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I only feel fine when I'm with him
And when hes gone
I don't exist
I am caught up in anxiety
It’s something that haunts me daily
A tightness in my chest
Because of the things I know
Everything moving in circles
Nothing permanent
And the love stained in my heart
Will fade
And grow again
But the pain in my chest
Won’t fade
Nor grow
I died at my death
And that was a shame
My sun went to nova
With no one to name

I died at my death
And that was a pain
My song undersung
And nothing to gain

I died at my death
You called out my name
Weeping and broken
But no one's to blame

I died at my death
I went to the grave
What I spent of my duty
My heart couldn't save

I died at my death
They put up a stone
My flesh fall to rot
Til there's nothing but bone
My heart was an interminable beast
That never ceased to feast on those fleshy things
My butterflies cannibalized my insides

Then they all fell
Dead at my feet
And a darkness grew in their place
It gave me a new face
A new drive and reason to thrive
I no longer rely on them to feel alive, to survive

No longer does my skin hunger
(So dies the hunter)
Ah, yeah, there it is...
It's been years; too long.
The memory has faded,
But the desire remains.

It's that feeling I've missed;
Such sweet, silent songs,
Such emotions debated,
No more clouds in my brain.

Just a painless, empty bliss.
I can smile, and fantasize,
And feel the warm sun's kiss
As I breathe and close my eyes.

Such a blanket never sewn,
Can bring me this warmth.
Confidence I've never known,
And some feeling of worth.

Finally,  I belong!
I'm here! Can you see me?
Nothing's wrong; not now,
I can just stand here, and BE.

Tonight, when they watch me,
Their eyes open in wonder,
I shall stand and deliver,
And quiver no more.

I am here.  I exist.
And I am not afraid.
A poem I've been waiting years to write. Today,  I deliver a presentation for my master's class. Wish me luck.
I find beauty in dark places
Love in mysterious ways
Comfort in unbelievable happenings
I'm not weird
I just pay attention to things others neglect.
Life isn't worth living if it's viewed in one perspective
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