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789 · Jun 2017
My dear friend
Garima Thapliyal Jun 2017
I know that that heavy burden has been clawing inside your heart,
Years has passed,
You never tell,
I never asked.

I've seen your fall from the catastrophe,
And I know your pain in immense.
But what worse it could be,
I am standing helplessly,
Feeling like a *****,
But not doing anything.
I wish you'd have allowed me just for once
To enter there
Where you have suppressed your pain so hard.

Just tell me once,
how is it valid
to share the laughter aloud
but when it comes to tears,
(your tears)
You back off.

Just tell me once,
Why is it easy
to talk about all the beauty and the bounty the life has given,
to buttonhole me with all your talks,
Squabbling around the irrelevant sometimes,
But it scares you to talk about the story of your scars.

Just tell me once,
how is it fair
that my pain, my trouble, my problem becomes ours,
and yours is always yours.

Just tell me once,
why you are so hard to explore.
It's been years of our being together,
why you are always this mysterious.

Just tell me once
how is it relevant in our strong bonding of ages.

May be it's too painful to talk about,
May be it's me who isn't worthy enough,
Whatsoever it may be,
but I know you ain't much healed,
And it bothers me.

I can't assure you that unveiling your scars will heal you definitely
But the one thing I am sure of:
It feels good to be listened,
listened in enchantment.
I know it because you do the same to me
And It bolsters my strength.

We all have our shadows
Pour it out &
Burn them down.
May be then you'll feel a little lighter.
589 · Jun 2017
Let's just...
Garima Thapliyal Jun 2017
We are scared,
We are scared of forever,
Forever of being together,
Forever of not being together.

You and I,
he and she.
We all know
that our life is temporary,
then why to seek forever.
They say "Nothing lasts forever."
then what is forever?
As per as I sense forever,
Its hypothetical.
so what are we scared of?
Are we scared of what doesn't even exist?

Let's just stop sleeping on it so hard.
Let's just live through it.
Let's just live thoroughly.

Let's just walk through the path,
enjoying the journey,
without thinking where the destination will lead us.

Let's just watch the flapping  wings of flying birds,
without questioning where their nests belong.

Let's just swim in the ocean of our spark,
following the waves,
without the dread of drowning into it.

Let's just love living,
Let's just enjoy the freedom of being.
Let's just adore more,
when there is world to explore.

Let's just not think of,
What will stay
& what will perish?
When we have a whole lot to cherish.

Cause what will stay
or what will not..
Who knows !
so let's just cut this crap aside.

Let's just free ourselves a bit more.
Let's just inhale "NOW".
lets inhale it thoroughly.
Let's just feel the beauty of " NOW".
The more of it.
Every single bit of it.
570 · Jun 2017
Garima Thapliyal Jun 2017
And our meeting is so eloquent
that we can sit together for hours,
felicitously mute.
Garima Thapliyal Jun 2017
You the nature,
Surrounded by the nature,
Nature, that is always there
and has always been.
is an epitome
to your nature.
Nature should be the nature.

From the cold breeze caressing your face,
touching your body,
passing by.
From the blazing sun in winter,
Kissing your skin,
Soothing your eyes.
From the music
Setting the harmony,
inner and outer.

From your swinging feet in the flowing water,
From sitting under the sky and just watching the stars,
From your barefoot walk over the moist sand,
From the fragrance of the flowers,
From constellations,
From oceans,
From trees,
From breeze,
From sun,
From moon,
From clouds,
From rivers,
From rainbows,
From everything to everything.

The whole of universe spreading something yet everything.
Something so magical.
So pious,
So sacred,
So peaceful.
Sending you healing
the energy,
an inexplicable power,
an immense pleasure,
something beyond,
something immortal.
Like The whole of universe is working in your favour,
Is here for you,
and has always been.
Like you are the universe,
the integral function of it.
Like you are the nature,
& nature is you.

Everything from everything to everything,
Is there,
Yet there,
For you of course.
370 · Jun 2017
Garima Thapliyal Jun 2017
Holding the umbrella
So the mizzle won't touch her
And she brags all the time that she likes rain.
Meantime ******
May be it's an escape
from the huddle
Where she doesn't want to be seen
not even by herself
to forget the consciousness of her own existence.
348 · Jun 2017
Knock knock...
Garima Thapliyal Jun 2017
Knock knock!!!
Who is there???

I am the one closest to that you are closest to,
attached to your possessions
                       your loved ones.

I am that numbness over your spine,
that uncertain lump in your throat,
the anxiety that makes your body shiver,
the reverberating chattering in your mind.
that long fuzzy sense of grievance.

I am the most unwelcoming,
And even evaded by your sense of awareness.

I am the battlefield in your paradise.
the termite making your roots hollow.
I am the one that has morphed the taste of your favourite sweet marshmallows into the sour grapes.

I am that dilemma that freaked you out,
And you find yourself clinging in between.

You still didn't recognise me?
Let me give some more of clues.

I was there,
when you saw him with her,
sharing their laughs,
his laugh,
the same laugh that made you fall in love with him,
was disturbing you there.

Didn't you see me, I was next to you.

That night,
I was all there,
very close to your mother,
When you asked her to go out,
And she didn't let you.

Didn't you sense my presence?
with your locked room
while sleeping every night,
in your own house.

I was right there,
when you were judged by your complexion,
& shape of your body.
You were told you are not good enough
And you believed them.

I am the same which made you toss and twist,
in those sleepless nights,
when your pressing need was your sleep.

I am the one intervening your inner piece,
A clear foe,
Sometimes the result of you own overthinking,
Which gnaws you,
Tears your skin apart,
Makes your head heavy.

I am the agony,
the irony,
Still inexplicable.

I am called your insecurities.
304 · Jun 2017
Garima Thapliyal Jun 2017
But I know the things you once told me was never true.
i hadn't had the clue.
adorned words used meticulously,
and I believed them.

I am not saying I am hurt very bad.
or literally sad,
but I can't deny, it did bother me somewhere.

just a single effort you'd have made.
just a single thing you'd have said.
to rekindle what we had.
glum silence followed,
but now the wedge is crystal clear.

considered you were free of deceit,
what I found was a jigsaw instead.
and I was utterly perplexed.
this sordid affair was like a HICCUP,
Completely unexpected.

it bothered me a bit,
But believe me when I say this,
It caused no calamity.

albeit the contortion was required somewhere,

so that I may fathom
280 · Jul 2017
That unfazed bird
Garima Thapliyal Jul 2017
Oh! That unfazed bird,
not only tries to fly higher and roam around.
But touches the ocean with her delicate belly,
Without flinching,
Flies assiduously.

Oh! That brave fella,
Nobody asks what she is pinning to achieve,
May be a twinge of pleasure in the peculiar sense of freedom.
Everybody sees and adores,
that magic she is leaving behind,
in the form of ripples
in that giant ocean.
272 · Jun 2017
Are you alive?
Garima Thapliyal Jun 2017
'You' the 'unrest'
erupting like the volcanos
in the middle of the crowd
the fastest city
in the isolated village
We all 'the humans'
tends  to put our hand on something
'Something that makes us feel good about ourselves'
forget the selves for a while
Something that makes us feel good
Be it your possessions,
your  loved ones,
your hobbies,
Or addictions
The stories you have been telling yourself that doesn't meet the reality to the farthest way
your truths, your lies
your  friend besides,
your posts over social media
Or the apocryphal tales

You can't sit for a while
Your mind needs just a affirmation of functioning
And we call it being alive!

So my friend!
Do you feel alive?
If yes
Then what you are upto?
#unrest #alive #humans #affirmation #mind #truth #lies #tales #agnoy #sarcasm
245 · Jul 2017
Garima Thapliyal Jul 2017
Cyclone bet
All the desert,
even the sky swept.
What they fuss ?
"I" is not separate from "us",
"I" is separating the "us".
233 · Jul 2018
Garima Thapliyal Jul 2018
I feel
that you feel
what love is!
221 · Jun 2017
Garima Thapliyal Jun 2017
Wayward thoughts
moving like a smoke
trying to be invisible
they don't know the home
they don't know the aim
they just know it's not where they belong

Wonder why
they wander
in search of something
they seek
the most glaring
the more
the better
In the quiver of better
they seem obsessed to me
forgive them for being childish
they seem headstrong to me

learning new
celebrating now
understanding old
changing the preconceived notion
they don't know the opinion
they have more questions than opinions
and the urge to know
just being their jovial self
they settle for eternal
and in some perverse way
the lap of this wanderer
feels home to me.
#thoughts #wander #smoke #wanderer #self #questions #opinion #urge #obsession #feel #home
214 · Sep 2017
Garima Thapliyal Sep 2017
I am naked
I allow you to penetrate through me.
And meet me as nothing.

But I am afraid,
Bring me the audacity
to break the shield of notions.
To wipe of the dust
of a dozen of books.
To uncover the embelished shawl of
Experiences,  judgements, oblivion.
pseudo security and pseudo comfort.
that has been morphed according to the convenience with beliefs.
Corrupted innocence.

I promise
I will reflect you crystal clear.
Cause your naked and mine aren't so different.
Cause I am as empty as you are.
207 · Jul 2018
Garima Thapliyal Jul 2018
I am smitten with the idea of you
probably that I seek in your presence too
I pace to match the rhythm of my thought
Chasing! Chasing ! Just chasing!
Panting hard
Crying with the empty hand.
I do not try to possess you at all
I would not like if you act just as I say you to do
I am no commander of any.
But you didn't live anymore
You, the one, I fell for.
I don't seek your grave to sink my head into
And lie about how beautiful I see the world with you
Now when I asked you for some time in isolataiton
My ink must fly as it wish to.
The words which were used uselessly
had lost their vanity somewhere
abandoned by attention
Have broken their shackles
tempted to be inscribed into the sabotaged
Celebrating their world today.
I would love to cherish the warmth of your zeal
Me in you is a high saying
If your ever breathe you
I bet
I'll be smitten by you again.
156 · Jul 2018
Garima Thapliyal Jul 2018
when dust will come closer to you
you'll turn grey
under that withering veil
under that thin mist.
when it will ****** the thunder
& the splendour of your eyes,
If you see,
that vigour fleeting, quietly
If you ever call for me
If I still dwell in love and fear
and I see
that giant fire of that concealed anxiety
I'll place your head
upon my *****
and my hands will reach to your hairs
deep in my chest
If I see fire too
I'll be fire too
when we are together
I'll  be you
You'll be me
We'll be fire
or ashes.
But one.
Again, for the first time.

— The End —