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 May 2016 Steve D'Beard
Poetic T
Little winged one of murky wings
do flutter in origami folds. To glide
in endless times engulf that needing
of seeing where in twilight all is a
shadow and all is seen within the night.

Quiver unseen but felt unto the breeze,
a shudder unfolds on their shadow in
ease, you taste upon droplets of fear.
Little origami wings do grace into
the flightless moments their but unseen.

Your shadow convulses in its presence,
Knowing subconsciously what it needs.
But you are but connected separates that
Could not be further apart. Like a puddle
swimming, nearly drowning in your depth.

It unfolds into form, for unseen like an
extension not noticed by self, a shadow
not as should seen. tiredness as into shadows
Of lost moments its delves ever deep. unravelling
it seeds into the darkness a continuation breaths

It departs for a shadow replenishes and its parts
Now origami folds in need of shadow will dance
upon every motion to unfold and feed, the cycle
is ever in motion, for twilight is its birth and life
its nourished in obscurity forever to feed.
Dam muse 2nd try at 75word prompt over again....
 May 2016 Steve D'Beard
Poetic T
World upon soft steps grace upon,
musical nuances that glide under
breeze and foot. A melody of what
is felt delicately underfoot.

Temperament is listened to as
approaching all, words not needed
as the quill of footsteps sings it in
bursts of scalding chorus heard.

Nature whispers its harmony,
low humming themes fill the air,
like white noise not heard but
always played in breezes release.

The world is an orchestra of melody,
Just below where footsteps dance
everyday, where natures unison sings
upon creation listen hear it play.
 May 2016 Steve D'Beard
One thing
on my mind
Our midnight
Perfect bliss.
Tonight, my hand sways over a blank sheet
It matches the rhythm given by the time
Rumbles and croons over the lyrical past
Keeping the things that are worth to keep

Inch by inch, my life was changed by your intimacy
I was in loved with your fondness
I was moved by our endearment
I would like to keep the things we used to nurture

The warmness suddenly abated
Like the flower which suddenly died
Everything was adequately managed
However you realized that the time was in mess

I miss the curve at your face
I hanker after our lovely moments
I crave for the affection you once gave
Hoping that those things would come back

Tonight, I tear a part inside of me
To put these feelings into expressions
To tell you how this poem was made
And to tell you that:
"I write because of our love that once existed."
Nuclear bombs still explode in my chest.
Miniature mushroom clouds rise from my insides,
Because heart palpitations,
Isn't enough to explain the way I feel about you.

Eagles still flutter in my stomach.
Their wings still cut me from the insides,
Because tiny little butterflies,
Doesn't even begin to explain how nervous you make me.

Roses crawl up from my mouth.
Thorns, wrap around my tongue,
Because being at a lost of words...
Is only half of the story..

My legs are amputated with diamond blades.
I have had enough phantom limbs to last a lifetime.
Because getting, weak in the knees for you
Is a terrible understatement.

This is emotional genocide
And you are on the winning side.
Yea... I back at that place. My advice is to never love.. ever lol
 Jul 2014 Steve D'Beard
Poetic T
So long ago
It multiplied
Grew slowly
But as time passed
Becoming one
Burrowing deep, contaminating
Turning green to dust,
What once was plentiful,
It started long ago, but time is ticking,
It will consume till all is gone,
And this place of plenty not suitable for life
All is gone.
 Jul 2014 Steve D'Beard
Poetic T
You kissed my forehead,
It was gentle
But like poison ivy,
It poisoned my mind
You brushed my flesh
Barley a touch,
But like a nettle rash
My skin itched, red to the touch,
This was meant to be love
So why did it hurt so much,
Love was meant to be gentle
But you were in love
With just giving me pain,
But I craved your heart, I would take either,
For both were the same like poison
Both contaminated the heart
Love, hate,
Different but the same
Both are parts of love
Both poisonous to the heart
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