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Inked Quill Apr 2019
His blue eyes
Burning embers
As blue ocean
Different shades
Of the sky
His hands
Smoldering my skin
Carving our story
Warm & soft words
His voice like music
Cooed in my ears
Pulling me under
The dark covers
I’m falling hard
For Lucifer’s charms…
Ryan Almighty Jan 2019
It is raining again today
Everything is wet
Everything is heavy
Sun has vanished in the gray sky
Everything is murky
But no one else is bothered by it because
The monsoon resides in me.
Perhaps not all clouds have a silver lining.
Bashir Ali Najar Nov 2018
The long walks along the green meadows of Wastorwan ...
The long spiel of old man at sward..
The blooming tulips at foothills of Zabarwan
My soul forage whereabouts???
The days catching the stars along the Empyrean ...
The days making clay castles
My soul forage Whereabouts ???
The flames of hot Nunchai,
From the Konforka of Samovar,
Once laden on the old woman's Head
The Whizz after butterflies,
The chords of Gazals,
No more Heart Enthrall,
As all dark and grey !!
Still Here I Lay !!!!
Still Here I Lay !!!!
In the country of Dead
Where everything seems Red
Where everything seems Red
Walking along the banks of jehlum with u
Danielle Oct 2018
The waters run
Murky deep.
Muddy chocolate
For my eyes.
I really do love just short poems with imagery.
He has a spot beneath his ribcage.
I often find myself touching the soft skin that dips on his body.
He can be so ******* me yet his lips are soft.
He has gentle caring eyes.
Never have I seen a set of blue as amazing as his.
Sometimes the gap in his teeth can be sighted between his pink lips.
And I know he thinks he is ordinary.
But I want him to know he is beautiful.
And like no other person I've ever known.
He will not let me love him.
I know he doesn't believe when I say the words.
He doesn't want to.
I show him by touching the scruff on his delicate face.
I show him by asking for one more kiss even when he is tired and agitated.
I'll always desire his presence and his skin on mine.
He will not let me love him.
Yet I do
Loving him is hard when he won't allow me to. I don't believe he means it when he says he loves me. But I am patient.
nick armbrister Apr 2018
Nailed Indeed

These things in my head

Oh how they torment me

Feel like I'm flying in a biplane

Made of rags and wood and wire

Trying to dodge weapons that will **** me

The Red China hypersonic glide bombs

Neo Soviet Satan 2 ICBMs

Solid state lasers

Exotic alloy rail guns

All this and more aims for me

To nail me and my small plane

If I dodge one the next is there

It's a matter of time before I fall

And in real life...

...the list is there

And it will bite me

My father ill in hospital

Then his ultimate end

My relationship ending

Due to my deeds

Whatever they maybe

My own war within myself

For paltry reasons

And other things

I'm not even aware of

All these will nail me

If only I had a plane...
Godlink Nov 2017
My minds a pond,
it's been murky a while,
filled with waste, bad thoughts, and plenty of bile.
The ecosystem dead,
food for thought no more,
my ponds been drained,
spilled all over the floor.
Every now and again,
someone comes along,
to clean out the waste,
to fill up my pond,
that time comes to an end,
again and again,
goodbye my love,
my pond loving friend.
ji Feb 2016
When a mourning heart wanders, it leaves footprints to follow--
           On faint-lit streets and murky gutters I was led all along;
I saw my body last night, hung with barbed wires on a bough.
And as I dangle, bathing in moonlight, I was singing our song.
Zoe relleh Dec 2014
I have numb thoughts
A murky mind
and clouded eyes

Im searching blind
Scratching shallow skin
Looking for bits left behind

— The End —