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nsp Apr 2019
another ******* last night
the things you make my body do
restraint and self control
all in the name of you

understand that I'm red blooded
and the flesh I can't resist
so close, so firm, so tender
even in sleep I must persist

a stroke of your hand brings pleasure
the juice off your lips a treat
but sweetheart you're a vegan
and my wet dreams are of meat.
nsp Apr 2019
a lot of amazing women have loved me.

a nurse from Izmir
with almond eyes
and a quite confidence
that snuck out in her laugh.
both of us with lust for life,
and each other.

a teacher from Christchurch
with a competitive fire
who whispered me a confession,
under cover of a rattling train,
that was never heard.
our first night together left me in the hospital,
I still returned for more.

a co-worker from San José,
a sunflower in the wind,
untameably independent.
her smile buckled knees,
her touch left me thoughtless,
her voice felt like home.

a lot of amazing women have loved me.
and I sit here,
staring at this page,
trying to see what they saw.
and it's blank.
I spend a lot of time thinking about what others see in us that we cannot see in ourselves. How we can be loved by amazing people we respect but still not find our own value. The search for self-worth is an important one.
nsp Apr 2019
"Rock Dove"
what *******
you're a pigeon
a cloud rat
a winged flea circus
if cancer doesn't get you,
a car wheel will
you'll become a corpse to step over
an inconvenience
a meal for real rats
but fear not, pigeon
there is beauty in your death
a collective relief  
that you're no longer here.
nsp Apr 2019
I can't get out of bed today
the sheets still smell like you
nsp Apr 2019
I can feel you
getting close
your breath picks up
muscles tense
your face twists
your beautiful
freckled face
into pleasure
you prop yourself
up onto elbows
and explode
back down
onto crisp sheets
at ease
I can feel you
because I know
from across this city
you’re thinking of me

— The End —