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  Jan 2019 Emma Peters
You love outer space
And all of its wonders..
If only you loved me as
much as you love the stars..
  Feb 2018 Emma Peters
do you still love me
do you still love m
do you still love
do you still lov
do you still lo
do you still l
do you still
do you stil
do you sti
do you st
do you s
do you
do yo
do y
did y
did yo
did you
did you e
did you ev
did you eve
did you ever
did you ever l
did you ever lo
did you ever lov
did you ever love
did you ever love m
did you ever love me
  Aug 2017 Emma Peters
I'm full.
I don't want your words anymore.
My brain is about to explode.
I hate the memories you replay.
I don't want it.
I didn't ask for it.
I can't move.
I can't think.
I'm afraid of tomorrow because of you.
Your assumptions make me weak.
Your criticsm blinds me.
Because of you,
a simple smile I can't do.

I'm sick.
I'm sick of you.
I'm sick, because of you.

© 2017 B.L.
All Rights Reserved.
  Jan 2016 Emma Peters
I'm alone now
like every
Nobody cares me
But I do
try my best
I'm always talking
sweet talk
nice words
But you
look my eyes
and say
"You have to be in there"
"All alone"
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