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35/F/Ireland    Closet Writer of Stuff. Lover of Photography. Instigator of Nonsense. You'll find me on Instagram... a.mcqwrites
17/Gender Fluid/Lost in this cruel world    Just trying to ease my depression and anxiety with poetry.
James M Vines
50/M/Atlanta Georgia    Mechanic, veteran, and poet. Creator of words and prose to entertain and enlighten. Happy or Sad, Dark or courageous. Words to tame the heart or ...
22/M/Insomnia    The only one who can adore love the most is the one who has been loveless his entire life...
18/F/Mars    im back from a much needed hiatus <3 will be posting more poetry soon :)) ~possibly tw~
Lee Aaun
18/F/Pakistan    A girl who is not someone's possession❤️ SLOANE🌼 Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo. A.R.M.Y + Exo-l => Arol
Melbourne    There's a language in the way heartstrings get tickled.
Gwendolyn Alaine
F    Please don’t steal my poetry :)
Universe Poems
F/London    Carol Natasha Diviney values human life, nature, and natural living. Innovator in person centered health care, living, and knowing that the art of healing, comes ...
25/F/England    Just another blog, a lot of things somebody else has probably thought of. Architect
80/M/Germany    A mere versifier aspiring to be a poet.
Ahmad Attr
17/F    „From my rotting body flowers shall grow and I am in them, and that is eternity"“ - Edvard Munch All rights reserved
Anais Vionet
17/F/U.S.    Rising college freshmen with Animal Crossing, pizza and disc golf addictions.
Penelope Winter
Exercise your right to write.
Sparrow Liver
We create meaning.
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