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  Jun 2015 Crushing Love
If someone is dying slowly in a crowd of people and no one but everyone is around to witness it, does it make a difference?

badly broken
by get scared
  Jun 2015 Crushing Love
I just keep going, hoping that I won't want you as much as I need you.
  Jun 2015 Crushing Love
My heart must be fooling me
  Jun 2015 Crushing Love
A hero wears a cape
To hide the scars and hand marks in his nape
Keeps them hidden so he can fly and escape
Ugh ******* responsibilities eat up my writing time. I just feel like crawling in a cave and forget what I need to ******* do. I am seriously annoyed this past couple of days because of the pressure of doing what I should. ***** that
Crushing Love Jun 2015
I love you
I hate you

But I still cry for you
Can you guess why?

No ; ....
Well I'll tell you why
I cry for you because now I know the truth of your leaving
you didn't leave for her...

You left because it was me you were ashamed of !
And you were ashamed of something that never even happened !
So I hope you happy and satisfied , because  baby I can plan your descent .
Had to make a few adjustments for it to come out correctly but here is the translated version of my  Greek poem.
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