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Not Listed Jan 2016
A warm hand to hold she gave me,
lies and pain I gave her back...

Hope she gave me,
tears I brought her...

Love and companionship she handed me,
a selfish cold shoulder I gave to her...

I don't deserve your friendship,
but I would like to keep it forever...
Not Listed Jan 2016
Your short black hair and your gorgeous dark eyes are like a match made in heaven. Your pale sweet skin is such a temptation and your touch is like a drug I hope to never run out of.
Not Listed Dec 2015
Sword of Hope.
       all who
       &  stand
         I  will
Not Listed Dec 2015
I want to eradicate the filth from this world I walk in. Bathe in the blood of the unworthy, to crush the hearts of the undeserving. I stand alone... In life and in death. My life is a meaningless object on the chess board of life. Emotions are nothing more than pointless challenges that have no reward. The only real thing I have is the will to move on knowing my life will end and I will fade into the history to come.
Not Listed Nov 2015
Your beauty is written in stone. Your eyes are a creation of perfection. Loving you was my most painful mistake. Too good for a person like me. Too sweet for someone so sour. You deserved to be free. So I let it be...
Not Listed Nov 2015
You say my heart is black,
but I see the darkest of red.
I see what you can't see,
but you see what I cannot see.
You claim to love me and you claim to care,
but where was that love when I was sad with my head buried in my knees.
Where were you when my world stopped turning...
Not Listed Nov 2015
I'm letting go of writing and everything else I have her hands to guide me and with her love I will forever be internally happy
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