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no truth login Jul 2020
to the edge and back (inverted diversion)

your life may throw you curves,
mine, straight edge blades,
lines galore, like sidewalk cracks,
jumping from safe to safe place

but always teetering tottering on
edges, like verses in the next poem,
trying to make it just to the next line
without falling in cracks, China bound

you can follow my lead, don’t though,
if I could, would willingly plunge, deeply,
for there is no safety in safe spaces, only
in the holy dark, cracks is the true safety

you seek, where poems roll on a highway
like Reno tumbleweed, humble before snow
capped mountains, these are the contrasts
where you birth procreations, poems yours

and mine die in childbirth,
returned to sender,
returned for retuning,
despair not, they’re coming
back to this world

guises in a different colored skin,
a different alphabet, script,
the meaning yet unchained and
unchanged, despite the

annh Aug 2019
Confessor, I am reborn,
Vain with ash and frankincense;
Absolved of my inverted pleasures,
Reconciled to the morality of suffering.

Confessor, I am returned,
Predestined to gravely offend;
Nimbly contrite in my genuflection,
Gracefully weak-kneed in my resolve.

Confessor, I am reborn,
Although aged by my discretion;
Examined satisfactorily by my conscience,
Blessedly relieved through your encouragement.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.
‘A true confession: I believe in a soluble fish.’
- Charles Simic, The Unemployed Fortune-Teller: Essays and Memoirs

Written - somewhat cynically - in response to a situation with an immediate family member, who is seemingly unable to break out of a continual cycle of apology and recidivism. There is no doubt that her ‘sorries’ are meant at the time but within weeks, days, sometimes even hours, she’s at it again.
Cambria Andersen Nov 2018
Toe the line, keep the peace
lay brick and mortar higher
do not proceed.
For fair is my heart and weary am I
of the anger that follows the deed.
I hear the warning from my heart
but I don't wish to flee.
Trying to hammer down the wall,
the masonry, that encircles me.
I am an invert. I have to try extra hard, and that's ok.
Cat Lynn System May 2018
Can you envision it now? An Inverted World?
Where colors go beyond their definition...

Shades of shadows transforming as beams of white
They do the opposite of their given mission

Praise the Lord we don't live in an Inverted World
Where Comfort and Chaos try to share one frame

The morning's flawless innocent white clouds scatter away and are replaced by black clouds that will start a new reign

Our minds will try to solve this puzzle as a sun of dark radiance blast it's curse over the nation

The forgiving pink roses turn against us as their petals allow green jealousy to manifest their vision

The diamonds that covered the sky at night would only be small shadow reminders of the new sun that leaves us breathless

The Night would be purer then Daytime it's self. The Elements water and fire would have switched identities. These changes are endless

Praise God we don't live in an inverted world. Where our skin looks like it was painted in ashes

Or for those with a darker tone, look like their body have been invade by an icy storm encouraged by magic

The Lord instructed color to have a meaning, commanded nature to have a destiny and a desire...

Again, Thank you Savior, for your mercy of an orderly world, where shades are in their places, and harmony is not a liar

Coloration embraces it's role and refuses to fail it's task to symbolize it's emotion...

How truly lucky and blessed we are..
*That We Don't Live In An Inverted World...
Embrace it...
For it is His mercy...
Jo Baez Mar 2016
I've disconnected myself from reality.
I'm walking on scarlet skies and these clouds seem to hold me upright.
My skins peeling like falling rain.
My hands feel fictional because I don't feel the weight of anything.
I can see the world decaying from this inverted state.
David FauntLeRoy Aug 2015
Double sided

Your presence always accompanied
By the most dreadful momentum

You are gaining speed
You are losing peace
You are giving the lead
To a power that won’t cease

It’s cloaked in impulse
A body of desire
Though intention rests in its holsters
Pride is all it fires

Swirling beauty slow down!
Running too fast for those
Who can recognize to see
And those who can’t to catch

You champion hope by burying action
With action of the wrong kind
This version of hope doesn’t
Liberate, but rather infects the mind

Hope was meant to inspire
Not fuel a pointless fire
You’ve made your conscience a liar
Dragging ideals through the mire

A waste of this
Inverting experiences
You won’t want to reminisce

A romance not worth a single ounce
Of the blood you’ve already lost
Put to death that with which you lay
If only you knew the cost

Why can’t you see the bottom?

— The End —