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hullzy Jan 2020
her espresso eyes,
her sun-kissed cheeks,
her hazelnut hair,
her steady smile,
her lively laugh
her playful personality,
her elegance.
hullzy Jan 2020
the pain i feel isn't natural,
like somebody else is inside me,
controlling how i feel,
controlling what i say,
controlling how i react;
but you didn't understand that.
did you?
hullzy Jan 2020
its like opening up your
cupboard and wondering
what mask you will wear
hullzy Jan 2020
You said we are brothers
until i handed you the
knife to stab me in
the back.
lesson: dont trust anyone
hullzy Sep 2019
it’s crazy to know
that your soul mate
is currently walking this earth,
not knowing when you will meet,
how you will meet,
or why you met;
but it will be the happiest moment
of your life.
hullzy Sep 2019
i would give you
all the stars,
all the planets,
just to see that smile
hullzy Sep 2019
i decided to leave,
to get myself some space,
that’s when i realised,
you’re the only space
i need.
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