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Beautiful you are, a pretty shower.
You wash away all the dismay,
so gentle you are with me, falling
each day so that we may meet
even if our river runs dry you peak
at a point that touches rain's feet.

Surrounded by birds and tree's,
an atmosphere with calm scenery
and yet still your eyes pour down
drowning like a pool of love only;
upon me.
Love, lies in our emotions
Configuring the chambers of how we feel
In our veins, nerves, and imperfections
That thread to make our curves

Around each maze
The heart senses a new direction to turn
Sensations of familiarity begin to burn

This hurts, not having anyone to love
As I sense myself running in my own maze

With only one mission

To find inside of me, the hope that lies above
Above the darkness in our hate
In the struggles and obstacles we break
And for the moments of glory
That we sometimes cease to create

So I'll swim in this dense river
A body of love like water
And rise above this surface I bleed
So I can rid the hate of this world
And find a way for us to
Truly love another.
I wrote this poem for Valentine's Day one year. Its message is to simply spread love, and cease the hate. We all can make a difference by loving each other.

— The End —