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Sean Clarke Apr 2020
Under the ruins of a city,
Is a tear not seen yet shed.
Under the bowed head slowed by pity,
Is a screaming heart that was never wed;

To love and locks despair.
Lugubrious laughter, Suffocated in pillows.
Never to be seen or heard again.
A joke you won’t understand,
Is the Splayed fingers of a dead man;

Tired souls
Pay the toll
To the underworld
Where tears are not seen but shed.
Where love and hope are made a jest.
Where’s city ruins are laid to rest.
It’s crazy that through this carona thing everyone is still acting indifferent to others suffering
Sean Clarke Feb 2020
Do I know you?
Do I want to?
Maybe I ought to?
I wonder if you want to too

Can you see the thoughts inside my mind?
Do you see the grind of time set to rewind at your mention?

Juggling time and rhyme in a lyrical intervention
Gymnastics balanced on the space between two points
A line
I think it’s time to find you.
Sean Clarke Feb 2020
you haunt me
you torture me in
Reminders, the light in your eyes fading like a dream shortly after waking
i don’t write with periods;
my teachers always said “how could you ever have a concept of an,
You never stop,
i’ve found myself waking in tears
and falling into a deep well
Just a frog
Maybe, I will never get rid of you
I want to, believe me
but far more likely; is that you will stalk my memories
I don’t know what is happening
but I remember In the dim glow you held me when I was so afraid I couldn’t breath.
we held each other, we clutched at each other like the earth and the moon
you the earth
and me
the moon
i could not escape
but everything just a well
of gravity
perhaps I cannot see everything
and you see me as the sun
i don’t know when I won’t remember
the remainders
i wonder if I ever appear in the corner of your dreams?
Sean Clarke Jul 2017
Witness me dance this Grim fandango
witness this because it is chaos,
A boy standing dangerously upon the tracks,
And I am afraid.
I have been dancing, like a matador on nails
Spinning like a top between wails
Flirting with death and the gale
waiting for my either my partner or my luck to fail
while the castanets play,
For a grim fandango's day
Fearful Contemplation and Fandango word play
Sean Clarke Jul 2017
We are something even more than love,
Something fluid and constant
Beyond the sunny morning with smiles of honey we are....
Together Forever,
We stand and though chained and beaten we are fierce,
Standing at the precipice of a dizzying fall, So close, so far
we find solace.
Now Minds like a bow string pulled taught against ones cheek
A storm thrown generously across the horizon
  we stand hand in hand
with a mad God's crazy war plan
Fighting the weather
We remain partners forever.
When for those time when fear in a relationship makes it stronger
Sean Clarke Jun 2017
I fear my mind is breaking.
It ripples.
And shakes.
And inevitably builds it self again.
I've never been the one to be in control, But i feel even less so now.
Even at the moment the world wobbles.
The morning...Maybe the evening?
I can't tell.
But Ive been feeling that this time is running thin.
Ive been breaking from within .
Wispy thoughts of grander things keeping me akin to a boy.
Or maybe a Man? Something in between?
But it feels like pain, sorta like death, like fading warmth.
Something like a ball of ice cold pessimism I can't shake.
a fever dream of a psychotic break.
like a fear of tomorrow.
Have you guys Even felt like this?
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