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Miriam Jun 2021
Frozen in time, only sadness in your eyes
Winters snow had clouded your mind
A sleeping beauty in a forest full of lies
Who stamped out your fires, left you cold inside

Sunlight arrives, kisses your face
You start to heal in it’s warm embrace
Pain slowly melts, you are no longer blind
Hope awakens a glimpse of summer in your eyes

A scorching,slow journey on a road of upsets
But at the end of it all lies Golden hour sunsets
On a road trip to where your happiness hides
I can now see summer in your eyes

New growth chokes out old thorns of despair
Along your life’s path only lushness grows there
Happiness dances in summer breeze whispers
Your light again shimmers on overflowing rivers

Healing has painted over your winter scars
Joy brushed away the clouds, revealing stars
Love washed over all the ***** lies
You have risen up, you are now fully alive
Proved them all wrong, too strong to not survive
I now see summer dancing in your eyes
Time heals pain sometimes we have got to let the summer back into our lives again let go of the winter pain and grow in the sunlight till it radiates in our eyes and life again
Miriam Jun 2021
Sun comes out and happiness with it
Your Heart feels light joy no longer hides
Lazy days in the summer haze
Only blue skies and memories made
Sunny summer days there’s nothing better everything awakens it heals your pain you can let go and forget the sad and joy floods in I just love the feelings the memories and moments made in the summer days
Miriam May 2021
The best is yet to come
If you believe then you can become
Believe in yourself dream big and you can become who you want
Miriam May 2021
Tears fall like droplets of rain
Running down my pale skin pane
Cutting in like shards of glass
Flooding into my heart the past
Trickling along the scars of my skin
Following each pattern then seeping in
Salty as the sea on my rough beaten shore
I let them crash down then fall to the floor
I slowly heal as the tide starts to turn
The sun arrives my eyes tingle and burn
Slowly pain retreats and i start to warm
Happiness creeps in- I no longer mourn
This poem is about crying describing our tears in different ways and how we heal after pain sunshine like happiness floods in again and dries our tears like sand on the shore till the next time
Miriam May 2021
I cry sometimes and I don’t know why
If I could let it all out i know I’d be fine
Pain turns to anger
When I don’t have the answer
To all the questions you left me with
For all the times you left me in myth
Sometimes when we lose someone we love we can be confused what’s going on or why this short poem reflects a relationship that’s broken first we have pain then anger and confusion towards someone we love we want to know why they did what they did
Miriam May 2021
My love for you drives me insane
The thought of you messes with my brain
Sometimes we love someone so much it drives us insane we think see them in our everyday lives or in the millions of strangers on the street  but maybe we are just hoping that because we are hiding our pain and strife that we will probably never see them again
Miriam May 2021
If only getting over you was
as easy as
Remembering your name
Sometimes letting can be so hard just remembering their name can hurt
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