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Mark kenny May 2020
Drowning myself in another bottle strictly for the pain
Tired of staring at the droplets hoping to quench the pain.

Another shot for my misery I totally need to drench my pain
Not relenting I really think I need another shot for the pain
But I am sure the broken bottles won't solve the pain.

But I am still draining myself soul into opening this new bottle
A bottle for the pain I really need to stop holding all this bottles.
The isolation is giving us new tactics to cope with our individual self but I bet the bottle won't stay long in the shelf
Mark kenny Feb 2020
Always a long road to achieve what ever you set your mind on
The journey is full of Invisible ups and downs you don't realize until you get on.

Someone trying to catch-up I hope is the ambulance pulling on the driveway
Another casualty lining up hope we can find our way to the driveway.

Projecting forward on all my intentions don't know which would push me forward
On the lookout for a new idea hoping to push this new one forward.

Slowly backing out and procastination is waiting to take it's place
On a new journey always a mile before I get to my new place.
The journey looks longer than expected
Mark kenny Jan 2020
Don't judge the path I walked because of my past
The future isn't promised but I still learn to walk fast.
Casting out the possibilities but still hoping on what seems to come fast.

Different journey but a few to play the game with their hands *****
The paper we chasing don't mind if I look at you *****.

Crumbled notes all we have is the accumulated paper
Being a sinner is not just how I choose to find the paper
Moving steps but the path is a sinful one.
Mark kenny Jun 2020
On my journey to stardom I came across so many people that changed my perception
Each time I was on the verge of giving up they came along and made me see a new perception.

So I am glowing because my thoughts are actually different from the way they used to be
I realised the people in my corner are meant to push me more than I used to be.

So the focus is slowly shifting from who we were before to a fresh new beginning
As soon as I look up to the sky I see angels in disguise pointing me towards a new beginning.
Life could be pretty funny at times. In some moments you feel alone waiting for someone to run along and gear you towards your goals. Some angels are among us who tend to shine the light we are so desperate to dim .
Mark kenny Apr 2020
A new character that am turning to my daily  habit leaning on a new direction
Holding on to an only me direction I think I am being pointed in the right direction.

The curse is like a plague it only turns if giving the right push
I rather keep to myself than walk in the path where I might not be given a push.

Avoiding drama is now a necessity not minding what my social mind is echoing
The only hope I have for my mind is to feed it with the inspiration it keeps echoing.

Don't mistake the introverted with those who choose to stay Anti social.
The present rule separates what I believe in with my actual reality
Mark kenny Feb 2020
Am already a millionaire in my mind so am planning my will
You there in the corner you in need of a dime
I think now I have more than enough it won't remain a dime.

Foolish spending got me checking my pocket for bills
Stacking the paper don't get angry for am missing my bills.

Second share is always the largest my eyes closed hoping for a call
Mouth agape don't look my way tears sprinkling on my face
Hate to admit my twisted will is just like a bell hanging on my face.
Holding on to a new way to my existence
Mark kenny Feb 2020
The influence on me is like a glue that is ******* my skin
Learnt so many things the hard way don't blame what I hate on my skin.

Little things matter the most don't wait until you are carried away
Being jolted in the right direction but peer group pressure makes me look away.

Another bad influence coming my way I think I will just settle for another shot
As soon as I get rid of one another bad influence comes knocking trying his shot.

I really think I need a fresh new habit I can't keep going down this lane
My new instincts keeps telling me that my new habit left down my old lane.
Don't stay glued to me you should realise am turning a new leaf
Mark kenny Apr 2020
Beneath the rumble I could hear the loud screams of what lay deep down
Scampering down ready to save a life but all I have is layed down.

Tears dripping down my face as I see all lay to waste just like it never existed
I then realise how humanity cherish what they have until it stops to exist.

The rumble was once a building standing tall to accommodate all we cherished
But life had other plans as the rumble lay scattered until we had nothing to cherish.

Being alive is a gift we soon realise that when that is all we have left
Material things start to fade off then you realize you have nothing left.

A victim of my environment some would say as we lay another body to rest
But just beneath the rumble a rare talent is aching to come back from the rest.
All we cherish was once layed to waste while all we wanted was also part of the waste.
Mark kenny Jan 2020
Who wants to hear the story of the black nylon
Crazy gaze from different onlookers
Waiting for it to reveal what it has for on waiting Lookers.

Picking up different choices it can't reject
Hoping that it does not crack or be useless
Any tear people tend to look it less
Storing the best of stories to fill its tummy.

But it's just a figment of what you can see
The product of what it can see.
Black nylon for those who can see.
The black mimicks freedom and slavery for those who can see.
The fiction piece on a popular material used all over Africa. It also dives into what each of us go through everyday as Africans
Mark kenny Jun 2020
A new discovery as I draft this last words that I am hoping on deleting once I am done
I really need to make a stand as I choose to listen to the whispers as soon as I am done.

The pages lay blank but the ideas are filled with a lot to fill a book to the brim
On another quest as soon as my Listeners realise I just wasted their time in exchange for a trim.

A lot of blank pages on my notes making me doubt myself anytime I hold my pen to pass down the knowledge
The only reason that keeps me from relenting or stopping is that I can't seem to hold on to the knowledge.
A lot to say but enough of what I have to add. Ever experienced writer's block and nothing seems to flow your way.... it's already starting ✍️
Mark kenny Jan 2020
The images in my screen looks more like me but am playing another scenario
Was I drunk or did someone just chase me into my own scenario.

Lost in the chronicles I created my strength weighing me down
The clear picture of what am becoming is tearing me down.

A quick future display got me scared of how many people am letting down
But the images left out how many people would turn me down.

Am still lost in my own mind filtering through the images that appear in bumps
My bumping image is a mixture of the past but my present refuses to be in doubt.
Flickering shot in my mind and am slowly awake to new possibilities
Mark kenny Aug 2020
How close can they be?
Is the reality the main reason, they let me be?

The way I am been stared at still keeps me from holding on to my new found existence
Always finding my way back in the midst of people who lurk around because of the mystery of my existence.

How come he is superficial and faint hearted?
On a closer look words like "egocentric" and accommodating fuels their hatred.

I still believe they are meant to be a close shave giving me the push I need
But I need to stop writing about them no wonder life crushes every challenges when I am in need.

Ever had some set of people gasping for breathe anything you are in sight?
A new victim of close admirers I really need to shade my energy anytime they are in sight.
A different phase that I soon be with my own found reality. Why am I on the verge of tears as society still struggle to understand what I am made of? Should I still be distant or hold on to the fact that anguish and pain fuels who I am meant to be. I am staring at them on plain sight but the reality I am seeing is sending me back into the illusion that I am truly unique. But we all need each other to thrive because their pain is my fuel while my mystery keeps them anticipating who I want to become 🔜
Mark kenny Jan 2020
Don't hate what you have been telling yourself because you woke up
Another journey is set in your course is time to face up.

The days pass by without ceasing even the night won't bulge to your pace
But the only hope of a better tomorrow is if you double your pace.

You don't want to be left behind when the whistle blows
Don't clinge to a past memory because you don't want to grow.

It's a new day to change your perception don't limit your thinking
Because if you are actually crossing over you need to change your thinking.
Another 365days of whatever you make of it in your own small dictionary of Life. All I want is for you to change your thinking to a positive one
Mark kenny Jul 2020
How do you spice things up when your mind is fully awake ready to sail any way
Do you live your life daily for the glits and glamour until it cease or fades away.

Understanding the reason for your existence is Paramount to how you live your life
Step by step illusion is a new lens to reflect back on yourself and change your view about life.

Each day is an opportunity to shape a new existence that we slowly created in our mind
But with all the pain and suffering who would think the pictures would appear clearly even in our mind.

Kicking off all the distractions finding its way trying to envelope the new me
Still holding to my deathbed mentality I wouldn't become sane until I was face to face with the new me.
A lot of memories will hit when the end time is near. Why questions and the actual reality will set in place. Eventually those gift you have and you don't cherish or work on will be nothing but a faded reality 🌫️
Mark kenny Dec 2019
Thinking of today hoping for a better tomorrow
Won't say you are wrong in waiting for a better tomorrow
But look deep within are u happy with ur today
Hoping to fill ur hands with bills hoping to get paid
But dissapointment feel the air no wonder you ain't getting paid
So u slum back into your thoughts hoping to end the pain
Don't escape the reality is just a temporary pain
Strengthen ur mind and ur soul you need it to grow
Suicide is not an option we all need to glow
Don't hide under the sheets of pain
Mark kenny Jan 2020
A place everyone call home but nobody wants to associate with
The home everyone wants to go to but no one is accustomed with.

The shadows that hide behind the walkway lurking in the dark
Don't prey on the weak because you are always hiding in the dark.

The journey is short but the stumbling blocks makes you weak
Hoping the night won't swallow your innocence so you won't be weak.

The only place I call home but smells like fear
The walk home is different don't mind if I cling to my fear.
Still clinging to the possibility of a different outcome
Mark kenny Apr 2020
Needing a new reason to breathe after a hard day out
Not relenting am still cleaning off pains that came out.

Step by step a new sweat and pain flood every ouce of my body
On the grind steadily so the pain should learn to be part of my body.

Temporary emotions clouding long time judgement I need a change
The hustle is key but the paper chasing game makes me change
Dirt and sweat is what am living by but the hustle needs change.

Hustling smart is tending to be a new drive until I have more than enough to offer.
The grind is legendary when the hustle counts for more
Mark kenny Mar 2020
The shadows started by forming a shape of death dressed up in fear
Millions of people startled out in fear as soon as the distance shadows was in clear.

A new nation fled to his knees by the giant hand of an evil dictator
People learn to take what they want by force even if u call them a dictator.

Children sperated from their mum's embrace tear drops litter the floor
Blood act as sweat as the whip against the flesh makes a mere man cling to the floor.

The distance shadows represents the unforgiving people who prey on the weak
The believer look up to the sky hoping for his grace to protect the distance shadows from the weak.
The pain that was felt can't be understood but the pain in my notes can make you comprehend
Mark kenny Sep 2020
Hoping to clear every obstacles blocking my way shielding who I am meant to become
My clear conscience already becoming more cloudy thinking about the obstacles I would overcome.

A little bit of shadow flickering right through me exaggerating what I have left to offer to the world
Words never seems to make more sense each time I hold my last draft doubting how  I see the world.

So I set out on the long lonely walk hoping this will be the last time I would prove myself
As soon as I take the first bold step I realise my dramatic entrance is the only way to become more of myself.
Don't doubt the mark you can make once the world is right within your grasp hoping you take the leap of faith. Circumstances that shapes us become part of our existence  and in turn makes us unique.
The essential Ingredient needed to standout is how we take what is indeed ours to grasp 🚷
Mark kenny Apr 2020
Still passing by looking at what many thought was a possible dream to come by
There it was lieing in waste like I didn't stumble before I came by.

Now the situation is changed I need to pick those crumbled dreams and bring it back
But someone is holding me back I guess I need to push past what is holding me back
Needless to say I deserve to get what I dropped before it haunts me back.

A  new direction I think I need to empty all I have in my penny bank
Just discovered someone else beat me to it don't mess with my idea bank.

The ultimate dreams hanging in the Shelf is about to be tapped get ready for a change.
My dreams still stucked in the shelf I might need a new direction before I look forward and change.
I am still a victim of doubting what I have that no one else has and it is slowly turning to an habit I can't break
Mark kenny Feb 2020
Still waiting on my order in the four walls of  my cell
Had to wait in line before I could get out of my cell.

Staggering feet then I knew it could come to my end
But the game needs change I just need inspiration in my head.

Unable to move confine to what my staggering thought whispers
The drunk inmate as am fondly called could give you glitters
On the new dimension I won't mind if your mind makes my shivers.

Spreading all sort of knowledge across don't cringe for a new leader
The drunk inmate isn't just a title don't wait until you are made a leader.
Mouth sticking out and the tongue waiting on a quick response
Mark kenny Jan 2020
Don't you think that life could go sideways
Until you realize you have another dimension to living anyways.

But you are afraid of entering a phase you know nothing about
The dark side won't look more like a fiction or a rollercoaster
It would be a phase you wonna cast away until look closer.

The side you are currently facing might be where you get closer with yourself
Don't look far the dark side is just a way to tap into your inner self
Don't flinch when the ideas start poping in because you might lose yourself
Relax and enjoy how embracing your inner self can bring light to yourself
The dark side is a reflection of who you are scared to look at when you see yourself.
Don't cast away the part of yourself that you need the most.
Mark kenny Feb 2020
Drying off my chest not again I don't want to turn it to a habit
Leaving the past behind I really need to work on this habit.

Letting my emotions dictate my mood even ruining what I have in place
Not the soft type but the life sequence is like a trigger always in place.

Falling soldiers all around still checking if everything is happening right
A new game is upon us I believe the flight can only be taken right.

Same mystery within my lips asking what the meanings hold in sight
Last emotions that am shedding the meaning of life is in sight.
Don't call me the king yet am still working on my emotions
Mark kenny Mar 2020
Summarizing how my day went wasn't part of the plan
But am a writer sharing part of my life is always part of the plan.

Discussing my plans for the day definitely has to end up till midnight
You really sure you up for the conversation up till midnight.

Am yawning now calling your attention to the time of the night
Your heavy breathing and your long breath making me realise you had a hell of a night.

But don't just give up it's almost time we end this conversation
At the end of the night we have to sit up and write a new conversation.
Post this anytime unless we reach the end of the night
Mark kenny Feb 2020
Every man is a threat to those ladies who walk by themselves alone in the night
Every man is a threat to those who dress like the material is not enough.

Every man is a threat to those ladies that just left a previous heartbreak
Every man is a threat  to a lady that was molested all her life.

Every man is a threat to his sister's because they also see other men as threat
Every man is a threat to himself if he can't control his ****** urge
Every man is still a threat considering the fact men are super to those around them.
Society should stop listening to one side of the story in any situation
Mark kenny Jan 2020
Am always lost for someone to hang with
Maybe because life taught me to handle it.

Miss my steps everyday on my stroll on the ladder
All I needed was a friend to bring me back into the race.
Making everything look like am always late.
I can't disappoint who am meant to be
Because of a nobody with negative energy.

Am passed the finish line because life taught me well.
Fake friends is a plague they learn to stab you well.
Don't hate the game you don't know how to play.
Mark kenny Mar 2020
The period when everyone is advised to quench their taste the best way
The lieing time when people walk around hoping you get back on the right way.
The undecisive period you have to choose between society and you thinking the right way.

Everytime the ideas start trolling in you advise yourself to go to sleep
Anxious readers hoping on a drop but you let the ideas go to sleep.

Believing that a new one is underway so you clear your head of the old ones
The fallow period happens once in a while I can imagine their reaction when they listen to the new ones.
The moment you need to pause and reflect but it changes everything
Mark kenny Sep 2020
Hoping I achieve more than the ordinary man as I focus more on my daily progress
Life slowing me down with repeated predicaments tuning down my constant progress.

Believing in the power of never relenting as I hold on to the pain that never left
Side by side with my new approach picking things up from the same spot I had to neglect.

But as soon as my new found reality start appearing I start having a similar feeling yet again
The reason nothing seems to fall in place no wonder I am feeling helpless all over again.
A lot of shield covering my inner glow blocking me from who i choose to finally settle for.  A lot of personality hiding under my sleeves as I glance through it once in a while until the melody in my head start to volume down a bit more. A lot to offer but few things to hope for🖋️
Mark kenny Feb 2020
What exactly are you fighting for in your life I keep asking
Because the pain that you are yearning for is asking.

The turn you are afraid to take is already been plied by another
Don't let the defeat in your head make you envy another.

The fight is against you when you stare at the mirror you can understand
Getting back up is like a jolly ride you only enjoy it when you board it
The world deserves a better fighter you won't know until you become it.
Don't relent the war is against you
Mark kenny Sep 2020
Tapping my feet each day never minding the restrictions that shields my direction
Dancing to the melody in my head shaking my body in full joy hoping to find a new direction.

Unboxing each puzzle that stay stuck in my head trying to level the mystery in my head
A little bit of fresh air as I take deep breath trying to clear all the problems in my head.

Reminiscing on my past mistakes ticking out the lessons I learnt in regret
Finding my rhythm doesn't mean I won't stop grinding as I stare back at my old possibilities with no ounce of regret.
How well do we actually know ourselves? Pulling each strings in our favor trying to understand how the outcome pays out. Do we smile when things stop going the way it was streamlined in our subconscious. Or just imagine a new possibility that never seems to fade out. The rest is our choice. Keep tapping your feet. You need enough joy to survive🥗
Mark kenny Jan 2020
Looking back to when I first had my first encounter
It meant everything to me that the details remains a reminder
Quenching every drip of pain that came as a reminder.

The automobile just speed pass my body like an obstacle
All I wanted was to please who always love my obstacle.

The pure love coupled with the foolishness of my youth
The true meaning of life that I ever wanted was to gain back my youth.

Eyes open wide awake like a light bulb just had it's way
Don't worry never mind like who's gonna let that idea down the way
Fully awake in my mind but only a fool will understand their is no way.
Don't jot down the memories learn to use what you need out of it.
Mark kenny Jan 2020
Casting out what seems like a lost world
Stepping on the crumbles of a lost block.

The truth wasn't meant to be an illusion to who thinks
But the ground you stand on was already a vision for those who thinks.

Driving out each possibilities out of where know one deems it fit
Placing ignorance on wisdom for those things we build that don't fit.

The law of the universe is the only thing that brings the balance
Gravity rainbow isn't just a word read through my poem to view the balance.
Don't bet against nature you might lose
Mark kenny May 2020
Unsatisfied by the recent decisions made by those above them
So scared to talk or even voice out against those above them.

Sitting hungry in silence letting the dictator dictate their fate
Not minding how their life is on a pause so they could seal their fate.

Too much silence enveloping our mind even our fears is starting to stand out
Why do we keep grumbling when our voice could actually make us stand out.

The face of society isn't who we are but how we fight against what we want
The fate of the grumbling crowd I wouldn't have a chance to see if they get what they want.
Still trying to figure out if we are meant to be voiceless or we should our voice for a true cause.
Mark kenny Mar 2020
Staring at a still reflection of myself in my mirror
Don't blame what am looking at my life staring back at my mirror.

Looking back to when it all started under a pretence that I was growing
I was losing part of my existence anytime I was turning.

The original is still mixed up with the fake side don't wait on the side turn
Step by step I realize am mixing the good and bad in this sharp turn.

Making a lot of mistake and realizing down the road is all a lesson
Hating on the original I couldn't blame who would not follow my lessons.
The original version of me is making mistakes but the lone version is bent on loosing itself on perfection
Mark kenny Feb 2020
Morning noise letting me know that a new day is here
Daily routine making me realise that another day is here.

Planned out all in a piece of a paper hope i beat the traffic
Life on the road and everyone wondering if am still in traffic.

Different scenes bringing me back to my true reality
Black man missed with black intentions don't wait on the reality.

Don't know what today has in store for a loyal observer
But am still heading out tommorow keep the info for the next observer.
The future we create is still bleak and uncertain
Mark kenny Feb 2020
Down this same road again I hope I get out this time
Eyes closed to a point but the only way out is one this time.

Clouded vision makes me realise that I still have another purpose to my existence
Another hit and am slowly backing out of the main reason for my existence.

Lone road making me understand how the day will end up eventually.
Hallucinating about a clear decision but my new reality taking me eventually.

Pouring from the cup of life I really need to see things differently
Don't tell me am still heavily sedated I really need to see life differently.
Life feeding me the organic pills which am using to see a new me
Mark kenny Jan 2021
Protruding tummies enable to hide the excitement still feelings of betrayal fills the air
Tired of this early mistakes who might have taught that sour magic will still be in the air.

The world need more female empowerement we need the queens to grow and shine
Is covid-19 the reason we lost the little trust in ourselves and dimmed our shine.

The future will come in a minute holding on a little longer might need some extra strength
Don't succumb to this heavy business the future might look bleak but keep showing your found new strength.
Didn't want to write at all about covid-19 considering the negative effect it has both emotional and mentally to so many people.

Change is hard, messy but it gets better.
It makes us discover who we truly are when times are hard.
Situations like this also help to forge people into compassionate beings. let's practice to incorporate that Into our daily lives.

Heavy business is centered on teenage pregnancy going around here in the western part of Africa and the increase due to covid-19 and massive unemployment rate.
Mark kenny Jan 2020
Don't Blame the old me I learnt a lot from my mistake
Taking baby steps make me look more like am mistaken.

Every one holding on to the idea but who will execute the flaws
Head spinning I soon realised I was the one with the flaws.

Still running not moving and the pace only increasing in my mind
Hiding has become an habit am actually losing in my mind.

But am just hiding in my shadows not that I didn't carve it out myself
Lost in the window of creativity not that I didn't create it myself.
Lurking around like who his hurt from his own mistakes.
Mark kenny Jan 2020
Jogging through a reality I can only picture in my mind
Going through circumstances I can only imagine in my mind.

Don't sleep don't talk is the only song I sing
Trying to get hold of myself so I can see
But the only reality I see is which everyone else is blind to
But only the mind with a unique touch can feel it too.

On the journey that I don't really determine the outcome
Don't let the circumstances you often  find yourself determine your outburst.

Longing for what I so desire but seeing less than I can take
The insane mind is not just an illusion you have to create what you can't get.
The quest for creativity will make you losing stay aware
Mark kenny Jan 2020
Life shinning the light from an invisible point that I can only see
But the path is brighter than who holds the invisible lamp.

But wait for ur time to shine because it might not be your invisible lamp
The way pointing to different direction hoping for who will decipher.

But the direction is visible to only those who can construct a clear path.
The solitary journey is meant to serve well with the invisible lamp.
Shine your goals to the direction that you wish to focus on.
Mark kenny May 2020
Steady pushing the bad wagons in my life out making sure they stay out this time
Why will I endure all this disasters and still conquer and you think you can waste my time.

The only reason I choose myself everytime out of a million people isn't strange to me
Just imagine the stare I give out to people that claim they are closest to me.

I am bound to make mistakes don't hate on what I admit myself and claim you are perfect
Still on a lone road as I administer my success pill just to make me perfect.

A lot of stages in my life that I wouldn't change not even for a minute of regret
The isolated accident that I found myself in again I wouldn't change the life I regret.
Life wasn't meant to be spent in total isolation but still focus on what your energy brings to the table.
Mark kenny Jan 2020
The way authority moves finding a place in our life
Hoping for a life long journey trying to settle into the life
But forget the manuals and the naysayers can you actually define life.

Shaping through every phase and obstacle running the lengthy course
But life would turn you to a student and fail you like a course.

Hoping on the next day waiting for procrastination to set in
You don't get to have  all what you want until you turn to dust.
Don't forget that happiness and patience goes hand in hand.
Mark kenny Jan 2020
The hurdle you are scared to climb is just ahead of you
The only obstacle that stands in your way is just feets from you.

Only you have the power to change how your story changes you
Living life on the chronicles it would look like the fight is against you.

Don't sweat imagine when you win would it be you against you?
The mirror staring back at you is constantly telling you how it can be you
Don't just limit how your thinking can affect a new you.
You have the power to change how people see you
Mark kenny Dec 2019
Don't hate me am not who I used to be.
But life won't tell you what you used to be.

The world of karma is like a circle
Don't get it wrong it won't look like it's a circle.

But you ever throw a Stone up to the sky to see it's reaction
The fall would be rapid don't mind how it plays you it's reaction.

But the moment u realise how u can affect your situation
You now understand how the situations you find yourself can change your imagination.

But don't blame life it works with the law of universe
That whatever you throw up life would surely drag it down back into the universe.
Don't think the law will reverse itself because of how you react to it. in the actual sense you are still on that repeated circle of life.
Mark kenny Mar 2020
The crucial times when everything sets in and life waves farewell
Rewind to when the first cry was heard and the happy child was bidding farewell.

The clustering around of well-wishers merrying and enjoying the new moment
A new mystery placed down on earth without a real purpose truly defined
The message stuck in my head but getting it out is not truly defined.

A step by step relationship in the moment you are trying to catch a point
The last minutes tick tock like a time but in  reality am trying to make a point.
The last minutes turning to a first minutes for a newborn
Mark kenny Apr 2020
Life treating me like an outcast as I slowly discover who makes up my existence
The journey in my mind is voluminous but cutting it up in bits for the sake of my existence.

Am left with the option of either moving ahead or holding on to my past
Still pushing myself to the limits I wouldn't want life to drop me in my past.

The journey is filled with a lot of destinations but the direction is seen by my compass
The path that is less travelled is the direction that am being pointed to by my compass.
Am heading towards the direction that will lead to my end but am still moving until I get to my end
Mark kenny Feb 2020
An expecting mother clinging to the juice of the huckleberry
A new baby on it's way and the father is relaxing with a nice dewberry.

Life throwing different mix to a new one walking the phase of the earth
The first step looks more like a mile and the new one is facing the earth.

Frequent trips to the hospital got a patient holding on to the cloudberry
The dentist still calling not realizing am missing my appointment because of my cranberry.

The young infant is now grown don't let the optician know the currant is the cure
Still holding on to a new device don't wait until you get your tongue on the blackberry
Depression setting in the young youth is trying to fix obesity with Acai Berry.

The young parents are now old they can also fix it with raspberry
Letter to the world fixing my problems with Berries is a new way to fight with Juneberry.
The juice the world need a taste from
Mark kenny Apr 2020
The seriousness on how we acquire that much until we don't see much
Too much in our hands as we stand to pursue what is indeed not much.

Now we can proceed without the baggage and choose a different life approach
Acquiring knowledge has been justified as a very unique approach.

The feeding your mind lifestyle is best when solitude is practiced
Now approaching a fixed corner I need to reveal all the skills have practiced.

The meaning of life in the downtown is how much you can give from what you've acquired.
The meaning of life is covered in a closed corner waiting for who will reveal it
Mark kenny Aug 2020
The little talk that counts still makes people less aware.
Can't we go back to the way our gestures made people more aware.

A little "thank you" won't affect your ego but it can help to clear the tensions that come your way.
Why did we forget how the word "please" could change how people can affect our day.

Even the sound of politeness is lost in how we address ourselves this days.
When did society lose it's way even our kids have nothing to learn nowadays.

Back to the small talk who else can justify the structure that is lost in our ways
Too much of little talk already neglected maybe we can include it back in our ways.
Culture was meant to make our essence unique. Not doubting what civilization did to our generation, but on the long run nothing beats what a little courtesy can do... Respect is indeed reciprocal 👀
Mark kenny Mar 2020
On a flight leaving my comfort zone heading out to a better zone
Not really pumped up am leaving my home to be in second place out of my zone.

Stories of how my forefathers were slaves always jolts me back to my reality
The chains that bounded my chest and pain within my lips always bring me back to reality.

Am still a product of my circumstances my colour doesn't define how I move on my trail
The gaze from the bystanders letting me know am out of place in my trail.

Have been living on trial all my life every new step looks like a big mistake
Am living without chains in my mind but physically I might still be a huge mistake.
Am still leaving in fear that my freedom has a price
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