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  Sep 2019 Summer Shellhamer
i would give you
all the stars,
all the planets,
just to see that smile
  Sep 2019 Summer Shellhamer
Jaslin Goh
I’m afraid I’ve fallen in love
The idea of company sounds great
Family, friends, soulmates
I love the silence
Now some chatter feels good
I’ve changed
I long for company
You set my heart a light,
You light up my night,
Your a flickering flame,
You put the sun to shame..
Short, but I am working on school.. Sorry..
  Sep 2019 Summer Shellhamer
You were the one
          I wanted most
          to stay.

But time could not
          be kept at bay.

The more it goes,
          the more it's gone,
          the more it takes away.
- Land Leav
Lately I've been losing sleep,
counting sheep ain't helping me
my OCD is killing me,
with late night things,
I barely blink,
cuz all I think.
it's coming soon
It's coming quick
I can not snooze
My eyes will squint
I might doze off, a lil bit.
But that's just it, a lil bit.
It's always just, a lil bit
A lil smidge a lil bit..
It's always just a lil bit.
Read it like a slow song emotional song.
  Jul 2019 Summer Shellhamer
I want you to tell me
All your darkest secrets
So I can tell you mine,
But I need you to really want it, my dear
I’d hate for you to waste our time
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