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  Sep 2021 Mark kenny
I am not my story
the narrator past
obviously his suffering
was never mean to last

no one bullied me
they helped me forged a man
into a lover of life
a healer of the land

I have no regrets
no blame to invest
I’d actually like to thank
the universe for this test

we didn’t come from our parents
we were only passing through
I’d like to thank them both
for the hell that they once knew

I am not a story
trapped within a book
I am a poet
the past is what it took!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
  Sep 2021 Mark kenny
rose hopkins
In fear of it
We don't want
To hear of it.
  Aug 2021 Mark kenny
moon man
Some are a sign of evil intent
Others are the final glimpses of a moment around the corner
And then there's yours
Still on the other side of the bed
Almost as if you never left
I've been stuck in a depressive loop of being single, but the worst part of it is that it constantly reminds me that she's no longer here and that I have nobody else to replace the old flame
The lonely silence vanishes
Sound, busting at the seams
Explosive tunes in general
Lean towards the extreme
The misguided youth
Now raise the roof
High above the beams
Resorting to
Visual proof
Found only in your dreams
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