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 May 2021 Draginja Knezi
The voice in my head,
is very different,
when it's spoken aloud.

I want to hear my own echo.
Take me to a place,
where I can hear my own sound.

I want to know,
if it makes sense,
after being repeated, abound.
 May 2021 Draginja Knezi
in endless pursuits
of things, only proposed
that lay in adornment of
destiny's stony brook

adjacent, to our hopes
these objects of desire
of longing
they languish, as we slave on
for naught much more than to live
to have enough

they are forgotten in our dark times
in our moments
where light leaves us,
and are brought back
with fresh life
The saddest place I've
ever seen, is looking
out the window and
watching the rain fall
again on the
green Meadows...
Thinking about,
what might have been.
and I
had No

and Oh Skies!
and Oh Trees!

and I
had No

and the Universe
was rocking
as if it Was
 May 2021 Draginja Knezi
I'm a drama
one with the utmost tastes
and forlorned lusts
an animal by any other name
a hair, a haunt, a thimble
a willaby
a tuts
tut tut
 May 2021 Draginja Knezi
A small bit of hope
found in the most awkward
of ways
I'm contented
in my contempt
beside myself in asides
and I fan the flames of beauty
sometimes the words hang loosely
they appear thinly veiled in my mind
and yet, I question just whom writes the words
I feel that I've never written
a single poem in my life
I wonder just from whom
all the beautiful words flow
perhaps talent, or skill, or luck
or maybe just maybe, a spirit
who is all too happy
to use these idle hands.
Today the words won't come, easily
And, well, sometimes
I throw up my hands in defeat
because this poem is really terrible.
 May 2021 Draginja Knezi
I think I've worked it out
what life is all about

and money wasn't it
or being super fit

meanwhile to my surprise
love didn't take the prize

but after thinking for so long
and smoking/drinking things too strong

I felt a sudden wow
that life is about now
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