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Abhijeeth Apr 2019
Lost in the middle of nowhere,
nothing but water everywhere.
How many hours has it been?
or days? since I was last seen.
How long have I been swimming,
my arms and legs are hurting.
I am starting to hear a voice in my head,
look at what he said while the sky turned red.
For how long can you swim against the tide,
let it go, you can't win every fight,
the sun is going down,
let these waves drown, your frown.
And for a while I listen and let go,
couldn't feel that pain anymore.
Oh voice, I can't feel anything friend,
will I see only blue in the end.
Not yet, my legs start kicking,
Up and up my fire starts burning.
The sun may have set on today,
but I will keep swimming for another day.
I realise I am only lost if i stop,
it's gonna be hard without a map,
stick to one direction and keep going,
I will reach the promise land, I will stop drowning.
Abhijeeth Mar 2019
I have spent so much time,
being afraid of it.
Keep telling myself I will be fine,
don't worry about it.
I am only human,
can't stop thinking about it.
I am confident? I can?
Will I conquer it?
What if it's a tough fight?
will I lose to it?
The path I chose is right,
right? lost in pursuit of it.
It is unkown and frightening,
have sold so much time for it.
Afraid of what it will bring,
What is this? What is It?
Perpetrator of my torture,
can't stop chasing it.
It is my future,
I know nothing about it.

— The End —