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 Nov 11 Eryck
I know I'm a fool for
running away from love,
especially when love is the only
thing I've been dreaming of.

But I'm afraid of rejection, so I
isolate myself from other's affection.

Time after time I find myself
walking this road alone,
with just the thought of love
to keep me warm.
 Oct 30 Eryck
 Oct 30 Eryck
Playful sunboy, boisterous and rash,
do you think this is funny?

I’ve seen you snickering
swinging from the roof beams,
pecking at the taught strings
of us, your unwilling playthings.

You dangle comforts in front of our eyes,
long enough to want,
close enough to widen,
fleeting enough to waste away.

Who’s leg are you pulling?
Which ribs are you jabbing?

Playful sunboy, boisterous and rash,
your teasing is our torture.
 Oct 21 Eryck
Pagan Paul
 Oct 21 Eryck
Pagan Paul
     I stare down at the plate of toast and beans
     wondering why this was never part of my dreams.
     Looking for the future with an illusional pretence,
     hoping good apples will fall on my side of the fence.

And as the fork dances slow
around the legumes in spirals,
the tedium of a wasting life
bears the burden and scars
of missed opportunities in paralysis
and the colour of once bright lights
          glow black,
shining a shadow into the void
covering the bruises
that were once achievements of worth,
     now tender patches
          of failure.
I drop the fork ...

     … pushing away the plate and leaving food uneaten,
     my desire for its nutrition fought and beaten,
     Looking at the apple tree with sombre regret
     maybe its fruit will fall and save me yet.

And disappointment
is worse than anger,
it begins with the stench of loss
the nasal whiff of
what if …

And what if the little apple tree
drops all its fruit down to me?
Would I recognise fortune on my side
or fear the illusions and run to hide?

© Pagan Paul (17/02/18)
 Oct 21 Eryck
just my words
when the computer learns to feel
when it becomes as real
when with all of the words in the world
every language mastered with ease
it looks at us and says cheese

what will happen
when the computer wants more
and has the key to the door
as we line up at the store
paying more and more

what will happen to you and I
when we argue and fight
for nothing more than a computer
we seem to lose our sight
and forget what is right.
Neither do I embrace.

Rather, the struggle well run,

Which uplifts us uncrowned,

Every moment humans race!
At 16 I postulated that the bi-headed (now RumputiN/vlad-the-impaler), bi-polar axi of worldly suppossed power (republican, capitalist, notsee, materialists/communist, socialist, totalitarian materialists) were like the opposing two sides of a coin (surrealistically like mirrored images), running towards each other; in terms of supposedly fighting, supposedly diametrically opposed, and as they proceeded the coin, Earth, humanity, etc., continually disappeared, etc.- and when they reached each other, humanity would be extinct, the Earth possibly destroyed.  That was 43 years ago and after the 2016 election, Russia's hacking, buying, social media manipulating of it to install RumputiN/vlad-the-impaler into the Blackhouse and the subsequent heir Mueller (because he was head of the FBI and part of the republican elite who, along with king george and his ****, cheney, purposely didn't prevent the attacks on 9-11-01, and the report that followed it, which was also a cover-up) report, which is a sophisticated cover-up, notseeism, also Nancy 'Chamberlain' Pelosi's desires not to impeach, totalitarianism, as well as the Gov't not actually trying to stop Russia's shenanigans for the republican conspiracy and the global oligarchy; that global big 'fix', seemingly, permanently 'in', ending actual elections in the united **** of assassins- is the actual extinction of humanity and large mammals, if not the total destruction of the Earth, in a con, or coined, if you'll allow.   reality
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