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Maxine Apr 19
I sold my soul to continue loving you.

Your looking at the girl whose stick thin.

Maybe i’m wrong and maybe i’m Crazy.

(I wasn’t)

But we can’t deny you’ve been acting differently my baby.

She sold her body to the public.
I sold mine in silence.
Your eyes must flicker from her delight.
I’m ready to catch your flight.
  May 2020 Maxine
I made excuses for you
Then I’m sorry.

Not to you,
But to me.

I didn’t deserve that sort of disrespect
From either of us.
Maxine May 2020
I loved you more than anything else in this world and you.. you loved an app more than me.
Maxine May 2020
I hope one day you wake up and realise that success doesn’t last long.
That coming home to the sound of your kids laughter is more important that the pretty girls replying to your posts.
I hope your realise that all that fame won’t make people remember your name.

I can’t expect you to understand the love I had for you. But I now know that it wasn’t the same as what you had for me. I didn’t deserve that treatment from my one and only.

Here I was thinking you were dreaming of the ring you’d buy me. But you were only dreaming of your friend instead of me.

Your fantasies had nothing to do with me.
All I asked for was us to be a reality.  

We loved on different levels and I’ve realised I can’t make us both happy no matter how much I drain myself. I can’t give you all of me because you take it and leave.

You have no idea how much I really loved you because you haven’t met that kind of love yet. I don’t know if you ever will.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be the love that you were to me. Because while I was in love it was ever so sweet.
Maxine Apr 2020
Prince Charming pulled your sanity to the ground to keep his crown perfect.
Maxine Apr 2020
What do you believe I should do.

With all your knowledge, all your care or with all your lack of being there.
What do you believe I should do.

Because when all of this has been tried and now untrue I still believe I’m in love with you
Maxine Mar 2020
You searched to the depth of their profiles instead of searching for my soul.
You scrolled down endless streams of girls who gave you false dreams while I waited in reality.
You showed yourself to a few but never all of yourself to me.
I’ll give it to you. I believe in you and your career more than ever now. You really stuck to your role for an entire year. You made all my worries of you not loving me seem like a myth. You tricked me into thinking my feelings of unworthiness didn’t need to exist.
You won the Oscar for that one in my eyes. Congratulations you fooled me, you can fool anyone now.
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