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Crushing Love Feb 2015
It's times like this where you wish you could take everything back
Crushing Love Dec 2014
** * is all I want to say babe.
If anybody who feels the same as I do will understand the beginning and Title cause only one sentence goes 1,4, 3.
Crushing Love Dec 2014
Just somebody do me in already. Please I beg you!
Crushing Love Feb 2015
13- You can't stay mad at him/her for more then a minute or two, and you have to actually try and stay mad.

12- You'll read his/her IMS or other msgs, over and over and over again.

11- You'll walk really, really slow while your with him/her.

10- You'll feel shy whenever your with him/her

9- While thinking about him/her your heart will beat faster and faster.

8- By listening to his/her voice you'll smile for no reason what so ever.

7- While looking at that person you won't be able to see anybody else that's around...only that person.

6- He/she becomes all you think about.

5- You'll get high just by their smell...

4- you'll start listening to really slow songs

3- You'll realize your always smiling to yourself when you think of him/her

2- You'll do anything for him/her

1- While reading this there was ONE person on your mind the WHOLE time.
Your welcome, I suppose.  \(^.^) / love ya'll!
Crushing Love Mar 2015
I miss him already
I was probably wrong to do it but I need to get myself together first....I still miss him like crazy though and its only been 1 hour and 32 minutes.
Crushing Love Dec 2014
"911 what's your emergency?"

"I can't breath"

"We are sending help right away mam."

"No...I just can't breath"

"Can you explain why mam?"

"Because he left"

beep, beep, beep, beep

Babe, please don't ever leave me I don't know what I would do with out you.
Crushing Love May 2015
Whisper me sweet Nothings
Will me to survive
Let me live a lie
So that I may stay alive
Betray me in the shadows
So pain I may be free
Don't mind if I'm deceived
As long as your here with me
Act as though you love me
Claim to be my friend
I'll put the truth aside
And I'll be happy to pretend
So at  least I won't be empty
At least I'll think I have worth
Because right now my time is short
And I'm not long for this earth
My life's become a prison
My soul rots while I'm confined
Tried my hardest to fight my demons
Lost the fight and lost my mind
The hopeless can't hold on too long
For how does one live without purpose?
So please whisper me sweet nothings
Lie, convince me I'm not worthless.
(^- _-^)
Crushing Love May 2015
Since that very first day when I laid eyes on you
I knew that I wanted you to be mine
You noticed me at first, and talked to me a lot
Then for awhile it seemed like you wanted nothing to do with me
But then a good Day came again.

One day you touched my hand
And it felt like the whole world stood still
Your eyes met mine but we quickly looked away.
I haven't felt the same about you since then
My feelings for you have grown much stronger

Now more then ever you have been on my mind
I still hope for that one day
When you answer my prayers
And ask me what I always wanted you to
But for now all I can do is wait.....
I think I need some courage to tell him how I really feel but I don't want to ruin our friendship...
Crushing Love Nov 2014
Under everything dark and scary is something beautiful and worth loving.

No matter what you think,
All things are beautiful...

Including YOU.
No matter how dark you think you are or how **** you feel
You are beautiful inside and out.
All things are beautiful.
Crushing Love Dec 2014
I sit in my room and feel alone.
I wish there was some way I could make my dad see that I can be with you.
In five days it's going to be Christmas and I wanted to spend it with you..

So I guess in a way I'm alone on Christmas without you. well kinda.
Crushing Love Dec 2014
I don't care what anybody else thinks,
Anime is is bae, even if it has it's kinks.

I hate the internet, with a burning passion now,
and all because it took my anime!

I was almost done with Death Note and Black butler
Now what? Do I just watch re-runs of Bleach and High School DxD?

Anime I LOVE you! and Last night I almost Cried! I now look at my boyfriend and say....

I understand why you almost died...
Like I said I don't care what anybody thinks, ANIME IS AMAZING!!!
Last night I found out I can't use my website  anymore and I almost cried that's how upset  I was.
Crushing Love Nov 2014
Mommy I fell and it hurts.
Go away can't you see I'm busy!

Mommy I'm hungry!
Then go get something, just shut up.

waahh! sniffle Mommy!
SMACK Shut up you little brat!

Mom, I want to go see dad.
Well, he doesn't want to see you.

Mom, are you okay?
No, your still alive.

Mom, your hurting me!
Well, you hurt me the day you were born! you little home wrecker!

Baby girl please come home...
Mom, I will not.

Baby girl I'm sorry...
Mom, no your not.

Baby girl, your a good girl...
Mom, your a bad mom.

Baby girl I love you..
Mom, I hate you.

Baby girl I mean it...
Mom, so do I.
Crushing Love Mar 2015
Being a ***** means.......
I stand up for myself and my beliefs
I stand up for those I love
I speak my mind, think my own thoughts
or do things my way
I won't compromise whats in my heart
I live MY way
I won't allow anyone to step on me
I refuse to tolerate injustice
It means I have the courage &
The strength to allow myself to be me
So try to stomp on me, douse my inner flame,
Squash every ounce of beauty I hold within
You won't succeed
And if that makes me a *****, so be it
I embrace the title and I'm proud to be a *****!!
Crushing Love Jan 2015
Seductive and deadly

Harsh and loving.

now most guys are really harsh and you would never think they are capable of love, but they are.
For example my Boyfriend he's a very protective and touchy type.
Now most people would be like Get of me your to clingy
But think about it for a second....Wouldn't it be nice to say that for once it's your man being the one to show you the affection first?
Just random thoughts.
Crushing Love Dec 2014
Bubble baths are the key to tranquility and quiet time!
Crushing Love Jun 2015
I love you
I hate you

But I still cry for you
Can you guess why?

No ; ....
Well I'll tell you why
I cry for you because now I know the truth of your leaving
you didn't leave for her...

You left because it was me you were ashamed of !
And you were ashamed of something that never even happened !
So I hope you happy and satisfied , because  baby I can plan your descent .
Had to make a few adjustments for it to come out correctly but here is the translated version of my  Greek poem.
Crushing Love May 2015
You come into my dreams
You come into my thoughts
Your cute face and dreamy eyes
Have melted my heart into knots
Whether it's morning or noon
Whether it's evening or night
I just can't seem to get you
Out of my mind or sight
Come, pacify my beating heart
Yes, I've fallen for you
Give me a nice warm hug
And say that you like me too....
I know it's a lot but honestly...
I just can't help myself
You make me laugh like a school girl
You make me blush like a child
You make me feel special
So I just can't help myself....
You have become my light
I never feel down anymore
Because when your around
My problems seem to not
Exist anymore, instead you
Make me smile like I never have
And I hope you can see I just
Can't help myself
So come and pacify my beating heart
And tell me you like me too...
Crushing Love Dec 2014
Hey everyone I was just wondering...oh I don't know if any one wanted to do a collab?
I love every ones work and it would make me feel like a little kid in the candy store if I got to do a glorious collab with one of you glorious people.
I know this is probably stupid but I really want to do one.
I love every ones work and every type of writing so it wouldn't bother me who wanted to cause I LOVE every single one of you!
Again just a question...*please...
I would really love to do a collab with one of you amazing poets and poetess! If you would like to too, just message me or post  that you would like too and I'll message you either one. Please and thank you.
Crushing Love Apr 2015
True Love?
I *used
to believe it existed,
But when you've had your heart torn out
And thrown on the floor
you just don't care anymore
Ask me why I keep on *
I'm really confused with myself......
Crushing Love May 2015
As soon as I wake up, My head is filled with you
The way I feel about you--- Oh, only if you knew!
I smile and giggle whenever your around
And just a glimpse of you stops me from feeling down.
If only he knew....
Crushing Love May 2015
Six feet of dirt above;
More dirt below
I want to move....
But there's no where to go.
Crushing Love May 2015
Thoughts are poising
A cold black heart
No chance for awakening.

Every coming Day
No light at the end
Let it slip away

Of hours surrounding
By lost hope and faith
it's all for nothing....
New series called Dark poetry.
Crushing Love May 2015
The silver gun rests on my tongue,
It feels so right but tastes so wrong.
I feel my finger trembling as the trigger and him debate,
An argument of past regrets.
A future that awaits.
I stop to pause and think if this is how it ends.
To stop the pain and suffering,
And my life of just pretend.
A life without love to be showered with or shared.
I have nothing to offer you but this burden I bear.
For every false you tell me, another piece of me dies
With all hope lost
And a pain that INCREASES
The trigger is pulled and my body goes cold, Escaping a world of
Visit me if you must but don't **** me for my choices
You and the other's brought me here.
My name and a date is sealed with R.I.P
Now etched in stone,
A better world without me.
Crushing Love May 2015
Death is only the beginning is all she could say....

As she cried sliding the blade

Tears rolling down her fragile face

She was beaten hard out of her grace

Heartbroken words written on her Good-bye

This is her suicide.....
Crushing Love May 2015
Hushabye baby you're almost dead.
You have no pulse and your pillow is red.
You're family hates you & you're friends let you bleed.
Sleep tight with a knife because that's all you need.

Rockabye baby broken & scarred,
You didn't know life would be this hard.
Time to end the pain that you hid so well,
& Down will come baby,
Straight back to Hell
Crushing Love May 2015
She sat alone,
Alone and at home,
Where her screams were silent
But her mind was violent
Her insecurities hid deep inside
And they did indeed eat her alive.
A tear rolled down her face
As her heart began to race.
She took her blade and tore her skin
Where her depression lied deep within
This went on for days, months, years
Until she cried her very last tears
She decided she had enough
The world around her was much to tough
She took a gun to her head
Congratulations society,
She is dead.
Crushing Love May 2015
Sleepless nights
Dark not bright
The heaven cries
As my heart Dies
Crushing Love May 2015
In the illuminated Dark is the only time when my tears are noticed
Crushing Love May 2015
I sit in the park where I dwell,
For this boy I love so well
He took my heart away from me
and now he wants to set me free.
I see a ******* his lap
                                                                   He says things he never said                    
                                                                   to me.
                                                                   I ran home to cry on my bed.
                                                                   Not a word to mother was said

Father came home late that night
He looked at me from left to right
He saw me hanging from a rope
He took his knife to cut me down]
And on my dress a note was found.

Dig my grave, Dig it deep
                                                                       Dig my grave from head to feet
                                                                       And on the top place a dove
                                                                      And know ,I died for Love
Crushing Love Nov 2014
Anxiety is your name, but do you know
you make everyone anxious to read your
wonderful words, that fall from your mouth
down to your hands, and on to paper?

Your work is quite heart filling,
Some might even say a little Thrilling.

I can tell by the way you write,
That somebody along the lines of
major duchebag or just plain abuser
has tainted your beautiful smile,
because I'm sure it's not there as much as before.

I don't want you to have anxiety from fear of being hurt,
I want you to have that, heart warming, butterflies in your tummy

So the next few times I read, I really hope
it's ten times better then now.
Your words right now are to sweet to let die in sadness
Let them flow just from utter happiness.
I love her work! She is an Amazing poetess.
Anxiety I'm serious though I want you to be happy and let your work flow from utter happiness. You deserve it.
Crushing Love Nov 2014
***, you are not repulsive
You seem very embracisive.

If I was a guy and saw you all the time
I would honestly die.

Just from the words that spill onto your paper
I think I will just have to meet you later.

Most guys are stupid
okay that was more of a understatement.

A lot of guys are very stupid, letting the one thing go that think are just toys, to be used, abused and hurt.
Thinking we won't retort.

I may have only read one or two of your poems
But *** you have a long way a head, let it show'em
how much you don't care anymore about him and his


because that's all it is.

Boy's only want love if it's torture.

You are an amazing poetess and you have to make it shine
for all those girls who are so upset they dial nine,nine,nine
instead of 910-go-****-yourself, I'm moving on.

Your talent is hiding, please let the world see your amazing writes.
This girl is an amazing writer and Charbear909 I'm sorry for the way he hurt you. He's a major ****** bag for that.
Crushing Love Feb 2015
I miss you every second of the day
when you are away

You take with you my smile
Even if it's only for a little while.

Everything seems so dull and gloomy
Only your return can make me happy.

Come soon I am eagerly waiting for you
My heart aches and wants to be with you.

You are in my every thought...
and dear, I miss you.
Crushing Love Dec 2014
Jinxx I can't say I know what your feeling,
But I can say whatever it is I've been there,
Trying so hard do nothing but tearing and pleading.
Why not talk about it? Come on pull up a chair.


Someone here is probably dying on the inside,
Crying her eyes out, not for anything random,
But she is crying for YOU you Jinxx.

Please don't go Jinxx...
Your poems hit so close to home...
Not only to me but to almost every single person on HP.

Your words are inspiring,
Not depriving.

Your words are comforting,
Not worthless.


You are special to everyone.
You are special to someones heart.
Not just everyone on HP,
But the one who is crying her eyes out,
Sending you messages trying to reach out to you.
The one who needs you most.


Don't go leaving us all to wonder what happened?
Don't leave Creep all alone in this world,
Don't leave all of your 69 followers alone in this world.

Don't let your demons take control Jinxx,
Cause I promise you the ground isn't as nice as someones love.
A hospital room isn't as comforting,
A knife isn't the best of friend,
Pills aren't the only pain killers...

Sometimes all we need is a smile to be put on our face by someone we know who cares and we care about.

Crushing Love Mar 2015
Dear Life,
I just wanted to let you know you finally won. Youve beaten me down and picked me up again, throwing hopes and dreams into my face only to ****** them away and crush them then laugh at me......You made feel love for someone who Ive never felt with before and you bring fights and emotions that cause me to leave because I can't handle them....So life I just wanted to let you know *you won
I'm done
Crushing Love Dec 2014
We all have our demons,
Hateful, vindictive demons
Yearning for just a little sunlight.

Most are worth keeping,
Exciting at that. But are they really worth it

I think they are best things to have ever happened to me.

Lula-buying my anger to sleep at night,
Over exaggerating my imagination
Verifying my deepest desires.
Exploiting everyone else's darkest thoughts.
Destroying any emotion coming my way.
Young I may seem but
Old is my mind and
U are my demon.
Nothing meaningful. Just bored I guess, if you have any suggestions for a title plz let me know. I hate having my poems go with out a title.
Crushing Love Jan 2015
Okay so I've seen a lot of Melodrama about Summer.
I've seen her work and I admit it makes me angry that she stole peoples work and put someone else's picture on a place she had no permission doing.


I mean come on guys.
Telling people to **** themselves
Calling people dogs
and just being plain out rude to each other!

I'm not siding with anyone on this because you know what

Fighting like Melodramatic teenagers.
Some of you are but I know some you aren't.

This was not suppose to be mean or side taking but it was more of a

Reality Check
Everyone is out of place on this.
Okay so I've seen all this ******* with Summer and I'm tired of it.
I'm tired of getting on HP and seeing negative crap and drama.
This is my only escape from that kinda **** and now? It has apparently followed.
Please just drop it! Please!!
Summer Leave everyone the **** alone and this might stop if you write your own work.
Everyone else just stop stooping to this kinda *******!
Everyone should be ashamed.
Crushing Love Mar 2015
When you see you didn't lose him and when he tells you I want nobody else, but you*

That is the best feeling in the world!!
I'm not a total **** up yay!!
Crushing Love Nov 2014
Does anyone else get so ****** that you start laughing manically?
Cheerleader: Oh look, it's Geekella.
Hey, nice outfit where did you get it the goodwill? hahahaha!

Victim: in head she's thinking "I'm going to **** her"
Outside "ha...ha..hahahahahhahahahahahahahaha"

Cheerleader: What's so funny? I just insulted you?

Does anyone else get so paranoid that you push everyone away?

Does anyone else get tired of your parents saying you can't date?

Does anyone else wish school was like china, year round just so you could spend time with your secret boyfriend?
I don't think it's very good, I just Love Embers work and challenges!
Crushing Love May 2015
Dear Crush,
Don't be scared if a fat guy in a red suit
Snatches you away on Christmas eve.
Sincerely, you were on my wish list!
Early list planning I suppose.....
Crushing Love Feb 2015
I came to school expecting the worse
                                                  I got the best thing anyone could want....
                                                                                 I was accepted.......
So a lot happened over the time span of a week and I was expecting to be bullied and teased, but instead I was accepted and loved.
Crushing Love Apr 2015
Please don't worry I shall be fine
Please don't worry your far to kind

I shall be fine so don't worry about me, I'm just torn up and finding all the pieces again....

As long as I'm breathing please don't worry, For I am to much of a burden.

As long as I answer your text or message within 24 hours please don't worry, for I am becoming to much of a burden.

As long as you see me here, there, or around from there please don't worry, for I am tired of being the burden.

I care about everyone more then I probably should because people take it as an opening to walk on me like dirt.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm telling you Don't worry....That should make you worry....
Crushing Love Jan 2015
I'm stressed

I'm tired

I'm paranoid as ****

and all because of these *Final (*******) Exams
Crushing Love Jan 2015
No more test
No more finals
No more words

And best of all those were my final words.:-) :-P
Crushing Love Jan 2015
You don't know me like I know you

You don't love me like I love you

You don't care like I care

And for the record...

You can't love me, as good as I love you.
Hehe! Subliminal message! who can find it first?
Crushing Love Feb 2015
Friendship is like ******* your pants.

Everyone can see it, but only you
can feel it's true warmth.

Thank you for being the **** in my pants.
This is just a fun little challenge I wanted to do with everyone!
So lets see who has the most poetic humor!!
Wanted to try and make a challenge. SO join if you would like!
Just #Funnypoemchallenge
Crushing Love Mar 2015
Mom yells your name

you: Yes?!.....

You: Yeeaaah!?!!! *silence

You: UGH!! Gets up to go see what she wants
you: you mean the place where my comfortable bed, my T.V, and my Laptop are? Okay! I'm going!
Let's watch a scary movie!
After the movie....
Dude walk me to the bathroom!
When I accidentally step on my, I'm like "***, I'm so sorry",
and they run away from me and I'm like LET ME LOVE YOU!!
Friend: your parents are so nice

You: that's because your here.
Some people in my school need a hug.......
With my hands
Still just randomness
Crushing Love Mar 2015
Times like this make me wonder
How I don't go around and tell people about themselves?
In all honesty, You can talk all the garbage and
**** you want but *** I'm telling you now your gonna be upset because

I don't give a crap what you have to say or think your just
Self centered and will try and bring anyone down

Well *** your just going to have to look somewhere else because
Here with me is not your answer....
Or is it because secretly you enjoy me twisted, dark, and

Insidious personality?

As I look at the situation you have always been around, watching
Me as if I was entertaining to do you? Or do you need to just get used to it like every one else has?
Crushing Love Jan 2015
Beautiful and dangerous
Crushing Love Nov 2014
I hope everyone is happy
There's no need for no laughter.

Crushing Love Feb 2015
People always ask
"Do you still like him?"

Honestly, I don't know.
But I do know there's just something about him...

*I can't let go of...
Should I hate the feeling or not?
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