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Jo May 2016
this is not about you.
i refuse to miss you,
let this break me,
let myself love you.
i will not hope for you to come back to me,
i won't remember the way we used to be,
i won't think about how i used to fill my days with you,
how each hour spent with you was never enough for me.
but more importantly,
i won't think about how you don't miss me,
how i am the last thing on your mind,
and how you will never realize how much i cared.
this will not plague my mind
and cloud my dreams,
i will not think about you,
*i will not love you
love heartbreak sadness determination
Jo Apr 2016
There you stand.
Just a foot from me,
Your eyes say you want me,
But your body doesn't move.
You walk away and so do I,
And I don't look back,
but I know you're looking over your shoulder, watching me leave.
Convincing yourself this is what you want.
I want to turn around.
Run to you and kiss you,
and yell at you to want me too.
To want me as bad as your eyes say you do.
To love me with force
And to not be afraid.
But I am fearless.
And you are determined to be alone.
Jo Apr 2016
You touch my body,
your beautiful hands caress my skin.
Your touch as light as feathers,
yet somehow penetrates my whole existence.
Your touch echoes through me.
I need it.
I crave it.
Jo Apr 2016
And I looked at his face,
his perfectly scruffy face,
and I knew I was in love with him.
It was 3:06am and I was in love with him.
I was in love with the boy who doesn't believe in love.
But at 3:06am I realized that I would be okay, because I would always love him.
The kind of love that warms your insides,
not the stupid butterfly **** you see in the movies.
The love that fills you with so much warmth you boil over with happiness.

At 3:06am, I was the happiest I had been that day,
because I was with him.
I ended my day with happiness, and started a new one with happiness,
and I knew it was okay to keep that a secret, because in that moment, happiness meant more than my undying love for him.
You know who you are ;)
Jo Jan 2015
and you inability to love me.
and how you've never supported me.
and your words that cut me.
and your dead heart that beats me.
and your traps that trap me.
and the love you denied me.

But **** me,
For believing you,
For loving you,
For letting you in,
and giving you chances.
Yes, **** me, and my
Jo Jan 2015
When I imigine it,
it's a soft chill,
which cools my body.
I don't hear your voice
I hear the freedom,
resounding in my head,
you are free
you are free
You are at peace

Away I will go,
from the places which burned me,
far from the places which haunt me,
Free from the arms which bind me.

You are not there.
You speak no sound.
You are not alive,
yet you are not dead.
But you are lifeless,
And I am at peace.
Jo Dec 2014
it overtook me
like a wave
washing away my fears
my anger.
i felt nothing,
nothing but calm

i am alone,
but i do not fear loneliness,
for peace is with me,
covering my scars,
shutting my eyes,
and holding me close.

i am alone,
yet i am surrounded
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