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I will


To your mesmerism

Sailing further

Into the deep blue light

Of your wide open iris

And enter the blink

Where this road leads, you might get lost.
When you've traveled it far enough
You recognize the signs, what's left
From target practice and the wind.
I'd give you more to go on if
I hadn't lost the thread and now
It's speculation mostly, though
A little moonlight still endures
And I'll be waiting if you need
A ride, or a place to walk by.
 Sep 2021 Mark kenny
On Hands and knees
Three tears fall onto the mat below me
drip drip drop
Emotions Escape
from the cage I have built
around myself

Realizations revelations

Release the Deep sadness of the truth

Oh, How perfectly aligned I am
When I am Alone
On yoga and keeping my issues in my tissues
You cannot hide behind your actions but words....
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