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I love you with all my might,
All my heart and all my life.
But if you fail to put up with my battles,
I'll cleave our bonds with a knife.
 Sep 2019 Cat Lynn System
e reed
a fool
i am
  to convince myself
  that the words that flowed
  like the sound of a perfect melody
  from your lips,
  were the words
  of an honest man.
I’m scared as f*ck
to want you.

But here
I am,

Still wanting you
 Sep 2019 Cat Lynn System
I'm surrounded by these four walls,
My thoughts bouncing off of them;
Loud and clear.

I find comfort in these four walls,
Knowing that my cries for help never leave,
That when I wail at night no one can get to me.

I also feel trapped by these four walls,
They make me feel small,
The white colour blinding me when I come up for air each time.

But these four walls know me better than anyone else here,
They know the real me.
Because when I leave these four walls every morning,
I leave as a new me.
its been a while since I've written on this website. it feels odd to be back.
I hope this poem makes sense in some way.
K: killme
A: afterlife
T: trigger
i used hate the way i would be awake at four in the morning.
i remember the way everything used to feel so haunting and scary.
there were no words to describe how deep inside my mind i would sink into,
scared and afraid of no return.

but now,
oh now,
i love it.
i fell in love with the quiet.
there was no more worry or fear.
instagram : @heavenforecaster
 Sep 2019 Cat Lynn System
Life is all up in the air,
But i don't care,
Can't get my siblings outta my hair,
I just don't care,
Using my time i don't have to spare,
Guess what I DON'T CARE.
B: broken
L: lost
A: anxious
C: cuts
K: killed

R: rage
O: overthinking
S: suicidal
E: empty
I am alone so don't call I won't pick up the phone dripping from my mouth as I lie cold will be foam I am so done with losing friends with evil comments that never end die die bye bye no more taking off to fly die die bye bye
Dead girl dead girl please rise for me a Crow says but the Kat is left empty in so many ways the Crow says please just for me but the Kat was dead from so much bleeding the Crow found her lifeless with blood on her wrist every good story ends with a good twist.
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