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Maggie Oliver Apr 17
Weeks have passed since I last looked upon your face
days since I lost myself in you
my head on your shoulder, the sole comfort I posses
you're all I have to wrap myself in now and you know
I love you
Maggie Oliver Apr 17
in the nights where your head is absent from my shoulder I find myself wondering,
how you can choose him over me
Maggie Oliver Apr 17
You're only with me when he's not around
You only kiss me when he can't see
You only fall asleep on my shoulder when his is gone
Am I only yours in this moment?
I cannot help but know how it will be when he comes home and I cease to exist
Maggie Oliver Apr 16
He would see us if he turned his head.
Your kiss came like a jolt in that dark room,
the colourful display facing us forgotten in favour of the stolen kiss.
I wonder would he would say if he could see us.
Please don't let him turn his head
Maggie Oliver Apr 16
Tell me why
Why I reject the life vest on a sinking boat
Why I forget the parachute as I'm falling
Why I avoid my pills when my thoughts are draining me
Why I kiss you when my heart is breaking
Maggie Oliver Apr 16
It is a knife to my heart to know she will never, can never feel the way I do for her. The twist of the knife is of my own doing, for I am the one who so vehemently refuses to confess the things I feel. I am a coward for hiding a love so pure from the person who ignites the very feeling.
   The songs I sing are hers, the notes I play for her, the words I type because of her. She can take it all although she will never have to. She will simply take it from my giving hands.
    She'll never know how I feel and I'll never tell, loathing her for not noticing. So please, I'm begging, take these words as my confession.

— The End —