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I never liked Indiana
I just thought it was somewhere random  
till you kissed me there
I never liked windy cities
but I think maybe when you're with me
I like everywhere
I never liked tea that wasn't sweet
but I think when you kiss me
it makes up for it
and the calluses on your fingertips
I admired them from a distance
now they're on my cheek
A cool breeze
makes me feel free
A cup of coffee or tea
is soothing to me
A lit candle burning
puts me at ease
A walk around the grocery store
the children laughing makes me smile
A cruel world
they know nothing about
I'm still living in the moments
trying to figure it all out
Some days are harder than most
I find strength within
I know I'll be okay ..
Never forgetting to breathe.
One day at a time.
Putting myself back together
Once again.
Self love is the best love.

— The End —