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Slow music,
that we don’t acknowledge.

Gentle touches,
the only thing we wear.

Passionate kisses,
so we become one.
Why do you wilt?
When you aren’t to

Let go of this guilt
Shake off all of this
And a little wind


And the coming blasphemy

By the numbers

The sign says
"Open for Business"

Opinions are mixed

As are the numbers

Let's give the world a spin now and see what burns
Same spot
Still stuck in the same spot that I was seen the last time you lent an helping hand
I am tired of leaning on people as soon as my problems start to unfold like I don't have the helping hand.

I realise my own problems are there for a reason to push me towards what I am looking out for
So once the mind changes the focus should basically shift from what we have to what we set out for.

But I am back on the same spot I lost the power that pushed me beyond limits
How do I recover from staying stuck all my life I  need to find how to exceed my limits.

So I scamper having a new energy in play as I focus on how to improve on myself
Not knowing how the outcome will play out
But still I want to keep improving on myself.
Don't wait on the exact thing that pushed you towards your limits until you need a new reason to grind.
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