these the roads of distances.
Let's not settle out our differences.
Should've settled all my dividends.
I should be held and given kisses
Not accused of having mistresses.
My love is warm, my soul is kind,
And yet my heart receives these
Hits so brisk.
Maybe if I bleed out by the end,
They'll finally miss the kid.
1.3k · Oct 2015
Start, End?
Misty Meadows Oct 2015
Expected with lateness,
Destined for greatness.
My flavors are true,
So I hope you can taste this.

Live as a winner,
But roses do wither.
Was born in the winter,
I'll die with a shiver.
1.2k · Jan 2018
Misty Meadows Jan 2018
Sundays for me, are the top edge of
A skyscraper, that I dare to tiptoe
Off of and come rushing down its
Like those pennies they say can put
A hole in your head if it hits you.
I don't wanna be the hole in your head.
I wanna be the dent in the concrete,
On Sundays.
On Sundays, I wanna be the one that
Sleeps under bridges in a careless
City because on Sundays I am just
As careless and this is all too much for
Me. On Sundays,
I throw in the towel because the
Last match of the week has left me
And I am not Cassius Clay.
I am more like the Sunday papers,
Crumpled up and expected to recycle
And after being reduced to nothing week
After week, Sundays feel like death.
1.1k · Nov 2015
Misty Meadows Nov 2015
Detect emotional obsession.
I confess
I'm obsessed with
Conversational progression.
Agressive, kinda reckless.
Something restless.
Only restless from these
Restless nights...
Congregated thoughts don't
Cause emotional recession.
And rejection
Is the only way my pride can be
Forgive me, I am feckless.

My mother gave me life, and yes
I see that she regrets it!
1.1k · Dec 2017
Misty Meadows Dec 2017
The reasons I pray are much larger
Than self.
I'm ignoring my pain, my debt and
My health.

I don't drop to my knees or clench my
Eyes tight.
I just open my soul and forget all
My fright.

I don't get the chills. I don't hear
Any sounds.
I don't feel the angels fixing
My frown.

I don't see the lights. I don't hear a
Harp playing.
But I do know God hears what
I'm saying.

I'm free of my pleasures, temptations
And such.
I'm not waiting for choirs or a
Healing touch.

I really have no goals when I'm
Praying besides,
To be free from the selfishness of
My mind.
987 · Nov 2015
Truthful Treachery
Misty Meadows Nov 2015
It's tough love,
It's tough luck.
Tough ****, girl.

I apologize, never sorry though.

Did I use you?
Well, here's your answer.

The painter strokes canvas with
Whatever brush
That is necessary at the moment,
Whatever brush and stencil that
Can illuminate backgrounds and
Sharpen the depth of his mind.
And to make a long story
I'm a poet,
Unfortunately, I am always and
Constantly going to need
New and blank *** paper.
Crisp pen tips that bleed with
New titles,
New topics...

You were just a series that is now
Very much old and very much
I'll write about it till I'm blue in the face and black in my heart :)
911 · Aug 2015
Misty Meadows Aug 2015
I fizz a little, drift
A little in this
Every love's coincidental
If it's ending with a kiss.
I don't really miss
The burning and the bleeding of my
But my fist holds much bliss.
I am swift and too brisk.
I am...
Holding many myths
And I spit 'em from lips that
Stutter too quick.
Yet, mumble when ****** and
They only take trips when
Challenged by risk.
So, I fumble with trouble.
Guess I like it like this.
Flow lifts like vapor.
908 · Jul 2016
Codeine Synthesis
Misty Meadows Jul 2016
Drowsy despair,
Not a care in my heart.

Affairs with my rest till my
Death does us part.

And that's the best part,
That I swear I can snooze

Anything away that I
Care not to lose.

I'm an opportunist,
So if I ever lose it,
I'll just grin in my sleep
And play it so elusive.
Ever count sheep?
They seem so abusive.
You never really rest, man.
Sleep's inconclusive.

Nine, one, one or--
One, one, nine.
I can never stay awake.
Don't you ask me the time.

Don't you ask me a thing.
I was never good with questions.
I'll repeat what you say, then
Dot--dot--dot the sentence...

I can't...

Form a sentence or,

Fathom lessons, I'm

Too **** tired to

Pay attention.

I would pay attention, but it
Interferes with sleep.

Codeine got me in my sheets
Buried so deep.
Blah blah blah
904 · May 2016
Trail Of Thought
Misty Meadows May 2016
With dreams like clouds,
Which often drift and
Everyone confuses my
Thoughts with lethal
Thinking fire and destruction
Is the cause of my
My clouds hover
Above the path of
For miles.
People think they can read minds
899 · Oct 2015
Misty Meadows Oct 2015
My purpose in life is to
Disappoint others.

Starting with God, mother,
Friends, and then lovers.

I would never feel bad
Because these are my intentions.

Before you watch a movie,
***** look at the discretion.

Something rated R: too rude,
Raw, risky?

I come to interrupt, and I
Do it so swiftly.

How could you ever hate me,
With a heart like this?

How could you ever hate me,
With a charm like this?

I'm just doin' what I do.
You know love is just a game.

I be makin' all the moves.
And *****, you just got played!
884 · Oct 2016
Let My Love Embellish
Misty Meadows Oct 2016
Let me be the angel
That guides you into joy.
Let the pulsing of my heart
Be your only noise.

Let me be the harpist
That strums away your pain.
Let me be the poet
That bleeds stanzas in your name.

Let my hands be your only
Escape into release.
Let this love of mine
Bring you inner peace.

And if you are to weep,
Let me wipe away your tears.
And if you ever cower,
Let me eliminate your fears.
820 · Aug 2015
Grilled Apricots
Misty Meadows Aug 2015
My lips, pink and petite,
Always falling short of love.

Most usually, burning against a
Holding more toxins than my
Lungs find throughout the night.

And this tongue,
Trails deep within forbidden
Seeping moisture to the greatest
Of mistakes.

My pulse finds a way to give my
Hips a rhythm
To the symphonies of seduction.

Ballads of bed sheets.

I try to breeze through temptation,
Even in the cities of lust.

My mind lacks discretion
As I grip this desire...
809 · Jun 2016
Misty Meadows Jun 2016
Our fate will never be
Defined by hate.
The definition of our
Is just too great.
Too great and too true to be
Shot down cold.
For all the evil in the world,
May God bless your
740 · Dec 2015
Misty Meadows Dec 2015
***** in my veins
Replace the blood
In my neck.
I bet,
You'll forget
Everything that I
To you.

And I feel that it's true.
As if sections of the
Can't remember the moon.

Everything that I do
Is embedded in cement.
Forget me, cause in death,
I'll forget what I left.
738 · Aug 2015
Message Me, Not
Misty Meadows Aug 2015
Forever questioning my
Persistent in the division to
Witness myths given by

Addicted to sadness,
Adapting to madness.

Love me or don't.

I feel what I want...
705 · Oct 2015
Low Key
Misty Meadows Oct 2015
So many pretty faces.
I done put my hands in
Too many places.
Struggling with the basics.
Every relationship, I've wasted.
No time management,
No pacing.
I hope they forgive me,
They don't know what I've been
Tasting, lately...
702 · Nov 2015
The Art Of Destruction
Misty Meadows Nov 2015
Piano keys and guitar strings.
Even ink stains on my
I have yet to find a masterpiece
Ever worth your elegance.
There are words in the sky,
They spill when I feel.
What's the big deal about
Young love and pain pills.
I overdose on dreams and
Wake up an addict.
Your presence is lethal,
Your company is tragic.
But I love it and I need it
And I can't even believe it.
I'm not breathing,
These are lungs that
Only work when they're
Follow me into your sleep,
And we could make the best art.
Romeo and Juliet never had to
Fall apart...
686 · Jan 2016
The Terrors Of Night
Misty Meadows Jan 2016
Terror drips inside
And out of my mind,
The shivers of death
Crawl up my spine.
The path of reality is
Distant and fine.
The shadows of fear
Drowning my eyes.

In the back of my mind,
Fear never sleeps.
I'm taken to islands where
Bodies do reek.
Where bodies do reek
And flesh seems to seep,
Into the sand,
So cryptic and deep.

In the back of my mind,
Fear never rests.
Demons have clung
To the space in my head.
Sleep is a must and yet
I regret,
'Cause the terrrors I have
Are undying deaths.
665 · Feb 2018
Purple Flames
Misty Meadows Feb 2018
I see no evil, but I speak it and I
Heard it.
When you're friendly with the devil,
Things can kind of get disturbing.

He told me earth is not the place I
Wanna be.
I should reside in the minds
Of those who practice perjury.


I was feasting on them lies
And I was dying for them recipes.

Dining in the darkness
With them demons sitting next to me.

Feeding me my hatred.
Sipping goblets of promethazine.

Then suddenly, they're sinking their
Sharp teeth into the flesh of me.

Now I'm hoping and I'm praying
That someone comes to
Rescue me.
But I know that it's my fault.
I should've dabbled in some
Better things.

Now, I'm feeling so embarrassed.
And now, I'm a disaster.
After one small mistake, another
Tumbles right after.

And I'm a writer, so I know
I could've made a different chapter.
But I let the devil sway me
To this tragically ever after.
646 · Oct 2015
Cold Water
Misty Meadows Oct 2015
Morning faucet be
Drippin' like it's ice rain.
I'm just so glad that you're not a part
Of my pain,
But I miss you.
Never gonna lie about it.
We ain't never helped each other.
Never gonna cry about it.

You lose some, but you
Win some too.
If I ever get rich,
You gonna get some too.
I can look out for those who can
Give me truth.
And from start till the end,
You ain't break no rules.

I'm just a little
Disappointed in myself.
Can't nobody tell me
What's important to my health.
I only try to thrive for my mind
And my wealth.
Forgetting 'bout people like
Dust on a shelf.

Love you to death, and I
Put it on my life.
Forgettin 'bout me,
Have I caused you strife?
If I did, only hope that
I can make it right.
And if not, only hope that
You fade into night.

Like completely off my mind.
645 · Oct 2015
Misty Meadows Oct 2015
When your heart thumps so
Loud, you
    Become a walking song,

And the lyrics are what you

Leave behind for other people's
644 · Aug 2015
Crazy, Crazy
Misty Meadows Aug 2015
Forevermore, never more
Can I do this.
You dwell upon the negative,
Whilst I'm an opportunist.
The truth is...

My ego higher than
The mufuckin roof is.
Compliments ain't **** if you just
Think yourself as useless.

Frankly, I ain't angry.
I'm just foolish.
A fool for you, I'll do for you
Anything to prove it.
But more or less, the **** you say
Just tires me to ruthless.
I'm tiring, so tired from
Always being clueless.
Your doubt gon' make me
Lose it.
Take the plug and
Pull it.
I don't care, don't you dare
Deny the **** is stupid.
Stupidly I'm used to all this

You're the best kind of nuisance.
630 · May 2016
Misty Meadows May 2016
How could
Ever possibly be the best
When complications
In democracies
Simply prove we disregard

To disregard all
Is just another form of our
****** tongues spill
And we disguise it as some sort of

Are we self-expressed
Or are we fraudulent?
I heard that honesty is
All we crave and yearn.

But that's not the case
Because the truth can hurt.
Just watch honesty hit its
Path and burn.

And with the cash we earn
And clean air we kiss,
You would think we all
Are kinda feeling blessed.

We have reckless flesh
And lack small regrets
Yet expect nothing less
Than restful deaths.

And with restful deaths,
We have veins of steel
That are only melted by
The coldest flames.

And like the bread of life,
We do not share a slice,
Even though the end ensures
We give back grains.

So I suppose we're selfish,
In a sense sometimes.
Say, simply

We're here on earth
As just visitors, all
Sealing life with
Cheap signatures.
606 · Nov 2015
Misty Meadows Nov 2015
Slice me...
I don't bleed nothin'
Less than real.

Gasoline in my
Veins, and a throat full of

Come to terms with my life,
Giving death a great deal.

Feeling nothing but pain,
Or pain is nothing I
598 · Jun 2016
Misty Meadows Jun 2016
Seven seas and twilight moons.
Darker shades give us
Clearer visions.
Touch all night and don't wake
'Til noon.
Risk it all under supervision.

I don't need to be supervised.
What we doin' ain't so forbidden.
Keep me more than just
It's alluring, everything we're
Keeping hidden.

Give your body a pulse that
Look into eyes with a gaze so
Undercovers, keep it undercover.
Oh, all the things I would do
To you.
589 · May 2016
Fear Not What Is Felt
Misty Meadows May 2016
Who knows what this will do
To us.
Constructing walls of destructive
Glass may break but can never
Even the sun wants the lust of

Who knows what this will do
To you.
If grass is green and skies are
Roses red and blood is too.
Love is blind, obscure my view.

Who knows what this will do
To me.
Mistakes so sweet be bruising me.
I fell so hard I'm losing sleep.
Can't dream, I count elusive sheep.

Who knows what this will do
To us.
Wiping tears with ruthless
Tending wounds with useless
Impatiently waiting, but never
550 · Jan 2016
New Dusk
Misty Meadows Jan 2016
Stars pierce and shoot,
Might scrape the
Skies are dark,
And yet, I swoon.
539 · Nov 2015
Waterfront Blues
Misty Meadows Nov 2015
The season before this, I
Thought not of you.
I wish I could say this...
It wouldn't be true.
My love is a wave that
Falls towards the shore,
And quickly escapes
Whenever is bored.
But the catch about that is
A wave only leaves
When beauty of air depletes it
A breeze.
If you are the wind, that
Blows into days, I
Only do hope that your gust
Comes to stay.
And never do stray,
But I've wished that in past.
If so you do leave, thy wind
Equals wrath.
512 · Nov 2015
Misty Meadows Nov 2015
Oh please, come forward.
I've been silent for a bit.

Autumn doesn't do me well
When my heart is so brisk.

Everything I fought against,
And so much that I denied

Is no match for the feelings
I've hid long inside.

Everyone will call me crazy.
Say I'm borderline insane.

I don't find a care, I'm washing
All their doubts with rain.

I walk this strut in day that I
Swiftly lose through night

Because the pride and lust in me
Is slowly drifting out of sight.

And I swore this to myself.
Yes, I swore this once before...

But oh my ******* God,
There's something here for sure.

And it makes me lose discretion.
It makes me go so blind.

You don't have to search for me,
But it's you I have to find.

I'm not sure what to do.
Or if I'll ever get a moment.

I just know that every word is
Better written than it spoken
503 · Oct 2015
What Makes My Mist
Misty Meadows Oct 2015
Rainbows and sunshine
Don't flow with my lifeline,
But thunder and lightning is
Always on my mind.

The sweeter the rain,
The harder the patter.
A life without rain
Would just make me sadder.
502 · Nov 2015
Crestfallen Light
Misty Meadows Nov 2015
Dreary fever that runs
Deep in soul,
Is just as clean as murky ponds.

Within myself, I search for light--
Which is dim and demons fond.

Perhaps, the light of night and stars,
Or placid shine of aching moons.

I yearn for light, yet dread what’s bright.
Fearful tunes or lovely gloom?

The heart that thumps beneath the flesh
Is only grand as rotting log.

And light within this soul of mine
Is clear as blood,
And dense as fog.
493 · Jul 2016
Misty Meadows Jul 2016
The selfishness of most
Is guaranteed one blunt

You search for death
In a place so free.
Life isn't meant to be
People are annoying. Could have it way worse but take everything for granted
467 · Mar 2016
Player No More
Misty Meadows Mar 2016
Playing girls
Like the strings of my
I ain't never goin' far
With this sting in my

My heart beats
With great pause and
I remember yester-morning
Just to blind out today.

Today can be good if
My lust simmers down.
It ascends from the rain
Like roses from the ground.

Forevermore, never more
Is this a game.
Just induct me into the ****
Player's hall of fame.
464 · Dec 2016
Misty Meadows Dec 2016
What treasure lies beneath the sea
For me,
When I can't even swim.
I wander 'round this town
So secretly,
Like an indecent sin.
Sins only accumulate
The nights that you forget to pray.
I swear that my forgetfulness
Is gonna have me rue the day.
451 · Oct 2015
Punishment Writing
Misty Meadows Oct 2015
Scribo suntne

      In poena?
448 · Aug 2017
Misty Meadows Aug 2017
In my dreams, I always hide and I shut
Them doors tight
Because it feels like I might die in the
Next fortnight.

These apocalyptic thoughts don't
Strike me as a trend.
I feel grief during rest, contemplating
How it ends.

Not complex as the monsters or the
Boogeyman in closets.
But as simple as rusty water dripping
From the faucet.

It's the everyday things that seem to
Cause the most pain.
It's a concept: You can slaughter or
You can be slain.

Danger drifts through the air as
Polluted molecules.
So fear clings to my flesh, rooted in
My follicles.

See, the deadline on life has no real
So every street, every pavement feels
Like my final destination.
428 · Nov 2015
Whispered Reflection
Misty Meadows Nov 2015
Turquoise little pills
For the sleep that I miss.

Find me staring at the edge
That has once met my wrist.

I am feeble when alone,
But never found the warmth of
Say I'm running from my past or
Simply hiding from my mother.

Everything I say
Always contradicts my actions.

How could I never care when my
Lungs are full of passion?

Deplete me of the madness,
I'm so sick of seeing ghosts.
It has almost been a year.
Why do I still hear Rose?

People fail to understand,
So they flee so swiftly.

Just take my heart slow and
Break that **** so quickly.

Walking through the hood.
What is left for me here?

I'm just living and I'm loving.
In a battle with my fears.
419 · Jul 2016
No Room
Misty Meadows Jul 2016
Feeling a sense of power in my
It trickles up my arms--
Sends signals to my
Telling me I don't have no room
To be making these
Telling me you don't have no room
To call yourself
417 · May 2017
Garden Tales
Misty Meadows May 2017
My rhythm like the little drummer boy.
I got a beat when I'm running from the cops.
Catch me rushing from fence to
I only halt for the pink flowers in the ***.

The summer lady went and cursed my name,
'Cause my presence was offensive.
I felt rejected by her
Glasses and the lenses.

The sound of the sirens always sort of
Felt hurtful.
They speed so fast, they blind my eyes with their purple.

Blue and red flashes.

You know, I give a show for the masses.

The sun always sets slower than molasses.

I found a rose in her garden.
The same color that the bullet's gonna give me.
And for an addict, you know they have no pity.

I just pray I trail blood through the city.
415 · Aug 2016
Blame Game
Misty Meadows Aug 2016
Focus on something
Bigger than "life,"
All your negativity just
Triggers your strife.
The smallest of pain calls for the
Biggest of knives.
Ungrateful and creating these
Figment of lies.

You point all these fingers
They're pointing right back.
Reflections show truth,
There's things that you lack.

Always complain like they're
Hating on you.
Been there and done that, see
The blame is on you.
Lol ****** always complaining but ain't looking for a solution
406 · Aug 2015
Nothin' Better
Misty Meadows Aug 2015
Want you in the worst way.
You should want me in the worst way.
I've been feeling all this jealousy.
Don't wanna let the hurt stay.
You should love me in the first place.
I'm enchanting all your fantasies.
Fantize a balcony.
With a view that only
Falcons see.
Something cooler than the
Mountain breeze.
Put you on a pedestal.
Lookin' up, I'm so proud to see...
All your love just be arousing me.

Intriguing me, keep me pleased.
I'm used to the cycle.
Being with me, you gotta
Read past the title.
Decipher all my pages.
Recite me as a bible.
Arguing like rivals.
Words are bullets from a rifle.

I'm feelin' all your energy,
I'm feelin' when you're stressed.
Yeah, I been in love before.
God's my only witness.
You can ask me if I'm happy,
Imma tell you that I'm blessed.
Used to play with knives and pen.
Start imagining the mess.

In this love I have no mission,
I have ignorant discretion.
I'm just bleeding on a paper,
Hoping it looks like a message.

Meet me in the lounge
Or you can find me in the halls.
Either way, it's going down.
No lost cause, no love lost...
400 · Jan 2018
Withered Roses
Misty Meadows Jan 2018
You been on my mind heavy, but
I gotta let you go.
You're a ghost now.
Stop appearing in my dreams, doing
I'm not very entertained. I am
Actually afraid. And if I knew where
It was at, I think I'd come right to
Your grave,
And ask you to knock it off,
Since you never said goodbye.
You don't got the right to pop up in
My head by surprise. And
You don't pay enough rent in the
Depths of my mind
To think that that's where your final
Legacy should reside.
I have now fallen in love with a woman
Who breathes air.
She's got blood in her veins and
Doesn't cause me despair.
She's more than just a picture of the
Capture of a stare.
But why tell you this? You'd just say
You do not care.
But this is vital information, that you
Really need to hear.
I don't wanna close my eyes, fall
Asleep, and you appear.
I loved you in the past and I'll always
Love you, dear.
But the wrath of your absence can't be
Something that I fear.
Of course, I'd like to close this off with
Something great.
But I'll have to end it abruptly.
Something much like your fate.
And I hope that in death, you resist
To give hate.
And I hope that you can leave me
Alone with a clean slate.
387 · Jul 2017
Misty Meadows Jul 2017
You stab me with the
Dagger of betrayal,
And expect me to stand
With my back towards the pain,
Holding tears in my hand.

I don't understand

Never will I allow it.
That's not how this goes.
I'll let my tears glide to the
Same place my shed blood
Seems to flow.

And then maybe you'll see.
Yes, maybe you'll learn
To not throw fire and flames
And still question my burns.

Our burns, if you think.
That's if, you're thinking
Could you withstand such burns
In all kinds of weather?

With temperatures dipping, then
Rising sky high.
Would you still show the same care
As I do when I cry?

No, you would not.
You can't withstand such things.
If you were me, you'd complain
That it stings.

That it stings, that it burns.
That you bruise to the touch.
If you were me, you'd feel
You're never enough.
385 · Mar 2016
Fine Wine
Misty Meadows Mar 2016
Mind deprived of

Its fine design.

Blood that spills like
The reddest wine

Has no time
To be refined.
I love, I live,

I simply dine on
380 · Jan 2016
Grim Games
Misty Meadows Jan 2016
Terrible, treacherous
Odor of past,
Clings to my shadow
And follows me fast.

Follows me fast so
Swift I must run.
But running, I slip
On a puddle of ***.

Puddles of ***?
It should've been whiskey.
The flavor of risk
Does more than just fit me.

I slip and I slide
And glide with a pain,
A pain now acquainted
With alcohol stains.

Alcohol stains don't
Pester me much.
The color of bleach
Delivers a rush.

So faint and so white.
And coating my throat.
Not reaching my blood
Since I always choke.

Wrists are abused with
Tools in the shed.
Nothing to lose,
I be playing with death.
374 · Oct 2017
Cadence of Catharsis
Misty Meadows Oct 2017
Yeah, I dabble in them
Makeshift dreams,
I pull at seams
Like every other
Tameless fiend,
Who hopped through leaves
And maybe even scratched at fleas.
But the way things been,
I gotta feel that shameless breeze.

That vacant wind.
I battled with that
Stainless steel.
"Is she for real?"
You know I gotta take these pills.
**** tasteless meals.
I only ever crave that feel.
So no, it's not negotiable if
We make these deals.

Unless the price is
But if I'm not,
Then you decide.

We can be friends if you provide
That holy light,
I seek at night.
I twitch and fight
Them demons...
But you know you'll never meet them,

They're my friends,
I hide in sheds or
Hide in dens.
And if I'm lonely, then they hide in

They take my sheets,
They hover me,
They cover me
From other things
That you can't see,
But I can see.

They follow me,
They hollow me.
They swallow me
Like them pills that I bottled up.

They've had enough,
Of me and my shenanigans.
I handle them, but then they
Start to handle me.
And then, I realize that I can
Barely breathe.

And who's to blame,
Other than the I and me?
The eyes I see
In reflections don't
Mention this.
So don't mention it
When I meet my death
It's only a matter of time,
And I ain't tryna lessen it.
366 · Sep 2018
Misty Meadows Sep 2018
I be fired up with the anger of a
Thousand slaves.

I have many vessels, so that
Blood can spill a thousand ways.

I'm not frightened by the reaper.
He has my address.

You wanna **** me? Here's my life,
You can have the rest.

I know the hate they got for me
Ain't a real concern.

But that won't stop me from giving
Them what they deserve.

You wanna fight, you wanna shoot,
You wanna pull knives out?

Don't be surprised, I done told you
Like a thousand times now.

I could really **** you now, but I rather
See you suffer.

**** a thousand of your relatives
And that includes your mother.

I got a thousand different ways
To make the pain go even.

A thousand causes for my anger.
Don't be another reason.

They underestimate my threats
With a scoff and a grin.

When I have a thousand different
Reasons to commit these awful sins.
360 · Mar 2016
Fit For A King
Misty Meadows Mar 2016
If you are aiming for my
Attention, then your
Attempts are inconspicuous.
I mean like, nonetheless
So frivolous.
Can't function without a

A bitterness towards me.
Something I have nothing to
Do with.
So very blunt and so
Rude, coming off as just ruthless.
When the truth is,
You are irrelevant and so foolish.

But it's just fine with me.
Females hold this hurt for
Can never fathom
The new notes for new songs

That aren't about them, or her,
Or her either.
One to fiddle with love--
Break strings of desire.
All smoke and no

It is very okay to cry.
Can't look in my eyes.
Am I that bad, despite
The times you loved my
Offered love. Could willingly
Spread your thighs.
But with no surprise,

I disappear, but it's never so
You push my luck, and suddenly,
I give up, but in no

So blunt with no shame.
I honestly must say,

Females swear they hate
But be begging to get
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