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Abhijeeth Apr 2019
Lost in the middle of nowhere,
nothing but water everywhere.
How many hours has it been?
or days? since I was last seen.
How long have I been swimming,
my arms and legs are hurting.
I am starting to hear a voice in my head,
look at what he said while the sky turned red.
For how long can you swim against the tide,
let it go, you can't win every fight,
the sun is going down,
let these waves drown, your frown.
And for a while I listen and let go,
couldn't feel that pain anymore.
Oh voice, I can't feel anything friend,
will I see only blue in the end.
Not yet, my legs start kicking,
Up and up my fire starts burning.
The sun may have set on today,
but I will keep swimming for another day.
I realise I am only lost if i stop,
it's gonna be hard without a map,
stick to one direction and keep going,
I will reach the promise land, I will stop drowning.
Abhijeeth Mar 2019
A kid in a yellow shirt walked up a dusty road,
jumped past the concrete and ran towards the tree.
Stopped at a gate which was rusty red,
sign at the front said sacrifice is the price of entry.
Sat down and dropped his big blue bag on the ground,
the kid took his responsibilities out of it,
left it there, the gate opened with a creaking sound.
Kid in the dusty yellow shirt skipped past it.
Came across a cross road after a while,
there stood a man with a wise smile.
He said for a price I won't lie,
will show you the road to the light.
Kid gave him what was left of his small blue bag.
The wise man said take the road on the right,
you will need to walk till you find a white flag,
there you will find a mountain to climb with all your might,
and on that mountain is what you desire,
he smiled his wise smile and bid the kid adieu.
The kid knew he needed to get their before sunrise,
He ran so fast, it almost seemed like he flew.
He stood in front of the white flag till he found his breath,
One step at a time, looking up he started climbing,
made it to the top with a brown shirt and clenched teeth.
Laid on the ground, looked up and started searching.
Shining brightly in the sea of blissful darkness
without the concrete light to blind it.
He had only ever seen the sky which was starless,
now his eyes knew how the sky looked when shiny things filled it.
This poem is my way of expressing a journey in my life. It was my first trek and it was the first weekend in my life after a long time where I didn't spend it worrying about things. I just slept under the stars and all my worries were forgotten if only for a moment.
Abhijeeth Mar 2019
All my friends are leaving,
they are looking for life's meaning,
chasing dreams or being chased by fears,
I truly hope they get their heart's desires.
I try but I can't shake this feeling.
I feel guilty, I am a selfish being.
Internal conflict, don't want to lose these friendships.
I am selfish, for my dreams I too would jump ship.
Doesn't mean I have to be okay when it ends,
An open secret, not good at making new friends.
My greatest fear is coming true,
What happens when you're left with only you?
We will still talk, we will keep in touch.
Until life takes over and we don't talk that much.
I understand moving on is human,
hate people leaving is so common.
It's okay, this is what life is,
lots of people you're gonna miss.
So cheers to a new beginning,
inevitably, will have the same ending.
Add to that list of people we knew,
look for the same things in someone new.
As we grow older our friends start moving away, this poem is my way of releasing my emotions about it.
Abhijeeth Mar 2019
I have spent so much time,
being afraid of it.
Keep telling myself I will be fine,
don't worry about it.
I am only human,
can't stop thinking about it.
I am confident? I can?
Will I conquer it?
What if it's a tough fight?
will I lose to it?
The path I chose is right,
right? lost in pursuit of it.
It is unkown and frightening,
have sold so much time for it.
Afraid of what it will bring,
What is this? What is It?
Perpetrator of my torture,
can't stop chasing it.
It is my future,
I know nothing about it.
Abhijeeth Mar 2019
Sit down just for a moment,
shut out the world, ignore it,
everything else can wait outside,
this moment, it's just me and the light.
The thoughts, they keep escaping,
look at that reflection the light is making,
remember the story where I was the king,
remember this song, come let's sing,
for a while I let these thoughts roam,
it's just me and the light in this room.
Enough!, and the thoughts are empty,
it seems silly but this is my serenity.
In a bubble I am carried away,
it's my solitary moment of the day,
I wonder, do I spend enough time with me?
away from all the noise and distortion I see.
Abhijeeth Feb 2019
I will tell you about a nightmare,
I will paint a picture for you,
sitting in a cubicle with a blank stare,
add the yearning for something new.
The light from the monitor hits me,
watch the screen load and the day begins,
the sound of people clicking a,b,c,
people on call talking about strings.
I can see time struggling beside me,
get it, I am killing time,
how much longer, time ignores my plea,
this is how I am spending my prime.
Close my ears with music and open my eyes,
I see the lines of code,
I see myself drowning in my lies,
I hate that I am perpetually bored.
It's winter, the cold is biting,
the blues are calling but you are still fighting,
everyday I live the same morning,
thinking of the time I am losing.
I am stuck in the present,
time is refusing to move forward,
a prisoner of it's torment,
blending into this colorless world.
And now I am here lost in my seat,
can't help but think,
my song is stuck on repeat.
Abhijeeth Feb 2019
I will tell you about a dream,
I will paint a picture for you,
a house beside a beautiful stream,
add a couple of mountains too.
The first rays of the morning kiss me,
I watch the sun wake up to the green sea,
the birds are singing with the trees,
the clouds whisper, you are free.
Time stops and sits beside me,
get it, I have time on my side,
one more second, I lie,
been too long since I wasn't tired.
I close my eyes and open my ears,
I hear the sound of the wind,
the sound of the river flowing for years,
I finally found my peace of mind.
It's autumn so the leaves are falling
and swaying and dancing in the air,
it's the most beautiful morning,
a voice says your time is up I fear.
Before I knew it I was in the past,
time had got up and walked away,
an echo of the moment passed
nothing but a memory of the lost day.
And now I sit here reminiscing,
if only I could have,
all the things that I am missing.
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