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  Oct 2021 Rastislav
Preston Burt
Shaking amongst the willowed weepers
Nervous but not knowing why
Nervous of not knowing why
Trembling towards my death
The death of mind precedes me
Thinking I'm the one to blame
Because not knowing carries shame
Tame this beast inside me
Before I become what I fear most
Before I become what is feared most
I want this
To end
Would be too simple
  Oct 2021 Rastislav
Preston Burt
If not a mystery
How did I ever think to know

Broken definitions
Purified ambitions of

Eyes tired
For you my

Heart restless
For you my

soul touches,
word brushes,
the last glimpse of sun before dawn
  Oct 2021 Rastislav
guy scutellaro
...the meadow and the puddle
you wouldn't come out of

wild and simple joy

invisable to eyes, now...

I wander the meadow grass

the fields where the flowers glow
in early morning

the fields you
only dream of
where your soul is always free...

and you come running

spectral through the mist

I walk lonely fields
  Oct 2021 Rastislav
Draginja Knezi
streaming song of rain
drop the ups
the downs
drown the sounds

the rocks are the clocks

stream the dream

(I could write the drops in but I thought you'd like to hear them yourself)
  Jul 2021 Rastislav
Draginja Knezi
press to distress
express disdain
say if may
dis is in vain

but there's rain in my veins
and through the pain
is where we gain
the whys and the eyes
for I's and the lies

I guess I got caught in the rot
but hey why not
leave like a leaf
live and relieve
weave and retrieve
humus is us and whatnot
16 July 2021
Rastislav May 2021
and I
had No

and Oh Skies!
and Oh Trees!

and I
had No

and the Universe
was rocking
as if it Was

— The End —