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Aug 2020 · 78
About You
Indiana Aug 2020
I can tell
Thousands of things about you
But when I think of it
I can't guarantee even one
Few people are so talkative yet so vague...
Jul 2019 · 369
My poem
Indiana Jul 2019
Like a pebble on road
Unnoticed by most
Kicked by few
Appreciated by none...
May 2019 · 2.5k
Are you human?
Indiana May 2019
Are you human?
To sort human form software
Just read warped letters
Recognize overlapping characters
Decipher obfuscated text
And that's it!
Is that it?
Does it prove I'm a human?
Being unattended at home
Being neglected amongst peers
And suffering  all the cat calling and street harassment
May be?
May be not?
As for me...
Am I a human?
Well, I remember being one
I am not sure
Each time the website ask me to prove that I am a human, it is astonishing to see how easy it is and how hard is that...
Apr 2019 · 466
Indiana Apr 2019
When were you going to tell me?
Was it the day, you moved out to a separate room
Saying you need some space of your own
Or the day, you told me not to stay up waiting
And changed password of your phone

But do you know I knew it all?
Even before the day you stopped looking at me
The way you used to, all starry eyed
I already saw it coming, when I started missing you despite you being by my side

You falling out of love
Was like a dried leaf falling off a tree
I knew it's all over
Seeing you living just fine without me.
Mar 2019 · 399
Indiana Mar 2019
It's gonna stay between us
So let's be honest
Do you regret giving up on us?
Or you think it was for the best?

You say, it doesn't matter now
But my side of story is left unseen
Although it can't be same as before
But again, it is not what it could have been

If not best, dear! you and me
Could have been friends
With no scene of break up
A story that never ends

What happened exactly
I can't put a finger on
But I was... I am... I'll be sorry forever
This fact needs to be known

They say, it's broken
Girl! Please move on
Our love has just faded;
Not completely gone

One day I'll set things straight
The ball is in your court, crossing the crease
If you can't take a step forward, don't back off
In no time, I'll built us back piece by piece.
For you INDI
Jan 2019 · 152
Indiana Jan 2019
Is no more...
A distant sight
An abstract notion
It appears real
A horrifying reality
It's voice...
So violent to ears
I wished I were deaf
It's presence...
So ominous
Made me want to crawl away
It's shape..
So distorted
Made blood leak out of my eyes
It's power...
So excruciating
Made me feel naked
Like there's no skin over my wounds
Even the most gentle breeze made me bleed
When I lived the death
I no more feel alive.....

— The End —