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Daisy Feb 7
You are a sunflower
Stand tall
Let your limbs reach down to the earth
Feel grounded
Feel happiness
Feel peace

You are bright colours
Greens and yellows
Against blue backdrop skies
Feel proud

I am a sunflower
Whose colours have faded
My limbs droop and sag
Feel uprooted
Feel anger
Feel war

I am dull colours
Blacks and whites
Against grey backdrop skies
Feel defeated
Then bleed your heart out into the night sky
Daisy Feb 6
I am a tragedy
And might I remind you
As we approach the end
That the best tragedies seem
Like they might
Just maybe
Have a happy ending

That is
Right up until the
Daisy Jan 14
I’m dreaming again
Only this time it’s not my own dreams I dream
It’s hers

She’s covered in a thin film of sweat
She trembles
I trembled too

He stands over her
Maliciousness on his face

It’s an oddly farmiliar sight
He’s angry
He was angry at me too

He drops to his knees in front of her
He slides his belt off
Unbuckles his pants

Her breathing now becomes
Sporadic and ragged

She shakes uncontrollably
I shook uncontrollably too

As he leans over her
She holds her breath and waits

She tries to scream
She tries to move
She tries to say ‘no’

She can’t
She’s terrified
I was terrified too

I wake startled
“Another night terror plagued me”
I say to the darkness

I don’t know what’s worse anymore
Hearing my screams
Or hearing hers

— The End —