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Jun 2015 · 1.6k
Heart on Display
Crushing Love Jun 2015
My hearts on display and it's not worth much....
It's broken and stitched, torn and put back, bleeding and never healing...
My heart used to be worth more love then even your Mother could give....
Now it's worth how ever much you plan on giving me...
And all because...
You made me fall in love with you when I was already broken...
Crushing Love Jun 2015
I love you
I hate you

But I still cry for you
Can you guess why?

No ; ....
Well I'll tell you why
I cry for you because now I know the truth of your leaving
you didn't leave for her...

You left because it was me you were ashamed of !
And you were ashamed of something that never even happened !
So I hope you happy and satisfied , because  baby I can plan your descent .
Had to make a few adjustments for it to come out correctly but here is the translated version of my  Greek poem.
Crushing Love May 2015
Σε αγαπώ
Σε μισώ

Αλλά εξακολουθώ να κλάψω για σένα
Μπορείτε να μαντέψετε γιατί;

Λοιπόν θα σας πω γιατί
Κλαίω για σένα γιατί ξέρω τώρα την αλήθεια της εξαπάτησης σας
Δεν φεύγετε για την...

Αφήσατε γιατί ήταν ντροπή μου!
Και ήσουν ντρέπεται για κάτι που συνέβη ποτέ ακόμη και!
Έτσι ελπίζω ότι σας ευτυχείς και ικανοποιημένοι, επειδή το μωρό μπορεί να σχεδιάζει την κατάβαση σας.
Just wanted to write a poem in the Greek language. If you want me to translate just leave a post on the bottom and I'll translate it as well.
May 2015 · 846
Crushing Love May 2015
I may be twisted, I may be Crazy
But remember in reality we are the same. Equal.
You are just like me.
No matter what you tell yourself
I am you and
You are Me.
May 2015 · 288
Not usual
Crushing Love May 2015
Rose is Red
Violet is Dead
They just wanted
To welcome you to the
Nightmares of the living dead.
May 2015 · 463
Jack and Jill
Crushing Love May 2015
Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down the well and drowned
And Jill ran home soon after.
Jacks body started to rot
After a couple days went by
And contaminated the water
which caused everyone in town to die.
May 2015 · 1.0k
Weed Humor
Crushing Love May 2015
Stoners live and Stoners die
But in the end we all got high
So if at first you don't succeed....

This is a poem one of my best guy friends wrote and he wanted me to  put it up here so here it is.
May 2015 · 335
Dark Poetry #9
Crushing Love May 2015
I sit in the park where I dwell,
For this boy I love so well
He took my heart away from me
and now he wants to set me free.
I see a ******* his lap
                                                                   He says things he never said                    
                                                                   to me.
                                                                   I ran home to cry on my bed.
                                                                   Not a word to mother was said

Father came home late that night
He looked at me from left to right
He saw me hanging from a rope
He took his knife to cut me down]
And on my dress a note was found.

Dig my grave, Dig it deep
                                                                       Dig my grave from head to feet
                                                                       And on the top place a dove
                                                                      And know ,I died for Love
May 2015 · 295
Dark Poetry #8
Crushing Love May 2015
In the illuminated Dark is the only time when my tears are noticed
May 2015 · 334
Dark Poetry #7
Crushing Love May 2015
Sleepless nights
Dark not bright
The heaven cries
As my heart Dies
May 2015 · 274
Dark Poetry #6
Crushing Love May 2015
She sat alone,
Alone and at home,
Where her screams were silent
But her mind was violent
Her insecurities hid deep inside
And they did indeed eat her alive.
A tear rolled down her face
As her heart began to race.
She took her blade and tore her skin
Where her depression lied deep within
This went on for days, months, years
Until she cried her very last tears
She decided she had enough
The world around her was much to tough
She took a gun to her head
Congratulations society,
She is dead.
May 2015 · 506
Dark Poetry #5
Crushing Love May 2015
Hushabye baby you're almost dead.
You have no pulse and your pillow is red.
You're family hates you & you're friends let you bleed.
Sleep tight with a knife because that's all you need.

Rockabye baby broken & scarred,
You didn't know life would be this hard.
Time to end the pain that you hid so well,
& Down will come baby,
Straight back to Hell
May 2015 · 290
Dark Poetry #4
Crushing Love May 2015
Death is only the beginning is all she could say....

As she cried sliding the blade

Tears rolling down her fragile face

She was beaten hard out of her grace

Heartbroken words written on her Good-bye

This is her suicide.....
May 2015 · 607
Dark Poetry #3
Crushing Love May 2015
The silver gun rests on my tongue,
It feels so right but tastes so wrong.
I feel my finger trembling as the trigger and him debate,
An argument of past regrets.
A future that awaits.
I stop to pause and think if this is how it ends.
To stop the pain and suffering,
And my life of just pretend.
A life without love to be showered with or shared.
I have nothing to offer you but this burden I bear.
For every false you tell me, another piece of me dies
With all hope lost
And a pain that INCREASES
The trigger is pulled and my body goes cold, Escaping a world of
Visit me if you must but don't **** me for my choices
You and the other's brought me here.
My name and a date is sealed with R.I.P
Now etched in stone,
A better world without me.
Crushing Love May 2015
Thoughts are poising
A cold black heart
No chance for awakening.

Every coming Day
No light at the end
Let it slip away

Of hours surrounding
By lost hope and faith
it's all for nothing....
New series called Dark poetry.
May 2015 · 418
Dark Poetry #1
Crushing Love May 2015
Six feet of dirt above;
More dirt below
I want to move....
But there's no where to go.
May 2015 · 46.1k
Pokemon Love
Crushing Love May 2015
Charmanders are Red, Squirtles are blue
If you were a Pokemon I'd choose you.
Your smile is stronger then a Hyper-beam.
Like Jessie and James  we'd make the perfect

I'll stay by your side like  Pikachu and Ash,
And I'll love you more then a level 80 Rapidash.
You're more legendary then a Zapados,
Entei, or Mew.

But out of all 450, I choose you.
Just something cute and fun!
May 2015 · 439
Don't be alarmed
Crushing Love May 2015
Dear Crush,
Don't be scared if a fat guy in a red suit
Snatches you away on Christmas eve.
Sincerely, you were on my wish list!
Early list planning I suppose.....
May 2015 · 391
Just a little Venting
Crushing Love May 2015
Sooooo I have a crush on this one boy.....
                                                       But have no Courage to tell him
I have Fear instead.
                                    If only he knew why I'm always Looking at him
Why I'm always so Shy around him
                                                           But not around my Closer friends
I Like him a lot...
                                                              Since the First time I saw him...
I've Thought about him
                                                 I just wish he would pay attention
Pay attention to the Clues
                                                         That I don't mean to Give
But Still do.......
Just trying to help my self a little.
May 2015 · 643
A Crushing Poem
Crushing Love May 2015
Whisper me sweet Nothings
Will me to survive
Let me live a lie
So that I may stay alive
Betray me in the shadows
So pain I may be free
Don't mind if I'm deceived
As long as your here with me
Act as though you love me
Claim to be my friend
I'll put the truth aside
And I'll be happy to pretend
So at  least I won't be empty
At least I'll think I have worth
Because right now my time is short
And I'm not long for this earth
My life's become a prison
My soul rots while I'm confined
Tried my hardest to fight my demons
Lost the fight and lost my mind
The hopeless can't hold on too long
For how does one live without purpose?
So please whisper me sweet nothings
Lie, convince me I'm not worthless.
(^- _-^)
May 2015 · 278
A poem about....Him
Crushing Love May 2015
Since that very first day when I laid eyes on you
I knew that I wanted you to be mine
You noticed me at first, and talked to me a lot
Then for awhile it seemed like you wanted nothing to do with me
But then a good Day came again.

One day you touched my hand
And it felt like the whole world stood still
Your eyes met mine but we quickly looked away.
I haven't felt the same about you since then
My feelings for you have grown much stronger

Now more then ever you have been on my mind
I still hope for that one day
When you answer my prayers
And ask me what I always wanted you to
But for now all I can do is wait.....
I think I need some courage to tell him how I really feel but I don't want to ruin our friendship...
May 2015 · 406
Crushing Love May 2015
A Mother's Love is Forever
Even horror movies can make sense.
May 2015 · 349
Other Mother
Crushing Love May 2015
Although your not my Mother
You might as well have been
My Love for you is deeper
Then that of just Friends
Many things in life remain unanswered
For God never promised Skies always blue
One things for certain
I'll always know why dad Fell in Love with you.
You've seen me through so many times
In the Years we've known each other
Good times, sad times, fun times too
You've always been there like a Mother
I'll cherish all the memories of the times
And be Glad
As your Other Child
And the Other Mother I've had.
Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's and Step-Mothers.
May 2015 · 598
I'm just a (abnormal) Girl
Crushing Love May 2015
I can't help how I am
I can't help how I talk
I can't help that that's me
I mean really,
I'm just a (abnormal) Girl
I like to have my Fantasies
I know you do too
So why  am I so different?
I'm just a (abnormal) Girl.
I like to Dream of a world
A world where everything is great
A world where I can actually be Happy
A world with
I like to sit to myself and
Wonder what life would be like
If  I wasn't born....
Wonder what it would be like
To have a
Demon for a companion
Or just someone who
After all I am just a
(abnormal) Girl
I sometimes dream of things so...
Obscured that others would run
I dream so
Vividly I can smell
Every sent, Taste every
sensual taste
Feel every wonderful texture So would you be afraid if I
Told you of my
(abnormal) Dreams?
My dreams of me and you?
I just want you to except me like
You do in my head, my dreams,
My fantasies but then again
I'm just a
(abnormal) Girl.
I want to be able to wrap my arms around
Your neck and inhale your wonderful
Manly scent while you
Hold me close
I want to be able to kiss you and know you
Feel the same about me....But those are just
Dreams, Dreams from a
(abnormal) Girl
Who only wants to be
Bu­t I guess they are  just dreams
Because after all I'm just a
(abnormal) Girl.
And maybe one day will be
Normal* girl,
But for now can't I just be accepted?
May 2015 · 1.8k
Maybe dreams do come true
Crushing Love May 2015
Everyone says it but do they really?
The only Dream I have is of you,
I only wish my dream would come true
And you will tell me you want my heart too.

I see how you are with me so I'm hoping
That maybe, just maybe Dreams do come true.
May 2015 · 248
Not really sure...
Crushing Love May 2015
I'm not really sure the difference between like and Love....
But I'd sure like to find out with *YOU
May 2015 · 290
True logic
Crushing Love May 2015
Why do the call it a CRUSH?*

Because that's how you fell when they don't fell the same way in return.
Really true but it's not gonna change how I feel about him.
May 2015 · 182
That one question
Crushing Love May 2015
Why do you like him?

I don't know. He's just.....I don't know how to put him into words
Hate when they ask it and I can't explain it
May 2015 · 382
wishing you knew
Crushing Love May 2015
I'm jealous of the moon because
He knows all of your 5am secrets

And your sheets who get to touch
Every part of you as you fall asleep
While I keep a close eye on this empty pillow
Waiting for your weight to keep it warm

But the sun,
She is luckiest of all.
When your half asleep, groggy
And painfully unaware of how
Handsome you look
She kisses your lips with light.
May 2015 · 301
Time flies
Crushing Love May 2015
1:00am     I'm still awake
1:01am     you're in my head.
1:02am     I think of your eyes
1:03am     I smile
1:04am     I try to sleep again
1:20am     you're still in my head
1:30am     Get out of my head
1:40am     I still can't sleep
2:00am     I think of your laugh
3:00am     I'm tired
4:00am you
5:00am     you're still in my head
6:00am    You're in my heart
6:25am     I finally fall asleep
7:00am     I get ready for school
May 2015 · 256
You already know
Crushing Love May 2015
Roses are red
Violets are blue
He's for me
Not for you
If by chance
You take my place
I'll take my fist
And smash your face
I have a serious problem with backstabbing friends right now...
May 2015 · 2.6k
Can't help myself
Crushing Love May 2015
You come into my dreams
You come into my thoughts
Your cute face and dreamy eyes
Have melted my heart into knots
Whether it's morning or noon
Whether it's evening or night
I just can't seem to get you
Out of my mind or sight
Come, pacify my beating heart
Yes, I've fallen for you
Give me a nice warm hug
And say that you like me too....
I know it's a lot but honestly...
I just can't help myself
You make me laugh like a school girl
You make me blush like a child
You make me feel special
So I just can't help myself....
You have become my light
I never feel down anymore
Because when your around
My problems seem to not
Exist anymore, instead you
Make me smile like I never have
And I hope you can see I just
Can't help myself
So come and pacify my beating heart
And tell me you like me too...
May 2015 · 26.3k
Crushing Poem
Crushing Love May 2015
As soon as I wake up, My head is filled with you
The way I feel about you--- Oh, only if you knew!
I smile and giggle whenever your around
And just a glimpse of you stops me from feeling down.
If only he knew....
May 2015 · 2.3k
My secret
Crushing Love May 2015
I  have a secret
you don't know this secret,
But it's not my secret,
It's yours....

This is not a riddle
These are the facts
There is just one secret
I lack

The secret key....
New found crush....
Apr 2015 · 589
In a world like mine
Crushing Love Apr 2015
In a world like mine you have to understand my logic on:
Darkness and Demons
Hate and Love
Blood and Death
Being a ***** and just Protecting
Not giving a crap and Giving up

And most of all you have to understand ME so if you don't understand me and refuse to get to know me....Well you have no right to question my logic and you certainly have no right to question a world like mine.
Trying to deal with people who only want to judge and question me without really even trying to get to know me....
Apr 2015 · 5.8k
Crushing Love Apr 2015
True Love?
I *used
to believe it existed,
But when you've had your heart torn out
And thrown on the floor
you just don't care anymore
Ask me why I keep on *
I'm really confused with myself......
Apr 2015 · 820
The sweet moments in life
Crushing Love Apr 2015
The sweetest moments in life are worth you continuing on.
Just take a minute and think about some of those moments...

Like right now I sit and type this poem while my precious baby kitten is laying on my chest snuggling me as if I was her mother...Shes my baby and shes definitely the sweetest moment in my ****** up world right now...

Remember "Life isn't about the breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away"

Life may seem like it's only wanting to hurt you but I promise you will survive.
Idk, just sitting and thinking about a lot of stuff going on right now and was laying with my kitten and this just kinda popped in my head.
Apr 2015 · 344
Don't worry
Crushing Love Apr 2015
Please don't worry I shall be fine
Please don't worry your far to kind

I shall be fine so don't worry about me, I'm just torn up and finding all the pieces again....

As long as I'm breathing please don't worry, For I am to much of a burden.

As long as I answer your text or message within 24 hours please don't worry, for I am becoming to much of a burden.

As long as you see me here, there, or around from there please don't worry, for I am tired of being the burden.

I care about everyone more then I probably should because people take it as an opening to walk on me like dirt.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm telling you Don't worry....That should make you worry....
Mar 2015 · 532
My colors
Crushing Love Mar 2015
Teacher: Alright Panda what are your Favorite colors?

Me: My favorite colors are Red and Black

Teacher: Interesting colors Panda, why are those your colors?

Me: I honestly doubt you want to hear the answer to that.

Teacher: Come on Panda, tell the class why those are your colors.
In my head the decision warred to tell but then my life was already hard enough as it was......More and more my demons wanted release so finally I gave in prepared for the looks, name calling, and lonely life again.
----------------------------------------------------------­-------------------------------------Me: you really want to know  why?

Teacher: Very much yes, we would

Me: Ok then, Red and black are my favorite colors for their meanings.

Teacher: And what are their meanings?

Me: Red, stands for The blood that is shed during death, The blood that I shed when the knife glides over my skin, The blood that can be heard rushing through your veins when the fear becomes to great....The blood that your heart leaks from the poorly covered cracks from being shattered so many times....

Teacher: (Gulps) And what about black Panda?

Me: Black.....My true color.....Black, stands for the darkness and destruction warring in my mind, body, and soul, The darkness after death, The darkness in my heart from all the hatred thrown at me, The Darkness and destruction from my inner demons who keep warm and safe at night, The Darkness that one day we will all see, because nobody can escape death....Hes one bad-*** ******* who always gets his way....Those are my colors....The colors that make me and I stand for...

Teacher: Ummm....Very...Very Interesting Panda (Gulps and steps away) You know I think it's time for lunch why don't we all go to lunch yea? ( Scurries away)

Other students: I told you she was a freak......Crazy......Belongs with the dead if you ask me.....She talks about demons so much I would be surprised if she wasn't one.....

Me: Smirks You guys should learn to keep your opinions to your self, they might get you hurt one day.... (Get's up and walks out the door leaving a note for the others)

*Note- "Roses are Red, Violates are blue, Red like your blood, blue like the sea....Keep on talking soon you will all see who the true demon is and hey it just might be me." Yours truly Panda <3
Mar 2015 · 641
New habits
Crushing Love Mar 2015
When I hear a guy say "I love you" it's become a habit to yell at them and say "Don't you ever utter those words to me again!!" then get up and leave....

When a guy comes up to me and says "****, you look good today"
it's become a habit to look at them and say "Oh, so I look like **** every other day?" then get up and leave...

When a guy comes up to me and puts his arm around my waist it's become a habit to remove his arm and say "Don't touch me" then walk away....

When a guy tries to make the move and kiss me it's become a habit to put my hand in front of his lips and say "Don't even go there" then walk away....

Ever since you left it's become my new habits to get up and leave....kinda like you did....just not giving them the chance to actually *hurt me like you did...
Actual habits that have become consistent with me now.....
Mar 2015 · 336
Crushing Love Mar 2015
Lately all I've done is cry and cry and cry
Sometimes I wonder why I even continue to try...

I can't tell if my tears are from you leaving
Or from other people basically painfully cleaving...

I don't want to say it's from you leaving because I care to much
I can't say it's from other people because I see them everyday at lunch...

I don't want to continue anymore because my world is gone
My world was you but I wasn't good enough for you...

I used to not let people hurt me because you gave me confidence
But now they see I'm hurt and hurt me worse...

I know you see it but it's like you don't even care
So I just let people walk all over me like the do dirt...

I've lost all self-respect but I hear them speak your name
And I come to your defense every time no matter who it is..

I have lost all sense of self-worth but you are still worth Me defending you and still being loyal towards....

Ever since you left all I've done is cry so now everyone
Looks at me and says you are a HEARTLESS ***** because I show no emotion to anyone anymore....

I show no emotion because I'm afraid of being hurt once again by people I thought cared about me, by people who I thought loved me.....But then again No one can...

So I'll just be that heartless ***** everyone see's because honestly
I am heartless but only because you took my heart when you Left......
Mar 2015 · 639
Funny so true quotes
Crushing Love Mar 2015
Mom yells your name

you: Yes?!.....

You: Yeeaaah!?!!! *silence

You: UGH!! Gets up to go see what she wants
you: you mean the place where my comfortable bed, my T.V, and my Laptop are? Okay! I'm going!
Let's watch a scary movie!
After the movie....
Dude walk me to the bathroom!
When I accidentally step on my, I'm like "***, I'm so sorry",
and they run away from me and I'm like LET ME LOVE YOU!!
Friend: your parents are so nice

You: that's because your here.
Some people in my school need a hug.......
With my hands
Still just randomness
Mar 2015 · 1.1k
Just random thoughts
Crushing Love Mar 2015
A real women can do it all by herself......
But a Real man won't let her.

The people who know the least about you
Have the most to say.

Telling a girl to "Calm down"  when
She's mad Is like trying to Baptize a cat.
Mar 2015 · 487
So true #2
Crushing Love Mar 2015
The more you Hide your Feelings
for someone.
The More you will Fall for them.
Mar 2015 · 339
So true #1
Crushing Love Mar 2015
The hardest part about a diet
isn't watching what you eat.
But *watching what other people eat.
New series.
Crushing Love Mar 2015
"I don't hate you. I just hope your next period happens in a shark tank!"

"You go girl!!......Cause no one wants you here anyways!"

"You reek of the stench ***"

"I would love to insult you but,.....I don't think I'd do as good as nature did"

"If your heart really was broken, you'd be dead so shut up!"

"Your a ****"

"I'll beat your ***"

and many  many more. I just have one question?
I mean it's not nice, and half the stuff being said has probably been said to you at one point or another. Sooooo why can't girls be like guys sometimes?
I mean really, they fight and like 3 minutes later their best buds again! it's strange but true, I mean personally I find other chicks amusing, saying stuff about other girls flaws when if that other girl could speak up for her self she could pin point 20 other things wrong with you as well. SO girls let's not fight and talk about it over some chocolate and shoe shopping yea?
Tired of bullying. want to commit ******
Mar 2015 · 397
Here's the deal
Crushing Love Mar 2015
Here's the deal I do me and you stay the hell away form me unless you want your esophagus broken because darling don't under estimate me...

I can go from Lady to ghetto 2.5 seconds.
Girls. Really. Need. Their throats smashed to bits.....
Mar 2015 · 442
Think about it
Crushing Love Mar 2015
You're not ready for a new
relationship if your still
looking for ways to show
your ex how they blew it.
Something that really made sense today and I helped out my besty with her relationship prop.
Mar 2015 · 700
I am just fine
Crushing Love Mar 2015
I'm a daughter hiding her depression
I'm your sister trying to make a good impression
I'm a friend acting like I'm fine
I'm a teenager pushing her tears aside
I'm the girl sitting next to you
I'm the one asking you to care
I'm your best friend hoping you'll be there.
Mar 2015 · 347
Thoughts ^~^
Crushing Love Mar 2015
Nothing lasts Forever
So live it up
Drink it down
Laugh it off
Avoid the *******
Take chances &
Never have Regrets
Because at one point
Everything you did
was Exactly what you
Just thinking ~.~
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