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A leaf it wanders slowly down,
A creek while turning red to brown.
Forgetting all that came before,
Decaying more and more and more.

Once vibrant green and full of life,
This fragile leaf is now in strife.
For soon the creek it will become,
A faster flowing river run.

An older leaf it always knows,
How water in the river flows.
It’s fast and fierce and never kind,
It leaves the older leaves behind.

To watch the river flowing past,
To see it all go by so fast.
To sit and watch, and want but lack,
To slowly turn from brown to black.
 Feb 2018 Apostrophe's
Trusting no one, yet trusting all wide open. Too blind to see what I already know. Is there a true to delaying the inevitable? I believe there is. So how come I do this ?Why do I develop bad habits plural plus one? Align me mind heart and soul. I trust in you I trust in myself.
Generally think we don't deserve love
Or if love get into us
How could we trust
That we become kinder
And cause the world going better
very pretty
or so
would think

her reflection

made the mirrors blink

she approached me
twas the look in her eyes
we knew she wanted to kiss me

we thought to myself
this girl

her face pretty

even sweet cheeks
 Jan 2018 Apostrophe's
You are the Sail, You are the Storm.
You are the Shore, You are the Sion

You are the Show, You are the Swan.
You are the Shine, You are the Shaun.

You are the Stitch, You are the Shorn.
You are the Story, You are the Scion.

You are the Symphony, You are the Song.
You are THE SOUL, You are the Strong....
Cigarettes after cigarettes after cigarettes ,
Barrels of nicotines
Sometimes green flowers with harsh smoke veil ,
Her tunnel she mazed with mist of darkness ,
Weaving the oblivion never knew where it leads ,
How it ends ,
She kept practising over and over again .

His voice was cold ,
Yet heavy and bold ,
Paving the dim yellow lights
He drilled the night's routine ,
Chased the bewildered dream ,
Like a wind and unseen ,
Reached the volcano's end ,

He saw her glistening eyes ,
No matter how dark the shade was ,
How in distant it was ,
Still shined like the silver queen of the sun ,

In her nest , panting ,
uncanny was her dance beat ,
Euphoric ideas enthralled by his sight ,
Roared in her veins ,

Like a blue bird she wanted to fly away ,
Like a humming bird she was crooning to his breath ,
A gorgeous gladiolus that she smelled ,
Quivered her toes from beneath the planet .

Between the bars two glances were met .

The sight of you brings hesitation
Train of thought stopped dead in its tracks
Carefully choosing my words and ****** expressions
Controlling my stare
My ears warm up to the sound of your voice
Turning red, as my friends tease
I attest, they've yet to see me this way
Never did I think I’d meet an aura first
Yours emits peace and happiness
Kindness and true inner beauty
Nothing in existence has been more self-evident
You, all of you--
No need for melodrama
Or tragic romance
Unopened love letters
Or tightly wounded hugs at last good-bye--
With you, it's simple
Let's hold hands and as we walk we'll change the world
If we fail we'll have at least built a home
Wrinkles will come and tears will fall
But if you're by my side
This rock can revolve off its axis
I've already been floating eternally
I just now know that forever is you
 Jan 2018 Apostrophe's
I have waited for you.
I always wait.
When you are with me, I wait for you,
in my sleep, I am waiting,
and in my dreams, I wonder where you are.

I look at you and I ask myself:
where are you?

Patience is my only weapon.
Patience is the ***** in my glass,
which I always down 'til empty,
even though it burns and it cuts my breath.

And you know I am waiting for you.
And still, I wait.
 Jan 2018 Apostrophe's
A heart so troubled and in doubt
Not sure, what life is all about
She feels invisible yet she sees herself
When she looks into the mirror

People tend to pass her by
Refused the lips of any guy
She soothes herself by wishful thoughts
When she dreams all by herself

She speaks of love and passion
In such an ordinary fashion
As if, she has encountered
The love of another

Massive pain, at times, paralyses
A body of rejection, only she realizes
She dances solo once again
To a song that only, she can hear

Her body parched, a thirst for affection
Her painful heart, desires protection
If only she can be embraced
By the hands of someone else

Its only her hands that she finds familiar
Its only her own eyes that can see her
She longs the company of anything other,
Than the fantasies inside her mind

Copyright @sheryllinhayes
If Life Was Made on Canvas
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