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Izzy Broaden Aug 2016
I hate this life so very much. The dope... Just never enough. No matter what I do. No matter where I go. I feel alone. I am unknown. There is no where's for me to roam. This drug is toxic. The chemicals hypnotic. My teeth grinding. Turned to powdered slots. As each moment passes the next, it's all just a big fuckking blur. The time has all past. And the mad hatter has finally crashed. There has never been a better time then this! Where there's nothing here that's even left. Everybody has stopped believin in what was gunna leave them next. The possibilities were never ever even really their!! So left behind. There is no more time.
Izzy Broaden Oct 2015
Crazy, dumd, ugly

Give me another word to through in this poem

This **** describes me
This **** defines me

Don't you know?
Haven't you heard?!

Disappointing, unworthy, AND useless!?!?


(Schizophrenia, learning disability, drug use etc.)

**** I guess I found an excuss for almost every defining, outlining, "description" about me!!!
Written by: Izzy broaden
Izzy Broaden Oct 2015
Can't sleep
Can't think
Numb to this sick place
Feeling as if im unreal
Why can't I just deal

Maybe today you'll realize nothing is make believe....
      Why can't I just get up and ******* leave?!

These thought's keep me hellbound

Can't sleep
Can't think
But yet another day arises
Yesterday just like today
Today just like tomorrow
So it goes.....

Hope gone
Distortion strives to stay alive...

Days blend
Still here
Written by: Izzy broaden
Izzy Broaden Oct 2015
When will this madness bend into "REALITY"

I'm stuck inside my brain
     This prison

When I decide to leave this ******* tragedy all this fantasy will melt away to SANITY!

You can't even compare to my mother ******* MENTALITY!!!
Written by: Izzy broaden
Izzy Broaden Aug 2015
When she enters a worthless life she paints a ******* beautiful picture Then destroys everything in the path

When she loves she loves with her whole entire black hole of A heart

When she hates, the passionate evil she creates ignites a fiery death

Its all part of this plan that Izzy Broaden has made into a wonderful psychotic abstract life


On my level?
You cannot even began to fathom where to find my level
When you try to wrap your ******* stupid brain around the dimension where to start looking for my Impenetrable Levels
you get demolished by my thoughts
Written by: Izzy Broaden
Izzy Broaden Aug 2015
This story was never meant to began

Self pity

Self destruction

The need for love

So much hate and anger

"Please make it stop!" I yell.

Is now the time to say THE END


Now... Lay your head down
Close your eyes
This story has ended...

Not just the chapter any longer


All the time is lost & all the words we said are now just meaningless whispers....
Written by: Izzy broaden
Izzy Broaden Aug 2015
There is no end to this madness that I, that you, that we have manifested in only our minds to be real
Any longer

Our souls intertwine
Twisted like that drug that used to get us spun
The one that turned this all into malicious, dark, twisted, ****** up, but unmistakable LOVE!

This lonely fidelity that we both have unknowingly made a reality is part of this crazed ambitious death kissed love

Your lips touch the glass
Paranoid crystals fill your lungs
Feeling; Surreal
Energy; Unbelievable
When will this end?!
There is NO end to this madness...
Written by: Izzy broaden

This love is Forever and Never, Bcuz Forever Never comes and when the Never comes it's Forever.
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