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Say goodbye to home
To the dust on your shelves
Now that you're alone
You've got to clean it yourself
And when you settle your score at the end of the day
I hope you don't feel like you threw it away

Say goodbye to easy
That will all fade away
This world may be greedy
I hope you never get that way
Because you're soft and sweet and quick on your feet
Like a quiet song that we know complete

Say goodbye for now
That's how it has to be
And when the lights go out
At least remember me
When they come back on and you look in his eyes
Find the good in what came before you said goodbye
The sweet summer sun shines on me
On a quiet bench in the city park
With my guitar and a softened voice
I write a song about a broken heart
And the way home is lit with sunglass eyes
Reflecting back the summer day
All I see is good and bad
Without much else to do or say

Steam rises from a lakefront balcony
And some react to an inside joke
Some days are meant for misery
But today is meant for calm and hope
And my way home is like a picture frame
With kisses on suntanned cheeks
All I hear is my mother's song  
On a day when the air is sweet  

A patron sells his portrait piece
But he'll paint you for a fee
With a bigger nose and bigger smile
That you can hang up for all to see
And my way home is smooth and still
Like an easy feeling country song
All I know is I am who I am
And you can always ride along
Maybe, one day; when I grow old,
I’ll see past quarrels slowly fold.  
Maybe, one day: when lights grow dim,
We’ll all sit quiet to hear one somber hymn.
Maybe, one day: the rain stops pouring;
You’ll be with me- our hearts left soaring.
one day, one day.
Morning sunlight
Summer breeze
Warm wind
Makes me smile

Strong coffee
Tasty breads
Sweet aroma
Makes me smile

Calm music
Quiet tunes
Serene melody
Makes me smile

Little things
Lovely mornings
Peaceful mind
Makes me smile
Tell me why
Why I reject the life vest on a sinking boat
Why I forget the parachute as I'm falling
Why I avoid my pills when my thoughts are draining me
Why I kiss you when my heart is breaking
Gilded stairs leading up to heaven
As plastic fans cheer all around
You step to the beat of flashing cameras
Running an exposé on how you're so profound
So walk that strut and keep acting tough
Work 'til you burn 's still not enough
People never satisfied with your art
What brings you together tears you apart
 Apr 2019 Call me Oliver
a quiet night
I feel it
Can't hear it
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