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 Aug 2019 Ana Habib
‘Aren’t you afraid of my darkness, my dear?’ Hades asked with mischief in his eyes.
‘No.’ Persephone replied, ‘You haven’t seen mine yet.’
Do you know the story about Hades and Persephone?
 Aug 2019 Ana Habib
Jack Jenkins
i'm just a small boy staring at a dead tree in the rain
looking up
wondering why love won't grow
//on love and her//
 Aug 2019 Ana Habib
Slow rot.
 Aug 2019 Ana Habib
If you keep shooting a man in the leg,
he'll eventually beg for the heart.
 Feb 2019 Ana Habib
She controls her laughter,
lets it slip from the edge of her mouth,
the corners of her lips lift ever so slightly,
then, she makes a sound,
seamlessly, her fingers graze my thighs,
smoothly, her eyes meet mine,
and in her eyes, I see my reflection—
aflame, abashed, and fiery,

She is the answer I’ve scoured the world for,
and yet, she, herself, remains a mystery,

Ah, I see,
She controls her laughter
as easily as she controls me.

— The End —